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Homeowners insurance may be rising

Jim Buchanan

Jim Buchanan


Monday, January 1, 2018

Most North Carolinians don’t appear to be very upset about a potential budget-busting increase in homeowners insurance in 2018.

The reason for that appears to be that most North Carolinians have no idea it may be coming.

Insurance Commissioner Mike Causey announced in November that the North Carolina Rate Bureau filed for a statewide average rate increase of 18.7 percent for homeowners insurance.

State officials haven’t exactly hidden the proposal, but they certainly haven’t been going the extra mile in raising awareness.

Insurance firms say the hike is warranted by their models of future extreme weather.  It’s more than a bit ironic that these forecasts are being taken seriously in a state that was widely ridiculed for a 2012 legislative effort to bar state agencies from making plans for sea level rise.

Regardless, North Carolinians are a pretty savvy bunch, so the lack of outcry over the proposal reflects the lack of publicity surrounding it.

The Department of Insurance website has a prominent notice of the proposal, but offers no explanation of how the state is divided up into insurance territories or a map showing how specific areas would be impacted.

Wayne Goodwin, who served as North Carolina Insurance Commissioner for eight years, said “It is rather curious that the new Insurance Commissioner failed to include in his initial November public announcement either a link to a map showing the proposed rate changes by geographical territory or the comparative summary data chart. When I served as Commissioner it was imperative to include that information for maximum transparency under the law. Also, without the maps or summary data how could the public meaningfully understand what has been filed by the insurance industry and how could the public meaningfully participate in the December public comment period?’’

Full disclosure: Goodwin is now serving as Chair of the North Carolina Democratic Party, so partisans may dismiss his comments.

But it’s hard to dismiss how awful this proposal really is. In some areas proposals were put forth requesting homeowners increases well over 50 percent. The NCRB is capping increases statewide at 25 percent for those policies, but if you’re buying rental insurance or are a condominium owner, caps on those policies could rise 40 percent.

For people on fixed incomes, those numbers mean even tighter budgets and less money to spend in their local economies.

And again, those numbers get worse in some areas. The increase could drive people out of their homes in some areas such as the coast, where many property owners also have flood and wind insurance policies in addition to homeowners insurance.

Regulators for the state will negotiate with insurers; if a compromise is reached, it would be up to Insurance Commissioner Mike Causey to approve it. It one is not reached, the issue would be the topic of a public hearing, probably to be held next summer.

This issue is of paramount importance to retirees, anyone on a fixed income or anyone seeing slow wage growth. Couple the prospect of significantly higher insurance rates with looming higher charges for electricity and health care costs virtually guaranteed to rise, and 2018 looks to deliver a nasty triple threat to family budgets.

Jim Buchanan, editor of the Sylva Herald, wrote this commentary in cooperation with AARP North Carolina. It was distributed by Carolina Commentary.com


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