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Murphy to sue over ad: "A flat-out lie"


The attack ad from the WFW Action Fund misuses a quote from The Daily Reflector.


By Bobby Burns
The Daily Reflector

Monday, June 3, 2019

Candidate Greg Murphy says his campaign is filing suit to stop an attack ad launched by a group in support his opponent in the July 9 Republican primary for the 3rd Congressional District seat.

The ad from WFW Action Fund tries calls Murphy, the Pitt County Republican who represents District 9 in the state House, a tax and spend politician, and utilizes a truncated and out-of-context quote from The Daily Reflector in an attempt to paint Murphy as anti-Trump.

The Daily Reflector interviewed Murphy, a Greenville physician, in 2016 during his campaign for state House. It asked him and his opponent about the top of the ticket race between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, which was receiving most of the attention from voters.

Murphy was asked how the Trump-Clinton race would affect the outcome of down-ballot elections. “I’ve had people say they don’t like Trump, I’ve had many, many say they don’t trust Hillary and I’ve had many people say it’s the worst top of the ticket  we’ve had in our history.”

The race was bringing a lot of people out to vote, Murphy said at the time, because a lot of people are really concerned about the direction of the nation.

The Women for Women Action Fund ad sets Murphy up by calling him a “typical politician” who voted for higher taxes and “billions in new debt,” the latter of which it attributes to the American Conservative Union and Civitas. 

The ad does not state what taxes and debts Murphy voted for — he votes regularly with a legislature that has cut spending and taxes — and the conservative Civitas group, ranks Murphy high among state legislators for his voting record.

The voice over on the add then goes on to say, “With a record like that, no wonder Murphy said ‘President Trump is the worst top of our ticket in history.”

Look closely enough, and viewers can see text is quotations “Many people say” in an attempt to keep the ad closer to original quote.

Murphy said lawyers in Washington, D.C., on Monday preparing a suit against the ad and the WFW group. Details are forthcoming.

“It’s a flat out lie,” Murphy said. “It takes (The Daily Reflector’s) words and mixes and matches them to get a different effect from what was intended and therefore what I intended.” 

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