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New grocery store opens in Nashville


Destiny Whitley stocks biscuits at the new Piggly Wiggly in Nashville in preparation for the store to open.


Rocky Mount Telegram

Monday, January 15, 2018

NASHVILLE — Piggly Wiggly opened its latest store in Nashville last week, offer local residents a new spot to do their grocery shopping..

A store is located at 731 E. Washington St. The new location replaces the former longtime JustSave Foods that was owned by Lowes Food. Lowes closed the store last summer, which had been a staple in the Nashville area since 1998.

Allen Jackson, a partner in the Piggly Wiggly company, said bringing a store to Nashville was something the company had been looking into for years. The Nashville store is owned by Scott and Marshall Dunn, who also have stores in Rocky Mount, Wilson, Pinetops, Farmville and Ahoskie.

“We’ve been looking at the Nashville market for probably 10 years,” Jackson said. “We finally were contacted by the buyer of Lowes Food when they decided last year that they were going to get out and came to us to see if we were interested. We felt like that part of Nash County, specifically the town of Nashville, needs a traditional full-service grocery store. We have two in Rocky Mount that provide good service. However, Rocky Mount is a little bit of a drive for people to go from Nashville to Rocky Mount. We just felt like there was a need there.”

Jackson said the company poured a lot of money and time into redoing the interior of the store. While the new Nashville Piggly Wiggly is similar to the other stores, Jackson said, there will be a couple things different about it.

“This store has a bigger or larger deli than the other stores, so we will be offering more items in our deli,” Jackson said. “This store will also has a service meat case for beef and pork, and we will also have stuff like whole loins on display. A lot of our customers know what the service meat case is and we thought that would be a good addition for that location.”

Jackson said that to get the store off on the right foor, the company has transferred about a dozen of its seasoned employees from the Rocky Mount and Wilson stores to work at the Nashville store.

Jackson added the Nashville Piggly Wiggly will employ close to 100 people, with at least being 30 full-time positions and around 65 part-time workers.

“It’s very important to us to be able to provide good jobs to people, and we look at our employees as kind of an extended part of our family,” Jackson said.

Piggly Wiggly is excited about expanding in the Twin Counties and being able to continue to provide service to the local community, he said.

“People (were) coming by the store and saying they can’t wait until we open,” Jackson said. “There has been a lot of positive things out there on social media about us coming, so we think it’s going to be a good thing for the town of Nashville — and hopefully, a good thing for our operations.”