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February 21, 2018

Q: I am trying to use less salt in my food. I have never cooked with fresh herbs. How do you use them and store them? — W.H., Greenville

A: Most of us get more salt than we need. The new blood pressure guidelines encourage us to follow the DASH diet, increase our potassium and decrease our…


February 21, 2018

Q I am in the middle of a growing crisis in my extended family because of revelations from a DNA match. After getting my results, I was contacted by a woman looking for her biological family. It quickly became apparent she was the child my sister gave up for adoption 52 years ago.

I made contact…

Carolyn Hax

February 21, 2018

‘Tis the season for lemons. Late winter offers up bushels of citrus, which transform into light and lovely desserts like these lemon bars. Whether you are knee-deep in snow or lucky enough to live where lemons grow on trees, these lemon bars will bring a ray of sunshine to your plate.

The key…


February 18, 2018

Heartland Americans embrace some “foreign” foods and remain suspicious of others. I think it’s more a matter of emotion than logic.

Take pierogies. They’re pronounced “pea-row-geese,” but it looks like “pie.” As in fried pies. We love fried pies, and…

Bob Garner

February 18, 2018

Q You seem to be opposed to putting children into any sort of psychological therapy. That’s curious, especially given that you’re a child psychologist. What is your explanation for this, and are there any situations in which you would be in favor of therapy for a child?

A As I said in a…


February 18, 2018

Q I’m a newish stay-at-home mom finding it hard to connect with my spouse, my friends and my “old” life. I have no family support system and none of my friends have offered or shown any interest in helping with my little one. My whole life has turned upside down (not unexpected),…

Carolyn Hax

February 18, 2018

Boys & Girls Clubs of the Coastal Plain has announced its Youth of the Month winners.

Youth are selected for the honor based on contributions to their club, school, family and community as well as personal challenges and obstacles they have overcome.

Pitt County award recipients include:



February 18, 2018

During Black History Month, the Pitt Community College Symphony Orchestra is presenting works of one black composer that history has often ignored.

At its third Black Composers Concert, the orchestra will perform works by Joseph Boulogne, Chevalier de Saint-Georges, who is sometimes referred to as…


February 18, 2018


Dear Short Answers: My son was just laid off at his job after only six months, and he has hinted strongly that he would like to come back to live at home. But I don’t know if this is a good idea. There are few good jobs in the small town where we live, and I…

Short Answers

February 17, 2018


■ Anderson Chapel Missionary Baptist Church, Macclesfield, will host a Black History Month program at 11 a.m. Sunday. A youth service will be held at 4 p.m. Feb. 24. The theme is “Following the Way.”

■ Burning Bush United Holy Church, 610 N.C. 43 North, Vanceboro, will host…

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