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March 05, 2017

The pomp and circumstance of Speedweeks is behind us, which I’m sure is a relief to the team owners who had to pick up the tab for all the wrecked sheet metal that came back from Daytona.

The grind of the NASCAR season starts today at Atlanta Motor Speedway. The Daytona 500 gave us plenty to…


March 04, 2017

Our president apparently believes that sending humans to the moon again can help make America great, again. Or maybe he just wants to plant a Big Gold T up there — you know, to more readily identify the Sea of Tranquility.

President Trump reminds me of Shane, a former acquaintance who went…


February 26, 2017

Last Monday night, Brad and Paige Keselowski went into the campgrounds at Daytona International Speedway to give out some merchandise to fans of the No. 2 Miller Lite team.

Paige is a 2010 graduate of East Carolina, which I’m hoping you already knew because it means you read the profile I…


February 25, 2017

The community college building I work in has three floors of long hallways. The second-floor hallway runs the length of the building, which really makes me want to try rolling a bowling ball from one end to the other without hitting any walls.

I don’t believe David Letterman ever pulled that…

February 19, 2017

We are transitioning to a new computer system at work, and to be honest, it has been difficult for me. I am struggling to remember commands and keyboard shortcuts, setup requirements and crash triggers.

Part of the problem is that I loved our old system. I have been working in it for many years,…


February 18, 2017

Everything changes. That’s the unfortunate truth of life. 

As frustrating as that can be, it makes it all the more fun when things can revert back to what we yearn for them to be again.

I’ve never been one to get caught up on the names of races. The concept of event…


February 18, 2017

At volleyball practice one recent evening, my daughter and the other girls on her team were touching forearms after each point instead of hands. The devastating flu season has the schools closed and everyone thinking twice about touching hands — which raises an important question:

Why must…

February 16, 2017

Three times this American Athletic Conference basketball season the East Carolina Pirates have laid the foundation for extended success, then laid an egg in the next game.

After starting American play with a 60-49 victory over South Florida on Dec. 28, the Pirates were blown out 75-44 at home…


February 12, 2017

Diamonds are forever, give or take a few billion years. The physical properties of sparkle and fire, from an optical index that bends light like a periscope, to a rate of heat flow twice as fast as copper’s, to a mineral hardness far beyond that of all other rocks, have made both industrial…


February 11, 2017

At some point during the past couple of decades, Valentine’s Day and Christmas went to the Halloween dark side to create one continuous candy season. The evil conspiracy, during February, seeks to cloud the true meaning of Valentine’s Day.

The office candy basket where I work now goes…

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