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Survey seeks Greenville's 'story"

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Brock Letchworth


By Ginger Livingston
The Daily Reflector

Thursday, September 19, 2019

The reasons people live, work and travel to Greenville are as varied as the individuals themselves, but there are stories that link them.

Greenville leaders want to unite those stories and create a shared narrative to attract more visitors, students, residents and business investment to the region.

The City of Greenville and its partners hired Southeastern Institute of Research, a Richmond, Va., consulting firm, to identify the narrative through a community online survey that launched earlier this week.

“It was pretty much a general feeling among a few different entities that we need a little more consistency in what we’re sharing about the city,” said Brock Letchworth, Greenville’s communications manager.

The process started in May when about 120 employees and executives from local industry, small businesses, local governments, nonprofits and economic development groups joined the city, Vidant Health and East Carolina University in discussing how people think about the community, according to a May 14 article in The Daily Reflector.

Southeastern Institute of Research Chief Executive Officer John Martin said at the time that identifying how people think about where they live helps develop a unified message that will resonate with people who want to visit, reside in or establish businesses in the Greenville region.

From that May meeting, a survey targeting various demographics in the city was released. From that information, the communitywide survey was developed, Letchworth said.

“We need representation from all of our community to help us shape the Greenville region's message,” Letchworth said.

“What we’ve tried to do all along is emphasis it’s not just about the City of Greenville, it’s more about the Greenville region which extends beyond the city limits,” Letchworth said. “I think everybody feels the same, that any type of growth or development or anything like that in the county is a win for everybody involved.”

The findings and recommendations from this study will be available later this fall.

“This is about how we can figure out what are the perceptions and misperceptions of the city," Letchworth said. "What makes us unique from other places and how we put what we find out to promote our area.

Finding out what separates the Greenville region from other areas will help attract more visitors more residents, more students and more business interests, he said.

The survey is available at http://bit.ly/GreenvilleNCStory.

It also can be found on the homepage of greenvillenc.gov, under the “In the Spotlight” section.