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America's 'detached men' pandemic


Thursday, September 22, 2016

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

The presidential election shifted into high gear after Labor Day. On Nov. 8, the nation will elect a new president, either Republican Donald Trump or Democrat Hillary Clinton.

And while the candidates hurl epithets laced with generalities and discount credible questions of veracity, respectively, perhaps the biggest issue of the election largely goes unaddressed.

The Federal Reserve continues to do the nation a great disservice — as it gives the government fiction business a great boost — as it claims the United States is at or near "full employment." But that is, in a word, daft.

As Nicholas Eberstadt, a scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, reminds, "During the past half-century, work rates for U.S. males spiraled relentlessly downward.

"America now is home to a vast army of jobless men who are no longer even looking for work — roughly 7 million of them age 25 to 54, the traditional prime working life," Mr. Eberstadt writes in his forthcoming book "Men Without Work: America's Invisible Crisis."

Mr. Trump waves his hand as if it's a magic wand, vowing to put America to work again. Mrs. Clinton appears to think that installing a gazillion solar panels in her first term will solve all our ills, if not remove crow's feet.

These members of the "Idle Army" are the "detached men" of America, Eberstadt says. And their detachment, and their numbers, are growing. No nation can survive such a pandemic.


Humans of Greenville


Local photographer Joe Pellegrino explores Greenville to create a photographic census of its people.


October 20, 2018

No BYH to ECU Athletics Department. What is wrong with you? Another winning coach blindsided and let go? Macy deserves better than this, as did Coach Ruff. I see you're passing on fees to students because of the lack of funds for the Athletics (football, I suppose) Department. Hmmmm … seems…

October 20, 2018

The conference room at work has a new wide-screen TV hanging on the wall. It’s the size that can start fights inside a Walmart on Christmas Eve.

Before a recent staff meeting, someone joked that we could turn on the “Price Is Right” or “Dr. Phil” or some other staple…

TV table.jpg

October 20, 2018

I received two mailings from Dr. Greg Murphy and the Republican party that attacked Kris Rixon. Why should Kris Rixon be attacked to that degree? Shame on you! 

Kris Rixon is running for N.C. House 9. Kris will work to expand medicaid. Over 1,000 people die each year who are not able to afford…

October 20, 2018

I read with great disgust the recent Reflector interview with Dave Hart. There is no excuse for the current shape of the East Carolina University athletic department.

Here we are six months after Jeff Compher's firing, and not only does the university not have a permanent athletic director, Hart…

October 20, 2018

Many are saying that the Nov. 6 elections are all about Trump, a referendum either affirming or refuting his leadership. Our president casts a big shadow, especially in Congressional races, but there’s more than just the Trump factor at play.

Once in a blue moon there is no major statewide…

Tom Campbell.jpg

October 20, 2018

If there was any doubt as to why the Saudis might think the leadership of this country would look the other way on the atrocity they are alleged to have committed against our colleague Jamal Khashoggi, President Donald Trump erased it Thursday night.

The president of the United States, who has long…

Karen Tumulty

October 20, 2018

With the controversy of Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s claims to be part Native American still swirling through the political atmosphere, it is important that we hear the voices of actual Native Americans.

They’re not too thrilled. Native American groups say they’re tired of being a…

Elizabeth Warren Heritage Trump-4

October 19, 2018

Los Angeles Times

The Trump administration on Monday unveiled its latest proposal for reining in the cost of pharmaceuticals: requiring television advertisements for prescription drugs to display the price tag of the medication being promoted. For the 10 drugs seen most often on TV, the…

October 19, 2018

Paula Dance is, without a doubt, the best candidate for sheriff of Pitt County. She has worked as a deputy sheriff for 26 years, climbing the ladder of success from sergeant to lieutenant to captain and to her present capacity as major in the Pitt County Sheriff's Office. From her vast experience…

October 19, 2018

I read with interest Monday’s editorial titled “Country needs more effective leaders like Haley.” As I read this highly laudatory editorial about outgoing United States Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley and how she split from President Trump on several issues, I…

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