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December 01, 2017

Great nations and proud democracies fall when their systems become so corrupted that the decay is not even noticed — or the rot is written off as a normal part of politics.

President Trump has created exactly such a crisis. He has not done it alone. The corrosion of norms and values began…


November 30, 2017

You might have already forgotten about 2017’s most over-hyped political drama between the state legislature and Gov. Roy Cooper, but the lawsuit is still crawling its way through the court system — with important implications for state government’s power balance.

The fight over…

Colin Campbell

November 30, 2017

As fall and the holiday seasons approach, it is also the beginning of respiratory virus season. This includes not only viruses such as influenza A and B, but Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) and the common cold, among others.

These viruses in our communities can cause very serious illnesses to…


November 29, 2017

Nearly 60 cents of every dollar collected in third-party fundraising campaigns went to charitable causes over the past fiscal year, with the remaining 40 percent gobbled up in overhead and administrative fees.

The N.C. Office of the Secretary of State released its 2016-17 Charitable Solicitation…


November 29, 2017

The educational achievement of white youngsters is nothing to write home about, but that achieved by blacks is nothing less than disgraceful. Let's look at a recent example of an educational outcome all too common.

In 2016, in 13 of Baltimore's 39 high schools, not a single student scored…

walter williams

November 28, 2017

Schools and universities across North Carolina depend on hundreds of millions of dollars in federal grants each year — more than $1.7 billion in 2017 alone. Other federal dollars — $389 million in 2017, help provide housing for low- and moderate-income families.

Still other federal…

Alyssa Canty

November 28, 2017

The juiciest possible meaning of a decision by Michael Flynn's legal team to cut off communication with President Donald Trump's team is that Flynn, the former White House national security adviser, is about to roll over and provide incriminating information about Trump or members of his inner…

Callum Borchers

November 28, 2017

If this year's economy has been kind to you, signs are good for your 2018 as well.

This isn't just some Goldilocks view of the world. And I know it doesn't match the doom and gloom generally associated with economics the past decade. (Don't forget that a year ago it was still en vogue to mouth…

Daniel Moss

November 27, 2017

Does our country face a big problem with deficits? Is it a mistake to add to them?

House Speaker Paul Ryan certainly thinks so. Or he used to. In 2010, he told Fortune magazine that the nation was "sleep-walking toward a debt crisis," and he foresaw calamity on a grand scale. "Within a few years, a…


November 27, 2017

I get lots of email, including email from political advocacy groups trumpeting the Impending Doom of the Month. This month, that doom is the coming end of "Net Neutrality" at the hands of the Federal Communications Commission.

"Donald Trump and his corporate cronies are about to destroy the…

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