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Surprise visit fulfills teacher's request for iPads

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State Superintendent of Public Instruction Mark Johnson paid a surprise visit to J.H. Rose High School on Monday to deliver 100 iPads in response to a request from teacher Tracy Moore.


The Daily Reflector

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

The state Superintendent of Public Instruction paid a surprise visit to J.H. Rose High School on Monday to deliver 100 iPads in response to a request from a teacher who wanted them to help with math instruction and college research.

“I was told if you want something, there’s nothing wrong with going straight to the top,” said Tracy Moore, who was surprised to see Mark Johnson knock on her Math 1 classroom door on Monday morning. “When I saw him, I knew he had come through on my email request. I had no idea he would grant all 100 iPads we requested, but when it comes to students, you ask for what they need.”

The iPads were part of a bulk purchase of 24,000 iPads devices made last year by the N.C. Department of Public Instruction for North Carolina’s K-3 teachers. Schools returned about 2,400 of them because they preferred other devices, and Johnson purchased an additional 800 for a total distribution pf 3,200.

Moore emailed Johnson directly and requested 100 for use by the Rose math department, according to Pitt County Schools.

As math department chairwoman, Moore provides leadership to new teachers and helps guide curriculum for the year. She also is invested in the social and emotional growth of the students she teaches and heads up Taking Steps Beyond Rose, a program to assist JH Rose students envision a future in college.

“This is very well deserved, thank you for everything you do,” Johnson told Moore during the visit. “Thank you for reaching out to me. You told me you could use them and I remember thinking, ‘Aren’t you the teacher that goes and visits colleges and community colleges?’ You connect what goes on in the classroom with what goes on after, and that’s what these (iPads) are here to help with.”

Using a research-based approach, Moore, her colleagues, and community members create opportunities for students to participate in multiple visits to college campuses throughout their high school career. Students must “earn a seat on the bus” for each college visit by doing their best in school, staying out of trouble and attending specific preparatory classes. Most students involved in the program will be first-generation college attendees, the core group Moore and her colleagues target.

“Ms. Moore is innovative and a go-getter, so it doesn’t surprise me that she reached out to the State Superintendent on behalf of her students,” J.H. Rose Principal Monica Jacobson said. “Superintendent Johnson’s response in visiting today was a great surprise, however. J.H. Rose students and staff are very happy to receive these devices. Ms. Moore is a great cheerleader for our school, and everything she does is always for the benefit of the students.”

Using technology is a way to engage students in the learning process and transform the instructional experience to make learning highly relevant, said Steve Lassiter, assistant superintendent of educational programming and services. “We know that Mrs. Moore’s work in the classroom is transforming the learning experience for her students every day, and we appreciate her advocacy and leadership as an educator.”

Moore and Jacobson plan to utilize the iPads to benefit as many students as possible, a news release said. Use of iPads enhances instruction and allows students to participate in online testing practice, complete college requirements such as FAFSA forms or applications, and utilize technological skills necessary for 21st century learning and career development.

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