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slave holding me


Bobby Burns

Thursday, May 17, 2018

I speak on behalf of the Slave Holding me, when I say, what I believe she would say, if she was still alive, or want me to say on her behalf, which is this: that the Statues of the Confederate Civil War Soldiers, should remain UP; but with one caveat.

It is said that .."one who does not remember the mistakes of the past are doomed to repeat them," which is a wise history lesson and needs to be adhered to in this highly volatile instance and times of racial tensions and division we live in.

I think, we can all agree that Slavery was a humanitarian mistake which we need to learn from and not repeat! It was the worst of times. It was a bloody and dark part of the history and founding of this Country's past and is still present as the residuals of Slavery affects all Black and White Americans until present day, because simply and mainly, it has never been properly or fully addressed, formally and legislatively.

Sure we were freed but we were never taught how to fish rather we were given fish. We were freed but we knew know place to go. We were told we could walk away but we only how to crawl. We still don't.

Many Americans and soldiers, both White and Black, North and South, died and families put asunder, forever changed because of Slavery versus Freedom. It was a bloody stain on the American Flag's red, white and blue, which can never be washed away; it was a shame which cannot be removed. Even by removing a Monument, it cannot be removed.

The Slave Holding me lived through these times, and she suffered the atrocities of Slavery, I did not, we did not. However, I do believe my direct lineage to her, gives me the "Birth Right," and direct right to speak for her and for myself.

I believe that one's history is one's history and whether judged right or wrong, it cannot be rewritten. It is what it is..! As Queen Elizabeth has said..." Without knowing ones past you cannot have a future." I feel this is such a time. We must know our past in order not to make the mistakes of the past.

Slavery as well as the Native Americans' land grab, can never be removed from the annals of time; nor should they be; but, we can consider the arguments of right and wrong on both sides and meet somewhere in the conciliatory middle.

It was after all "The Birth of This Nation!"

The Confederate Monuments should serve as a reminder of the bloodiest times in the building of this nation; so that such a time is ever relived or EVER reimagined.

It was a mistake and millions upon millions died, both, during Slavery and in the attempt to end Slavery.

As the Great, Great Granddaughter of an actual Slave, who sees the remnants from Slavery, still and ever present; and, the ugly hate of racism and separatism raising its ugly head, again, in this Country, even today, with the unchecked rise in police shootings of African-Americans, in 2018, just as Slaves were shot at in 1818, I feel first hand the fear for my life as the Slave Holding me, must have felt for her life; and, I ask myself ..."when will it end...?!"

Therefore, I offer the solution that since the Civil War tells a two-part historical story... one that one side wants to keep and the other side wants to destroy, and since we know there is always two sides to every story..... a beginning and an end... a ying and a yang.... why not tell both sides of the Civil War Story? We must! The good bad and ugly!

The way to that end, so that both sides of Slavery can be represented and not forgotten or "left out," of history, as are the Slaves. Therefore, we should erect on the same site of the Confederate Monuments, a monument depicting the Slave.... the reason for the war.! Not to REMOVE the Monuments but to ADD to them so that the story of both sides are represented.

I, do believe, that is why we had such a riot in, Charlottesville, because "Our" side of the story is never represented, "Our" suffering and the very reason for the Civil War is NEVER told or honored! Where are our Monuments....where are our Heroes ... our History ?

My name is Stella Antley and the Slave Holding me, her name was Charlotte McClee and I live to tell her story. She lived to the sage age of 111 and she lived long enough to see Five Generations of her daughters born free and long enough to hold me as an infant. She died in 1957.

I have a newspaper article about her and she is speaking in first person about the Civil War and why she thought it was fought..... according to her (and she should know she was there).... it wasn't fought over Slavery, at all...!

I will share what she said in my part two of this story.

Stella for the Slave Holding me

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