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May 12, 2019

I received a nice email recently from David Sloan, a writer and publisher who lives in Key West, who said he enjoyed my column about my personal Music Man.

The piece described Mr. Parisi who long, long ago organized junior bands at several Key West elementary schools, including mine. Parisi first…

Bob Garner

May 11, 2019

There are way too many trucks on the highways, and the proliferation of free shipping means even heavier traffic.

Amazon seems to be taking over the retail world. It’s kind of sad watching clothing retailers and department stores shuttering in record numbers. In my shopping district, Kmart is…

Mark Rutledge 2.jpg

May 05, 2019

Merriam-Webster just added 640 new words to its dictionary. Contemporary words like "go-cup" and "vulture capitalism."

The problem is, we all know how to spell those words and what they mean. After all, we invented them. Who needs a dictionary to look up the words we already know? And sometimes you…


May 05, 2019


Mountains of bitter controversies in the areas of race, labor, student unrest, and higher education administration were to confront Robert Scott after he became governor of North Carolina in 1969.

Those mountains were just too much to cover in my recent column prompted by Rob…


May 05, 2019

Things are really hopping at Greenville’s 600 W. Third St. Actually a beehive of activity has been going on there for the last seven years that I’ve only recently absorbed.

I recommend that anyone interested in helping others get a good start or hopeful re-start in life research the…


May 04, 2019

One of the life accomplishments I enjoy embellishing for my kids is having never been unemployed since my first job bagging groceries at Food City. True, I was 14 days from qualifying for a driver’s license. But I can tell my kids that I started working at 15 and have never been without a job…

Mark Rutledge 2.jpg

May 01, 2019

Note: The Community Collaborative on Children, Youth and Families shared this column in recognition of Mental Health Awareness Month.

She is only in fifth grade, but this week, she wrote the words, “I want to kill myself” and slipped me the folded paper as tears streamed down her face.…

Liz Liles

May 01, 2019

DEAR HARRIETTE: I recently met a man who sparked my interest, but he does not have a job. I do not want to be shallow and just use this factor for a reason not to date him. However, I also want to be smart and realistic. Should I be supportive of him in his situation and wait for him get himself…

Harriette Cole

April 28, 2019

My right shoulder hurts. I haven’t any idea what I did to cause this pain, but middle age is a time of mysteries and “Why does this hurt?” is a question many people in my age bracket ask themselves daily.

My right shoulder keeps a busy schedule, so it really isn’t surprising…


April 28, 2019

Five years ago, in “The Political Career of W. Kerr Scott: The Squire from Haw River,” Julian Pleasants chronicled the exceptional life of the only governor of North Carolina who proudly called himself a liberal. Kerr Scott was governor (1949-1953) and U.S. senator from 1955 until his…

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