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Trump supporters eager and ready for rally


Trump supporters camp out near Minges Coliseum in anticipation for President Trump's Make America Great Again rally.


By Tyler Stocks
The Daily Reflector

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Trump supporters sat in their lawn chairs underneath umbrellas cheering as a train went by Wednesday morning near Minges Coliseum.

Chants of 'Wooo! Trump train!' could be heard while country music reverberated from speakers and an over sized television screen played speeches from Laura Trump and Donald Trump.

Food trucks and vendors walking around selling t-shirts, flags and other Trump wares added to the carnival-like atmosphere which in some way created a distraction from the blistering heatwave that is expected to continue throughout the day.

And people who wish to see President Trump elected in 2020, came from places near and far with some driving hours to the rally which is expected to attract thousands.

While the doors to Minges for the Make America Great Again Rally doesn't begin until 7 p.m., the parking lot party began at 4 a.m.

And first-time voter, 18-year-old Luke Ferrell of Raleigh said he's eager to see the president.

"I'm just looking forward to hearing the president speak," Ferrell said. I just turned 18 so it's the first time I can vote in November."

Ferrell praised President Trump's policies and said the economy is doing well.

"We weren't doing that good ten years ago, now we're in an economic boom. That's partly because of him," Ferrell said.

Ferrell also said that the president's Twitter antics shouldn't be cause for concern.

"A lot of people write (Trump) off as a racist instantly or whatever. He's actually got good ideas for the country if you let him talk," Ferrell said.

For Jonathan Uzcategui, a business owner who was born in Caracas, Venezuela but now lives in Wilmington, socialism is a real threat from Democrats.

"I love that (Trump) is against socialists," Uzcategui said. "I am from Venezuela originally so anybody that is against socialism, I'm for it. Americans need to wake up and see that if they don't support this president, and stay away from the Democratic party, this country is going to go like Venezuela," Uzcategui said.

Uzcategui got to the rally at 4 a.m. and said Trump's policies represent North Carolinians and all Americans.

"His policies so far are good. The president is for Americans. Show up and be supportive of the president if you don't want to have this country going to bad things," Uzcategui said.

He added,

"(Trump) is not a racist like people say he is. I think he's a transparency person. He's not perfect. I totally agree and support him. Hopefully, he'll get re-elected and take control of the house and the senate," Uzcategui said.

Louis Sparks, a 20-year Airforce veteran who came from Goldsboro agrees with

"Most of(Trump's) policies I agree with and I just want to be here to support him," Sparks said. "Most of his policies are for the people, they're not government policies. I like that he speaks his mind. He speaks like we speak. People need to get out and support him," Sparks said.

Then there are people like Bob Carter and Steven Reed who are attending a rally for the first time.

Carter and his wife drove from Washington D.C. and are staying at a local hotel.

Carter said he wants to see a real rally.

"I think the reason we came down was to see what it's like for ourselves," Carter said. "You don't get a real sense of it on TV. We wanted to experience the whole carnival atmosphere. We didn't really know what to expect."

What Carter said he likes most about President Trump are his economic policies.

"He's approaching it as a business. He's improving the economy and improving the economy is the number one thing for me. He's reduced the onerous big government burdens that have been placed on us over time. I think he's trying to get us back to where we can allow free enterprise to work."

Reed came from Jacksonville and serves as a volunteer with the Trump campaign.

"I almost couldn't sleep I was so excited and I was up at like 4 a.m. I really love the president," Reed said. "He's not the typical politician, how often do you get a chance to see a president and possible meet a president? I think it's your responsibility as a good citizen to want to do something like this and have a little part in history seeing history right in front of you. He's the only president that ever did anything like this," Reed said.

Reed added that President Trump is honest and that the news media can't be trusted.

"I like that he keeps his promises. He's probably the first one in my lifetime and I'm 54-years-old, that actually kept promises and didn't make excuses. And he's a straight shooter. I enjoy that about him."

Reed said President Trump uses Twitter because the news media makes him look bad.

"He has no other avenue to put it because most of the media doesn't report honestly about him. I think that's his means of getting the word out of what he feels or what he says because (the media) is always trying to put words in his mouth."

He continued, "(Trump) says what he means and means what he says. He's a straight shooter and that's refreshing. Even if you don't like his tweets, I don't think that's required."