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September 28, 2018

You plan to vote this election season, more and more of you are saying, a remarkable concept for an off-year election in North Carolina, when Congress tops the ballot. You either have a candidate you like a lot or seek to address the values you are seeing emerge across our political spectrum…

Voter ID Lawsuit

September 28, 2018

At this writing, it is unclear if the GenX in the Cape Fear River will be joined by the arsenic and mercury in coal ash washed from Duke Energy’s power plant just north of Wilmington.

For decades the old Carolina Power & Light Co. operated a coal-fired plant on the Cape Fear River. The…

Tropical Weather Toxic Sites-6

September 26, 2018

Close as the two countries are geographically, a great asymmetry characterizes the relationship between the United States and Canada. The latter necessarily focuses a lot more on the former than vice versa.

And Canadians, as much as they generally like and appreciate the United States, worry about…

US Canada Tough Talk

September 25, 2018

The ongoing debate over guns in America has led some to vociferously call for abolishing the Second Amendment.

That’s just not wise thinking.

There are common-sense restrictions on guns that fall within the scope of the Second Amendment.

So there’s no need to even consider abolishing it.…

Gun Rights Rallies-2

September 24, 2018

We have seen the worst of nature and the best of mankind. We have seen actions that make “rising to the occasion” a breathtaking understatement. And we have seen the terrible power of an intense storm unleashed across our own region and more than half of our state. There may not be…

Tropical Weather Florence North Carolina-6

September 21, 2018

Senate Republicans found themselves politically cornered Monday as they considered what to do about the Supreme Court nomination of Brett Kavanaugh. That nomination is suddenly in jeopardy thanks to a credible accusation from a California woman, Christine Blasey Ford, that Kavanaugh sexually…

Supreme Court Kavanaugh Politics

September 20, 2018

Earlier this summer, Robert Runcie, the superintendent of schools in Broward County, Florida, sent a back-to-school message to the "families and community" of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

His missive mentioned nothing about teachers or books or curriculum. Instead it went on for four pages…

Florida School Shooting 911 Calls-5
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