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November 12, 2018

Bill Friday was right. Friday, the founding president of the 16 campus University of North Carolina System, fought with then-Gov. Bob Scott in 1971 over the creation of the new system.

Friday recounted the fight in 2010, in an interview with me in front of an audience for NC SPIN’s 600th show.…

November 12, 2018

The East Room of the White House — with its vaulted ceilings, ornate chandeliers and gold curtains — is the closest thing to a throne room the United States has.

When set up for a presidential news conference, as it was on Wednesday morning, it is magisterial. The president is announced,…

Anthony Zurcher

November 12, 2018

The midterm elections flipped control of the U.S. House of Representatives to the Democrats and expanded the number of Republican held seats in the U.S. Senate. The voters sent a mixed message for Democrats to decipher as they look toward 2020.

Which messages worked and which candidates won in the…


November 11, 2018

Washington Post

President Donald Trump's Wednesday firing of Attorney General Jeff Sessions was not surprising, but it should still be shocking. Sessions' sin was not that he was insufficiently wedded to the president's agenda; indeed, the attorney general was perhaps the most effective member of…

November 11, 2018

President Donald Trump lost. And it was not even close.

On Tuesday, the president and his allies paid a high political price for their preposterous claims about caravans filled with leprosy, Middle Eastern terrorists, Hispanic "breeders" and gang invaders. Those lies cost the hobbled president…


November 11, 2018

Can’t you say anything good about President Donald Trump?

Some of my friends claim that I do not give our president a chance. They say I always overlook his good qualities. So I have decided to respond to that criticism by thinking of good things I can honestly say about him and then making a…


November 11, 2018

As World War I entered what would be its final year, Vera Brittain, an English nurse in France battered and terrified by the German spring offensive of March 1918, walked out of her mobile hospital tent. She glimpsed a strange scene.

“I had to wait to let a large contingent of troops march…

Rosemary Haskell

November 10, 2018

As waves go, this was closer to Wrightsville than Waikiki. But there is hope.

Voters on Tuesday gave America and North Carolina hope, not for Democratic policies, but for a taste of balance, for some checks on unchecked power, for baby steps back to a day when our politics didn’t seem so…

November 10, 2018

When you Google "Cecilia Paul," the top result is the Simon and Garfunkel song "Cecilia." This breaks my heart, because Cecilia Paul lived a life that was a glorious song of a different sort.

Cecilia adopted her son Thomas as a newborn, along with his brother, Drew, who was a year older. Although…


November 10, 2018

The 2018 midterm was one of the most interesting elections held in our state. While there wasn’t the “blue wave” many had predicted, this was a change election. It will be a few days before the vote and the impact is solidified but here are immediate impressions.

The electorate…

Tom Campbell
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