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December 24, 2017

I badly needed a new mailbox for Christmas.

At a big-box home-improvement store, I found not only the mailbox itself but a kit for the post and cross post. It’s hollow, satin-finish polyvinyl, and the upright slips over a treated pine post (sold separately). Simple.

I excitedly bought the box…

Bob Garner

December 24, 2017

Sports Editor Nathan Summers is taking monthly expeditions on the Tar River and beyond to explore the river’s character and its characters.

CAMPBELL CREEK — I tried to ignore it, but my knees actually knocked together a couple of times like a scene in a Bugs Bunny cartoon as I…


December 24, 2017

When gazing at the night sky, our eyes are drawn to the bright twinkling lights above. But between the stars, in the darkness, lurks paradox.

What looks like empty space up there may not be empty after all.

Instead, the invisible voids are where the universe pulls together, and at the same time…

December 23, 2017

Citizens of Rome are complaining about the skinny and sickly nature of their city’s official Christmas tree. Obviously “A Charlie Brown Christmas” does not air in Italy.

If it did, the disgruntled Italians would know that Christmas is not defined by the number of needles on a tree.…


December 17, 2017

Christmas is hurtling toward us like a driver through a yellow light on Greenville Boulevard. And as always seems to be the case, my social media feeds have been flooded with videos of people receiving dogs as holiday gifts.

There is truly no greater present than the love of a loyal canine…


December 17, 2017

With a pig’s arms around your neck and your arms around the pig’s back, all snugly and warm, who knows what might happen later?

My first solo pig-picking after a decade of assists taught Lesson 1: “Make sure you have your own assistants.” Having no help nor a big cooler, I…


December 16, 2017

Several news organizations published findings last week from recent scientific research lending credence to a sex-specific illness commonly referred to as “man flu.”

The research is probably as reliable as the mostly tabloid publications that reported on it. The condition, however, is…


December 14, 2017

Outside the walls of Minges Coliseum on Thursday morning, the country waded through another criticism-laced, tirade-filled day of political firestorm, racial unrest and sexual assault allegation.

But the anger, protest and divisiveness across the great divide could not find a seat amid the 5,300…


December 09, 2017

A week into December it hit me that something was missing at our house. Christmas spirit.

The next-door neighbors have installed festive lights and an inflated snowman. We don’t have so much as a wreath.

No tree. No lights. No big red bows.

Not a single jingle, as far as bells go.

So what or…


December 03, 2017

Ardent fan that I am of ancient history and carbs, it seems a bit odd that I never considered visiting Italy until this year. I suppose I was just waiting for a window of opportunity to visit the birthplace of pizza.

That window opened when my younger sister, Nancy, got a job in Naples. Suddenly…

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