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May 12, 2019

BYH to the congressional candidates who told us what they would do for eastern N.C., instead of those candidates promoting violence or ridiculing others. We have enough bullies in Congress. Two students were killed on election day by a bully. More kindness please.

Notice how ECU started aiming to…

May 11, 2019

BYH to the bottom 15 Republican candidates. Someone told me they all ran to build name recognition for future campaigns, but I already forgot them all.

BYH to those who think the Dems are spending too much time on Trump. If only that wasn't necessary! Emperor Trump attempts to disband the rule of…

May 10, 2019

Thank you city council for offering Movie in the Park near the river. My sons look forward to the movie event with their friends and it's a great time to socialize with my friends.

For nearly 40 years we have known the pleasure of the convenience and friendship found at the Harris Teeter at…

May 09, 2019

BYH to the ECU Women’s Golf Team. You can do this! Go for it! It's your turn — step up to the tee!

Bless the heart of the lack of stormwater “Bless your hearts.” I thought this was the issue that would drown our city, literally.

Since ECU now owns a huge party house at Star…

May 08, 2019

Bless your heart to the person complaining about women exposing their shoulders in church. Now that it's getting warmer, I'm going sleeveless — and apparently to hell. Hope they serve wine there.

Bless your heart to the community leaders who are forming a new downtown stakeholder organization.…

May 07, 2019

BYH, don't be stunned or cowed into silence. Now is the time you are needed. Stand up and speak out if you are unhappy with the status quo. You get no credit for your intentions; faith without works is dead.

Good luck running against Trump when the unemployment numbers are the lowest in nearly 50…

May 06, 2019

BYH to our TV viewers. The shows are terrible to watch. Thank goodness for DVDs.

Bless the heart of those people who write letters to the editor arguing about renewable energy. Who cares about that nonsense?

BYH, if you want to know where your heart lies, watch where your mind wanders.

BYH to the…

May 05, 2019

About those new blouses that show a woman's shoulders? I am not sure they are appropriate in the church house. They might get by in one of those churches that serves wine in the Communion but not where we still drink grape juice.

BYH to Christ, who said, “Whatever you do to any of these, the…

May 03, 2019

BYH, research shows that laughing for two minutes is just as healthy as a 20-minute jog. So now I just sit in the park laughing at all the joggers.

BYH and congratulations to our president who, according to the Washington Post, has just passed the 10,000 mark of public lies he has told. Behold, the…

May 02, 2019

Bless your heart to the person who paid for my husband's and my dinner at Pizza Inn on Greenville Boulevard on April 5. We sure want whoever did it to know how much we appreciate it, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. It was a surprise and unexpected. Thank you and God bless you! We…

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