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March 11, 2018

I was in the process of writing about the need for school nurses when the Parkland school shooting happened on Valentine’s Day. As the president of the North Carolina Parent Teacher Association and an educator, I know that we have too few nurses per students — leaving many schools with…

March 09, 2018

This week we lost one of our community’s most distinguished citizens with the passing of Walter Williams.

A man from modest means that became successful businessman by hard work and sticking to what he knew best to establish a business that covered most of eastern North Carolina.


March 09, 2018

I just viewed an ad by Scott Dacey. Amazingly, it shows President Trump saying that he is responsible for the largest tax cut in the history of the country. Then Dacey says he stands by Trump.

This tax cut statement has been proven to be a large lie, and Dacey knows that, so I guess he supports…

March 08, 2018

Born in Greenville in 1959 I grew up through most of the ’60s watching black and white TV on three channels. At some point I am able to recall there being an event on weeknight television that was as big as championship sports.

Whenever this came on our family gathered together and watched…

March 07, 2018

Orchids for the N.C. High School Athletic Association Eastern Regional basketball tournament returning to Greenville and East Carolina University.

Onions for $10 parking at Minges Colseum — used to be free!

Onions for $4 hot dogs (plain).

Onions for $4 small sodas.

Onions for $4 boxes of…

March 07, 2018

For every job in the American steel industry, there are 45 jobs in steel-consuming industries. A rise in steel prices may help the one steelworker but it will harm 45 other workers whose jobs depend on steel prices remaining affordable — and that is not even getting into consumer loses. Yet…

March 06, 2018

ECU hosted the NCHSAA regional basketball games, March 3, 2018. Cost was $9 a ticket plus $10 to park. That Really makes it hard to go and support your team. Guess they have to pay for the chancellor’s mansion.

Jeff Jones


March 05, 2018

After reading the story about Grifton EMS requiring a man be transported to the hospital in Kinston instead of Greenville, I wonder why it was reported his family was told state law required it. I know laws are made, but I never heard of this one.

I am an old man and live in Grifton. All…

March 04, 2018

In the BYH column on Monday, someone asked about what has changed in schools from years gone by as far as protection of students? What has changed is the nonstop violence being shown in movies, on TV, and electronic devices. That is one of the answers.

When adults in this nation allowed Hollywood…

March 04, 2018

To my friends, relatives and people I have worked with, it will no doubt come a great surprise that I am one of the most hated persons in America. And to some I am responsible for the school shooting in Florida. Why? Because I am a gun owner and a proud member of the NRA. 

I own a number…

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