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September 01, 2018

According to a recent study, laziness might actually contribute to longevity. That should give my teenage children an excellent shot at immortality.

A University of Kansas research team looked through a 5-million-year window to analyze the metabolic rates of 299 species. They could have made it an…


August 30, 2018

One of eastern North Carolina’s and Duplin County’s favorite sons has a book coming out pretty soon. It will no doubt be received as well as his life of music, humility, humanity and public service has been.

The new book will likely be titled simply “In the Key of Love,”…

Bob Garner

August 26, 2018

There was a time when cafes existed to provide quick, convenient meals to working people.

As I am prone to point out, however, there’s generally no going back to what used to be.

The Filling Station in the Duplin County town of Kenansville is one happy exception that helps prove the general…

Bob Garner

August 26, 2018

If you are fond of the greens and tans of grass and trees but are ready for a new landscape color, perhaps try the vermillions and oranges of Utah.

Utah seems to have just a few spindly blades of grass and a handful of bare trees across the whole state. An occasional crusty tumbleweed lumbers…


August 25, 2018

My oldest daughter is all grown up and going off to college this week. I’m nervous about it because I hate riding in helicopters.

The skies above college campuses are crowded this time of year with helicopter parents. Today’s freshman class has so much more startup support than we had…

No hands!.jpg

August 19, 2018

The idea of naming one’s house or property has always fascinated me.

I just returned from a four-day trip to the beach where every house had a name. The names embodied all the good things associated with a beach vacation: relaxation, recreation, sun, surf, ocean breezes and the list goes on.…


August 19, 2018

Writing a newspaper column involves considerably more freedom than working as a straight reporter.

Broadcast and print editors alike assign reporters stories on a given topic or event. The resulting writing is supposed to be factual, balanced, understandable and to the point.

A columnist, though,…

Bob Garner

August 19, 2018

“The Great American Read,” a PBS series, is in the process of selecting America’s best-loved novel.

Is there a chance it could be a North Carolina book?

Maybe. I will explain in a minute, but first a little about the process. “The Great American Read” is an eight-part…


August 18, 2018

I recently learned from my mother that my younger brother, Jeff, never consumes fresh, delicious, homegrown tomatoes. This is confusing because I absolutely love them, and my brother and I share a lot of the same DNA.

The tomato talk came shortly after my brother yelled at me as I was picking…


August 12, 2018

The ocean pounded the shore when we arrived at Atlantic Beach on July 22 for a seven-day stay.

“Pounded” really doesn’t capture its character. It churned and roiled.

We rented a beachfront cottage at Ocean Ridge, a knotty-pine paneled, weather-tested but well-kept home owned by…

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