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Grady-White Boats Awards Advanced and Master Craftsman Certifications

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Thursday, September 7, 2017

Grady-White Boats recognized seven Advanced Craftsmen and two Master Craftsmen at an all-employee gathering held on September 1. These certificates are awarded to acknowledge the high levels of skill, commitment and performance these people show every day on the job at Grady-White.

Advanced Craftsman certification

Advanced Craftsmen must have 6 years of employment with Grady-White and meet key criteria of high achievement including: excellent ratings for commitment, performance, attendance and they must have completed the required reading list of books.

The seven Advanced Craftsmen, along with their years of service and their current work area, are:

■ Keith Clark, 31 years of service, Mill & Bench Dept.

■ Juarez Rouse, 12 years of service, Assembly B

■ Chauncey Brown, 26 years of service, Hull Fabrication

■ Larry Whitehurst, 15 years of service, Engineering

■ Reggie Bunns, 11 years of service, Assembly A

■ Miguel Gachuz 13 years of service, Mold Repair

■ Corie Morris, 23 years of service, Deck Fabrication

Master Craftman Certification

Master Craftsman Certification is the pinnacle of Grady-White’s achievement certifications available to those with 9 years or more of employment, and is awarded only to those who have met exceptional standards including very high ratings for commitment, performance, attendance, and who have completed the required reading list of books for Master Craftsmen.

Grady-White’s Master Craftsman Certification has been in place for more than 15 years. Company officials said that a person awarded this certification is a “valuable member of the Grady-White team. This designation signifies their deep commitment to the customer, the work, the team and the company.” David Johnson and Levy Smith are the newest members of the Master Craftsman certification recipients.

David Johnson

David Johnson works in Assembly A and has 31 years of service with Grady-White. Johnson has held many positions in this department and is currently in the Hull Prep area as a lead person. Officials said that he consistently displays a high level of commitment to Grady-White and his work. His supervisor, Tony German, said, “David’s commitment to excellence and attention to detail is unparalleled. His thoughtfulness and knowledge of Assembly A is broad and thorough. His win-win attitude makes him a pleasure to work, with each and every day, and the patience he displays on a daily basis is a delight to our team and the company as a whole. We applaud his leadership skills and ability to teach new associates the Grady-White way of life.”

Levy Smith

Levy Smith works in Assembly A and has 15 years of service with Grady-White. Levy has held positions in gas tank installation and is currently in carpet installation. Tony German, his supervisor, said, “Levy constantly shows a high level of commitment and his attention to detail is exceptional. He shows extreme pride in being a Grady-White associate. The knowledge he has is prolific, while he is working on some of our most complex systems. He has a unique, positive, one-of-a-kind attitude and is a delight to work with. His sense of ownership, understanding of his responsibilities and dedication to excellence is satisfying and incomparable, a real delight to work with each day.”