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August 15, 2010

Prosecutors, defense attorneys, out-of-state criminal investigators and even law enforcement officials have complained for years about investigative practices at the State Bureau of Investigation. It took two high-profile verdict reversals and knowledge about a damning investigative series in The News and Observer before Attorney General Roy Cooper took action by replacing the director of the SBI and suspending the bloodstain pattern analyst's unit.

August 14, 2010

I just saw a remarkable new documentary directed by Shlomi Eldar, the Gaza reporter for Israel's Channel 10 news. Titled “Precious Life,” the film tracks the story of Mohammed Abu Mustafa, a 4-month-old Palestinian baby suffering from a rare immune deficiency. Moved by the baby's plight, Eldar helps the infant and mother go from Gaza to Israel's Tel Hashomer hospital for lifesaving bone-marrow treatment. The operation costs $55,000. Eldar puts out an appeal on Israel TV and within hours an Israeli Jew whose own son was killed during military service donates all the money.

August 12, 2010

Because of failure to heed the limitations of the U.S. Constitution, which has produced runaway federal spending, our nation sits on the precipice of disaster. Former Senator Alan Simpson of Wyoming and Erskine Bowles, White House chief of staff under President Bill Clinton, co-chairmen of President Obama's debt and deficit commission, in a Washington Post article “Obama's Debt Commission Warns of Fiscal ‘Cancer'” (July 12) said that “At present, federal revenue is fully consumed by three programs: Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

August 11, 2010

San Diego

Anation that does not see in law a right to life for its unborn children and a court that allows more than 50 million of them to be killed claiming a nonexistent “penumbra” in the Constitution is not about to acquire a moral — much less a constitutional — backbone when it comes to same-sex “marriage.”

August 10, 2010

Scott Mooneyham is on vacation. His column will return on Sunday.

For years, environmental activists have pushed state and federal officials to enact costly, far-reaching policies to combat global warming. They've run ad campaigns and endorsed politicians. They've attacked the reputation of scientists who don't agree with their alarmism about climate change. They've produced books, websites, videos, even Hollywood movies to push their agenda.

And they've failed.

August 09, 2010

One depressing aspect of American politics is the susceptibility of the political and media establishment to charlatans. You might have thought, given past experience, that D.C. insiders would be on their guard against conservatives with grandiose plans. But no: as long as someone on the right claims to have bold new proposals, he's hailed as an innovative thinker. And nobody checks his arithmetic.

Which brings me to the innovative thinker du jour: Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin.

August 08, 2010

Charlie Rangel is right about this much: A clubby Congress has long basked in an atmosphere of privilege, lent a hand to the powerful and ignored the rules of propriety. Rangel's behavior, while egregious, is hardly unique.

But, as my mother is fond of saying, two wrongs — or 200, for that matter — don't make a right. Rangel's everybody-does-it-defense shouldn't get him off the hook.

August 08, 2010

Last week, a draft memo surfaced from the Homeland Security Department suggesting ways to administratively circumvent existing law to allow several categories of illegal immigrants to avoid deportation and, indeed, for some to be granted permanent residency. Most disturbing was the stated rationale. This was being proposed “in the absence of Comprehensive Immigration Reform.” In other words, because Congress refuses to do what these bureaucrats would like to see done, they will legislate it themselves.

August 08, 2010

Scott Mooneyham is on vacation. His column will return Aug. 15.

Rather than shout, I'll just ask the question in a civil way: Dear Republicans, do you really want to endanger your party's greatest political legacy by turning the 14th Amendment to our Constitution into an excuse for election-year ugliness?

August 08, 2010

The rage over immigration has reached a level that would be absurd if it didn't affect so many lives. Many are advocating the repeal of language in the 14th Amendment that would grant citizenship status to anyone born in America, asserting a “drop and leave” mentality growing among illegal immigrants and even a new cottage industry of “birth tourism.” Pregnant women come to this country, have their babies here — assuring them U.S. citizenship — then return to their homeland.

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