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October 10, 2010

Bless your heart to all the fans that attend the games at ECU. It would be great if you were able to see the no parking signs before leaving your vehicle to be towed. The signs are small as well as the lettering. I see you confidently walking away for a good time, not knowing what awaits you after the game. Why not get those signs off the light poles, enlarge the print and put them at eye level. Only then will we know you're cheering for the fans and not the tow operators.

October 09, 2010

Bless your heart to the Southerner that thought it was acceptable for teachers to use “ain't” in their classrooms. I am a Southerner, by birth, a native of Pitt County. I do not say “ain't” and never have. Like it or not, teachers are an example to their students. Being Southern does not excuse the blatant misuse of proper English grammar in the classroom or anywhere else.

October 08, 2010

BYH to all the people who have so many children that you cannot take care of them and that my hard-earned tax dollars have to go to pay for your needs.

Bless your heart to the policeman who came to my home, got out of the car before anyone knew you were outside and pointed a gun at my dog. Just because you are a policeman remember you are a stranger to the dog as well and you are invading his territory. Please blow your horn or make a call before getting out and pointing a gun at my friendly dog.

October 07, 2010

Bless your heart, City of Greenville. Leave beekeepers alone. I live around the corner from them, and no one's been stung. We need the bees. As for the neighbor who complained, get a life and mind your beeswax.

Bless your heart to the family parking all your cars in the driveway and then pulling one across the grass. There is a city ordinance against this, and it is also unlawful to have more than three unrelated persons dwelling in a house. This is a nice residential neighborhood, and we aim to keep it that way. The next notice will go to the code enforcement office.

October 06, 2010

As a retired teacher I have seen new teachers entering the field that cannot speak proper English. This is even more disturbing to me than the spelling. Spellcheck can help with misspellings, but (when) our children hear slang or street language from a professional, they will speak the same way. Ain't is one of the worst: “You ain't going nowhere.” I have heard it from many teachers many times. And bless my heart, I am a Northerner. If a teacher cannot speak properly, they shouldn't be teaching our children.

October 05, 2010

Many thanks to Brian Summerlin, a fireman who helped my husband and I cross flooded roads between Winterville and Vanceboro early Friday evening. He stopped and helped us, and we will forever be grateful. Pat and Monica Jones.

Bless your heart to the policeman that helped my son on Arlington Boulevard when his tire blew out and his jack wouldn't work. You helped him change the tire and told him where to go and purchase a jack that would work on his car.

October 03, 2010

BYH, Strickland-Dail restaurant. I'm going to miss you. Thanks so much for all the great Sunday lunches. It's been great. And Wimpie's, I miss you, too. So many great memories.

I offer a BYH to Mr. Mercer and Ms. Blackburn and Ms. Glover who spoke out in defense of the city of Greenville. Mr. Kittrell and Mr. Joyner are not representing the city of Greenville in regard to the land use plan.

See Mr. Kittrell's column today on Page A13.

Bless your heart to Habitat for Humanity for the good job you are trying to do.

October 02, 2010

To the person who wrote in about drivers that don't use headlights when it's raining. Do you think a policeman is going to stop you when it's raining? I bet GPD has never wrote a ticket.

Bless your heart to the BYH that refuses to print any of the bless your hearts I have sent in yet you print all the gossip about the town of Greenville and grievances that people have.

Bless your heart to the Need-A-Ride transportation staff and all the rides you are giving to us who don't have transportation. Thank you all for being so patient and polite.

October 01, 2010

BYH to the little thug who hid behind the bushes at the ATM to rob me while I was taking money out. I'm glad you had enough sense to walk away when I turned toward you. That bulge in my pants wasn't because I was happy to see you. Might want to find a safer line of work, otherwise you're likely to meet the business end of somebody's Glock.

September 30, 2010

A genuine bless your heart goes out to the mainstream media. Lindsay Lohan, 24, is all over the news because she's a celebrity drug addict. Justin Allen, 23; Brett Linley, 29; Matthew Weikert, 29; Justus Bartett, 27; Dave Santos, 21; Chase Stanley, 21; Jesse Reed, 26; Matthew Johnson, 21, Zachary Fisher, 24, Brandon King, 23, Christopher Goeke, 23; and Sheldon Tate, 27, are all Marines... that gave their lives this week. No media mention.

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