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December 08, 2016

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. — It’s ironic that Hooville is a nickname for the home of University of Virginia basketball because there is little question about who the Cavaliers are.

The colloquialism is derived from another nickname, Wahoos, that UVa. sports fans sometimes use, and they have…

East Carolina Virginia Basketball

December 03, 2016

No one ever wants to be a hospital patient, but if I have to be one again I might try passing myself off as a kid. Impossible, but perhaps for the effort they’d give me a room at Niswonger Children’s Hospital.

At 6-foot-one, my 14-year-old daughter, Noel, probably was the tallest kid…


November 28, 2016

Now that the river is back in the river, the weary and leery might come to thinking about the dirt of it.

Twice in a score of years the river has Tarred its cities. Twice in 20, the mild rivulet that is typically a 200-foot-wide driblet of muddy runoff has swollen to two miles Tar and wide. Whether…


November 28, 2016

PHILADELPHIA — In his first 12 games as East Carolina's head football coach, Scottie Montgomery did not tip his hand very often.

On Saturday night in the late-November Philly chill, however, the 38-year-old rookie head coach showed one of the few tendencies which could be described as…


November 27, 2016

Now that the holiday season is swinging into full gear, many people are opening their hearts and wallets in the hopes of helping the less fortunate.

Although there are many worthy charities, I would like to ask readers to spare a thought for some of American’s most hapless individuals —…


November 26, 2016

The concept for a short-lived television show (it was canceled so quickly I do not recall the title) was having married couples air their disagreements before a panel of celebrity arbiters. The one segment that stuck with me involved a husband complaining about his wife’s excessive flossing.…

Mark Rutledge

November 21, 2016

A man with rare qualities walked into his final home postgame news conference wearing a T-shirt that said, “Just a kid from Austin.”

One of the many gifts of Zay Jones, who had just played his last home football game at East Carolina and become the NCAA's all-time leader in receptions…


November 20, 2016

I’m now well into my second year of retirement, and so far it’s been great. But even so, I have learned a few things worth sharing — most of you probably already know, but bear with me. 

Routine is tops on my list. I had one for years. I never had to think about what I…


November 19, 2016

My wife pays most of the bills these days, which makes her the highest-ranking enforcement officer when it comes to household finance and conservation issues. She’s been after me for weeks to fix a leaky faucet in the master bathroom.

I will get to it eventually, but my concern over what goes…

November 18, 2016

Goodbyes are the worst.

Saying goodbye to sports legends as their careers end can bring about a time of reflection and a sudden realization of how much time has passed. With Peyton Manning, Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan and Alex Rodriguez all hanging it up this year, it was a sign that we have truly…

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