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November 22, 2017

Dear Readers: It is the season when we give thanks for families, friends and the richness in our lives. This season, the Brody School of Medicine faculty, staff and students are thankful for our new dean, Dr. Mark Stacy, who clearly shares our commitment to the mission of the school with a…


November 22, 2017

Q My sister stays home with her two small children (2 and 1) while her partner works. Recently, during a fight, he took all of their money — not much under any circumstances — and left. He has since returned and they have patched things up for now. But they fight frequently and she…

Carolyn Hax

November 19, 2017


Dear Short Answers: Since I do all the cooking at home, my husband does the dishes. The problem is that he does a horrible job at it. He refuses to run the dishwasher until it’s packed so full that half the dishes don’t get clean. But he still puts them away even if they…

Short Answers

November 19, 2017

Q There is a group of women with whom I’ve taken weekend trips once or twice a year over the last six years. Back in May, we tossed around possible trip ideas for the summer. Nothing was decided. I saw two of these friends (the third lives in another state) a couple times in June and…

Carolyn Hax

November 17, 2017

Q My wife is a wonderfully sensible person and appropriately sensitive. She is the oldest of three sisters and often feels left out. The age and geographical distance make it understandable that her two sisters have a much closer relationship.

Still, they left her out of a big announcement, and my…

Carolyn Hax
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