Sept. 11 Pitt-Greenville Deeds


Monday, September 11, 2017

The following deeds were recorded with the Pitt County Register of Deeds from Aug. 24-30. Each $2 in revenue stamps is equal to $1,000 in valuation. ( * No fee required)

■ Helen E. Harmon, Jerry G. Ballard Jr. to Helen E. Harmon, Jerry G. Ballard Jr.: Lot 4, Block G, Bedford subdivision, Section III *

■ Helen E. Harmon, Jerry G. Ballard Jr. to Jerry G. Ballard (trustee), Helen E. Harmon (trustee): Lot 4, Block G, Bedford subdivision, Section III *

■ Christopher K. Jones, Lisa H. Davenport (n/k/a Lisa Ann Jones) to Lisa Ann Jones: Lot 148, The Arbors subdivision, Phase 1A, Ayden Township *

■ James W. Parrish to Conetoe Land and Timber LLC: 7.5 acres, Farmville Township (timber) $22

■ Robert D. Parrott, Helen S. Parrott to John D. Payne, Kimberly V. Payne: Lot 72, Mill Creek subdivision, Phase One, Greenville $474

■ Mildred Godwin to Susan L. McKnight: Lot 59, Sheffield, Section 2 $304

■ Bill Clark Homes of Greenville LLC to Maurice L. Mackey Jr.: Lot 33, Davenport Farms at Emerald Park $394

■ Robert J. Carroll, Deborah E. Carroll to Krista M. Carano: Lot 7, Block B, Dudley's Grant, Section 1 $152

■ Kevin E. Daniels, Dawn M. Daniels to William S. Brown, Lora J. Maynard: Lot 111, Manchester, Section 1, Winterville Township $376

■ Nolan Commercial Contractors Inc. to Willie A. Cooper Jr., Camille H. Cooper: Lot 70, Laurie Meadows, Phase 3, Section A, Winterville Township $492

■ Eric B. Allely to James L. Floyd, Sharon H. Floyd: Lot 20, Block K, Stratford subdivision $240

■ Mark A. Mazer and Linda R. Mazer (trustees) to Brian A. Singleton: Lot 122, Ironwood cluster subdivision, Phase IV, Falkland Township $774

■ Charlotte-Anne T. Alexander (executrix), Delores M. Whitehurst, Daniel L. Whitehurst, Deborah M. Clark, Charles T. Clark, Tamelia D. Lang (a/k/a Tammy D. Lang), Donald G. Lang to Mortgage Equity Conversion Asset Trust 2011-1, U.S. Bank NA (co-trustee): parcel, Greenville $260

■ Natasha M. Worthington to Eduardo C. Arriaga: Unit 3, Building A, Lot 104, Vancroft Townhomes, Section 2, Winterville Township $131

■ JPMorgan Chase Bank NA to Secretary of Veterans Affairs: parcel, Ayden Township *

■ Charles E. Gunby, Donna L. Gunby to Solution to Properties LLC: Lots 3 and 4, Block 12, E.B. - J.W. and J.S. Higgs property, Greenville Township $40

■ Nolan Commercial Contractors Inc. to Shaleshea D. Bond: Lot 72, Laurie Meadows, Phase 3, Section A, Winterville Township $398

■ Jason M. Batt, Leah C. Barefoot to Mohammad Azad, Shahnaz Sharmin: Lot 38, Irish Creek subdivision, Section 1, Winterville Township $850

■ Jody Paramore, Stephanie Paramore, Myrl Paramore, Patsy Paramore to Jeremy B. Monette: Lot 91, Arbor Hills subdivision, Section 6, Grimesland Township $332

■ Jarvis E. Briley to Jorge A. Yanez Rios: Lot 7, Briar Rose subdivision, Section 2 $40

■ Reggie Spain Construction LLC to Garry C. Mickey Jr., Tina F. Mickey: Lot 40A, Glen Abbey, Section 2, Grimesland Township $416

■ Sonya B. Fox (f/k/a Sonya B. Thompson, individually and as trustee), Richard L. Fox to Scott Wagoner, Ashleigh Wagoner: Lot 2, Block I, Engelwood subdivision, Addition No. 3, Greenville Township $342

■ Houses BPR LLC to Edmonson Construction Company of Greenville LLC: Lots 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7, Mills Ridge subdivision $330

■ Justin R. Buttitta, Lisa T. Buttitta to Nicole I. Caswell: Lot 5, Block H, Arlington Plaza subdivision, Section 2 $250

■ Greenville VOP LLC to Beach Road Holdings LLC: 1.121 acres, Grimesland Township $3,130

■ Alfred S. King to Roy McDonald, Martha H. McDonald: Lot 3, Block J, Oakmont-Drexelbrook subdivision, Greenville Township $330

■ Alexander J. Booth, Jessica G. Booth to Carlesha L. Suggs, Sheldon R. Suggs: Lot 50, Meadow Woods, Section One, Winterville Township $282

■ Piggly Wiggly of Grifton Inc. to Gutierrez Holdings LLC: parcel (with exceptions), Grifton Township $820

■ Emily Smith (f/k/a Emily Haynie), David White to Karen B. Johnson: Lot 19-A, Hampton Creek, Phase One, Winterville Township $214

■ Caviness and Cates Building and Development Company of Greenville Inc., Caviness and Cates Building and Development Company to Donnie B. Cox: Lot 21, Copper Creek subdivision, Winterville Township $448

■ Geoffrey W. Deen, Nicole L. Deen to PJB Properties LLC: Lot 16, South Country subdivision, Phase 1 $244

■ Thomas A. Lowry, Nance O. Lowry to Justin T. Dalton Ange, Chelsie N. Proctor: Lot 2, Block D, Lynndale East subdivision, Section 3, Winterville Township $1,170

■ Robert Goldberg Jr. to Tiffany S. Edwards: Unit 4, Building Y, Dudley's Grant, Section 4, Winterville Township $182

■ Bill Clark Homes of Greenville LLC to Barbara Stephen: Lot 142, Paramore Farms, Phase 2 cluster $400

■ Brian T. Walsh, Amy L. Walsh to Kinsey Russell: Lots 10 and 11, Block G, Englewood subdivision, Addition 2, Greenville $295

■ Double Portion Properties LLC to Brian K. Dixon Jr.: Lot 38, Tyson Farms, Section 1, Phase 2 $314

■ Thomas P. Vincent, Eileen M. Vincent, Molly R. Vincent to Brenda W. Perry: Unit 126-D, Willoughby Park Condominium, Section 17 $134

■ Alice Cannon-Parker to Alice Cannon-Parker (60 percent), Shirley C. Dixon (10 percent), Brenda C. Brown (10 percent), Anthony Cannon (10 percent), Dutchess Maye (5 percent), Kevi Dixon (5 percent): Lots 5 and 6, W.B. Dennis property, Ayden *

■ Willie A. Cooper Jr., Camille H. Cooper to Terrence Fornis: Lot 70, Countryaire Village, Phase 2, Ayden Township $270

■ Mark Oliveira, Elizabeth Oliveira to John M. Crowe, Donna S. Crowe: Lot 20, Block E, Camelot subdivision, Section One $310

■ Worth E. Baker Jr., Myrtle O. Baker to B C Bell LLC: Lot 3, Lakeview Industrial Park, Pactolus Township $910

■ A. Sydes Construction Inc. to NSD Company Inc.: 1.48 acres, Winterville Township *

■ Kimberly J. Patrick to Amanda Schaeffer: Unit A, Building C, Lot 8A, Karringtyn Crossing Townhomes, Greenville $208

■ James D. Cale to Javier G. Cruz: Lot 12, Bedford Heights South, Grimesland Township $84

■ Estate of Sylvia Lee Ellis (a/k/a Sylvia G. Ellis) to Ira J. Ellis III, Linda Lee Ellis: 4.78 acres, Fountain Township *

■ Estate of Sylvia Gardner Ellis to Ira J. Ellis III, Linda Lee Ellis: 6.97 acres, Fountain Township *

■ Ralph C. Worthington Jr., Darlene Smith-Worthington to Janipat Worthington: Lot 2, Block D, The Pines subdivision, Section 2, Ayden $170

■ Bill Clark Homes of Greenville LLC to Jungmin Choi: Lot 8, Steinbrook subdivision $546

■ Gregory Bissonnette, Barbra Ann Bissonnette to Tony A. Walker Jr.: Lot 11B, Augusta Trails, Section 2, Winterville Township $168

■ Mary Crozier to Michael Perry, Zach J. Running: Lot 3, Block D, Lakewood Pines subdivision, Greenville Township $360

■ Coughlin Razel LLC to Edmund H. King, Carol H. King: Lot 12, Block A, Village Grove subdivision, Greenville Township $46

■ Thomas C. Smith, Allison H. Smith to Kendrick L. Parker, Sheena M. Parker: Lot 4, Tyson Farms, Section 1, Phase 2, Greenville Township $322

■ Gregory T. Sharpe to Von J. Sharpe: 0.54 acre, Belvoir Township $20

■ Gentry M. Sharpe to Von J. Sharpe: 0.54 acre, Belvoir Township $20

■ Betty F. Mills (a/k/a Frances M. Mills, individually and as executrix) to William C. Cale, Ashlyn F. Cale: 4.133 acres, Chicod Township (executor's) $70

■ Fountain Rural Fire Association Inc. to Nellie Alvarado-Morales: 0.1507 acres $19

■ Kyle M. Smith to Frank B. Tibbitt Sr., Jane Tibbitt: Lot 92, Langston Farms subdivision, Phase 10 $396

■ Stephan Siebel, Allison F. Siebel (a/k/a Allison Siebel, individually and as attorney-in-fact) to Michael J. Carey, Miriam P. Carey: parcel, Greenville $315

■ Garris-Evans Lumber Company to Reggie Spain Homes LLC: Lot 45, Tull's Cove, Section 2, Winterville Township $52

■ Sandra S. Brown (f/k/a Sandra S. Cutler) to U.S. Bank Trust NA (trustee): Lot 1, Nobles Acres subdivision, Bethel Township $203

■ Travis C. Starkey, Anna W. Starkey to John H. Duvall, Nicole S. Duvall: Lot 147, Charleston Village, Section 6, Winterville Township $360

■ Duane Rhoades to Richard A. King: Lot 2 (portion), Block H, Club Pines subdivision, Section 1, Winterville Township; Lot 1, Block H, Club Pines subdivision, Section 1, Winterville Township $290

■ Brenda P. Cayton to Stephanie P. Romano (one percent undivided interest), Brenda P. Cayton (99 percent undivided interest): 25, 73 and 68 acres, Chicod Township *

■ Gregory S. Moore, Lori T. Moore to James Mayo, Kristin Mayo: Lot 6, Bruce Neal Tugwell Jr. subdivision, Farmville Township $210

■ Rocky Russell Development LLC to Rocky Russell Builders Inc.: Lots 171A and 171B, Fieldstone at Landover subdivision, Section 1, Greenville *

■ Rocky Russell Development LLC to Rocky Russell Builders Inc.: Lot 28, Stone Haven at Landover, Greenville *

■ Gregory W. Jarrell, Stacy H. Jarrell to Yifan Guo: Lot 3, Block E, Forest Hills subdivision; tract $430

■ Loretta Brown to Lomarise Services LLC: Lot 9, Block A, Winterville Crossings subdivision, Section One, Winterville Township *

■ Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Orlando G. Hare: Lot 22, Building B, Shenandoah Townhomes *

■ Jodie S. Wilkerson to John E. Wright: Lot 41, Block C, Maple Ridge subdivision, Grimesland Township $462

■ Joseph E. Peszko to Bray Hollow LLC: Lots 51A and 54, Contentnea Creek Estates, Section 2, Ayden Township $70

■ Craig Butler (12.5 percent undivided interest), Allen L. Butler (12.5 percent undivided interest, Gary N. Butler and Carol J. Donin (12.5 percent undivided interest), Philip N. Butler and Tonya O. Butler (12.5 percent undivided interest), Julia A. Dellamar and William T. Dellamar (16 2/3 percent undivided interest), Rhonda A. Belton (16 2/3 percent undivided interest), Jennifer Christiansen (16 2/3 percent undivided interest) to Vernon A. Nichols, JonaLou Nichols: 27.3 acres, Beaver Dam Township; 1 acre, Farmville Township $260

■ Michael Ray Jones, Kayla L. Jones to Edward C. Albright: Lot 5, Hardeefield Estates, Grifton Township $120

■ George H. Odom III, Ashley C. Odom to Brian D. Nethercutt, Emily M. Nethercutt: Lot 44, Meadow Woods, Section 1 $280

■ Matthew B. Thrift, Ann-Kristine Thrift to Longfor LLC: Lot 17, Block B, Shenandoah subdivision $66

■ Robyn E. Martin (f/k/a Robyn E. Cogger) to Marcus A. Jones, Mary S. Jones: Lot 15, Crooked Creek subdivision, Grimesland Township $338

■ Charles B. Jones to Courtney K. Jones: 1.258 acres, Pactolus Township *

■ Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Shawn Lynn: parcel, Grifton Township *

■ Leonard D. Williams III, Valarie G. Williams to Cornelius Fulford, Johnann Credle: Lot 170, Irish Creek subdivision, Section 2, Phase 2, Winterville Township $570

■ Douglas M. Eckert II, Alexis V. Eckert to Douglas M. Eckert II: Lot 25, Bedford Village, Winterville quitclaim

■ Tommy D. Clark, Susie D. Clark to Jermaine Blount, Shaquita N. Blount: Lot 23, Davencroft, Phase One $458

■ Robert T. Darden, Allison W. Darden (t/t/a Allison L. Williams) to Kelli A. Bowe: Lot 5, Meeting Place subdivision $290

■ Edna A. Wagner to Tammy M. Russell, Eric R. Hubbard: Lot 17, Glenview Terrace, Section 2, Carolina Township $240

■ Roland L. Paylor III, Cheryl F. Paylor to J & J Medlin Properties LLC: parcel, Ayden Township quitclaim

■ Roland L. Paylor III, Cheryl F. Paylor to J & J Medlin Properties LLC: 3.70 acres, Ayden Township $3,052

■ David J. Sheehan, Lynne Sheehan to Virginia Kirk, Randy Sheehan: parcel, Chicod Township $260

■ Gregory L. Anderson to Department of Transportation: two parcels, Ayden Township (highway right-of-way) $378

■ Ethel L. Wright to Ronald L. Williams, Christine Williams: Lot 76, Devonshire subdivision, Section 1, Phase 1, Winterville Township $235

■ Alice H. Bost to Robert F. Schlegel Jr., Leann M. Schlegel: 10.57 acres $1,220

■ Peter J. Stahnke to Tyler E. Charleson, Elizabeth F. Charleson: Lot 36B, Block C, Westgate subdivision, Section 1, Arthur Township $168

■ Donald E. Lee to Anthony J. Little, Melissa T. Little: Lot 7, Bedford, Section 11, Greenville $974

■ James A. Phelps, Nancy E. Fuchs Phelps, Amanda P. Howley, Thomas K. Howley to Kevin Michael Kinnion Jr. Settlement Trust: Lot 42, Rivercrest, Section I, Grimesland Township $510

■ Wentworth Construction to Edward G. Heckstall, Mary M. Heckstall: Lot 14, Block B, Forest Hills Addition, Greenville Township $406

■ Robert D. Parrott (substitute trustee) to Caviness & Cates Building and Development Company, Caviness & Cates Building and Development Company of Greenville: Lots 77, 80, 94 and 95, Taberna subdivision, Phase III, Winterville Township $276


Humans of Greenville


Local photographer Joe Pellegrino explores Greenville to create a photographic census of its people.


July 16, 2018


The City of Greenville Inspections Department issued the following permits for July 3-July 9:

■ Po Han Kwon and Corey Layton Kwon, 2114 Royal Drive, single-family alteration, $15,000.

■ Keystone Management Co., 120 River Bluff Road, multifamily alterations/repairs, $4,835.…

July 16, 2018

PCC staff gives classroom management presentation

For the second year in a row, Pitt Community College’s Jasmin Spain and Nicholas Vick gave a presentation on classroom management during the National Institute for Staff and Organization Development’s (NISOD) International Conference on…


July 16, 2018

The following civil lawsuits were filed June 12-June 19 in Pitt County:

■ Branch Banking & Trust Co. v. Matthew J. Ashorn, collection on account, June 12; 18CVD 1703.

■ OneMain Financial Group LLC v. Crystal Little, collection on account, June 12; 18CVD 1704.

■ Wentworth Construction…

July 16, 2018

Towne Insurance, ranked by revenue as one of the nation’s largest, independent insurance brokers, today announced they are expanding their current relationship with Nationwide through the completion of its acquisition of Charlotte’s largest Independent Nationwide agency. Founded in 1994…

July 16, 2018

Chocowinity native takes part in imaritime warfare exercise

PEARL HARBOR — A 2017 Southside High School graduate and Chocowinity native is serving in the U.S. Navy as part of the world’s largest international maritime warfare exercise, Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC).

Seaman Apprentice…


July 16, 2018

MONDAY: The Pitt Community College Small Business Center is hosting a free seminar from 6-9 p.m. entitled ‘What is an Income Statement?’ Learn how an income statement works, what it contains, and where the numbers come from. Contact Wendy Dunbar at 493-7528 or wdunbar@email.pittcc.edu…

July 16, 2018

An Eastern North Carolina radio station in Rocky Mount is the latest company to be moving to the Rocky Mount Mills.

Life 103.1 WLQC-FM will be moving from its current location at 3048 Zebulon Road and occupy 2,100-square-feet of space in the main mill building being remodeled on the campus of the…


July 16, 2018

FARMVILLE — WarePack Self Storage LLC is the July Farmville Chamber of Commerce Merchant of the Month.

Housed in an old tobacco warehouse, WarePack Self Storage is a unique storage facility that allows customers to drive directly into the building to their storage unit and then out again.



July 16, 2018

Food Bank of the Albemarle announced that the Mobile Food Pantry serving western Bertie County will continue to provide nutritious food to those in need thanks to a $10,000 grant from The Franklin P. and Arthur W. Perdue Foundation and a donation of more than 21,000 pounds of chicken.

The Mobile…

070218-Food Bank of the Albemarle-Perdue-Grant-10K-Bertie-Mobile.jpg

July 16, 2018

The following new corporations in Pitt and neighboring counties filed July 5-11 with the N.C. Secretary of State’s office:

■ 1154 W Raleigh Blvd LLC, agent Khalid Almakaleh, 1154 W. Raleigh Blvd., Rocky Mount.

■ A & M Private Insurance Group Inc., agent Kelli R. Augustson, 2731…

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