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March 5 Pitt-Greenville Deeds


Monday, March 5, 2018

The following deeds were recorded with the Pitt County Register of Deeds from Feb. 22-28. Each $2 in revenue stamps is equal to $1,000 in valuation. ( * No fee required)

■ Daphne B. Ellis to The Farmville Real Estate Company: Lot 7, Thorne and Darden subdivision $28

Susan J. Hamrick (f/k/a Susan J. Cox) to PPC — Greenville Properties LLC: Lot 18, Block G, Arlington Plaza subdivision, Section Two, Greenville quitclaim

■ Brent R. Teaford, Lucinda S. Teaford to Prashant R. Mudireddy, Deepti Ananthula: Lot 40, Mill Creek subdivision, Phase One, Arthur Township $530

■ Julia A. Carlson to Julia T. Morrow: Lot 17, Block I, River Hills subdivision, Section 5, Phase 2-A, Greenville Township $350

■ Allison R. Manning-Moore to Janet E. Matthews: lot $56

■ Travis L. Smith, Vantina D. Smith to Kameron S. Lewis: Lot 96, Block C, Countryaire Village, Phase 1, Ayden Township $236

■ Cherie L. Schulz to Vanessa Briceno: Lot 94, Countryside Estates subdivision, Belvoir Township $248

■ Calvin Lee Garris to Henry Tyson, Wright Tyson: Lot 13 (with exception), Block B, Biltmore subdivision, Greenville *

■ Dennis Hudson, Wanda Hudson to Joshua R. Holden: Lot 6, Block C, Grifton Heights, Grifton Township $100

■ Boa Nguyen, Arlina Phang, Mai L. Tran to B & A Homes of New Bern LLC: Lots 15, 16, 17 and 18, J.E. Joyner property subdivision *

■ Paulal M. Boyle, Shannon B. Castillo, Juan Castillo to Christopher Morrison, Michelle Morrison: Lot 118, Countryaire Village, Phase Two, Ayden Township $212

■ Edmonson Construction Company of Greenville LLC to Kevin L. Jones, Jennifer T. Jones: Lot 9, Oak Pointe, Section Two, Phase One, Arthur Township $366

■ Krick Investment Property & Management Inc. to Robert F. Sykes III, Amanda F. Sykes: Lot 11, Block B, Osceola subdivision, Section 2, Greenville Township $280

■ Karen Bull to Raheem C. Allah Bull: parcel, N.C. Highway 11, Grifton Township *

James Meglic, Doreen Meglic, Bradley Moser, Jillian Moser to James Meglic, Doreen Meglic: 11.54 acres, Belvoir Township $26

■ Wenhuan Jiang, Qianhan Hua to Lonnie L. Gibbs: 1.239 acres, Arthur Township $252

■ Justin N. Cannon to Paula A. Cannon: Lots 5 (portion) and 6, Block A, The Pines subdivision, Ayden Township quitclaim

■ Vanguard Ventures LLC to SOD Properties LLC: Lot 9, Kittrell Farms $3,050

■ Jeffrey C. Ruscoe, Karli A. Ruscoe to James Morris, Morgan Morris: Lot 55, Colony Woods subdivision, Section 1, Winterville Township $476

■ Derek J. Broome, Ashley Broome to Jacob Sarvey: parcel $99

■ Whitney Miller III, Terry M. Miller (a/k/a Teresa M. Miller) to Ernest O. Stevenson, Barbara H. Stevenson: Lot 11, Block I, Tucker Estates subdivision, Section 6, Phase I $500

■ Michael C. Ladd, Katherine L. Russell-Ladd to Alexis K. Cooper: Building O, Unit 5, Kittrell Farms Townhomes $202

■ Nannie V. Brigham to Denise L. Brigham: Lot 23, Yorkshire cluster development, Section 1, Winterville Township gift

■ Jerome Weeks to Jerome Weeks, Phebie Weeks: Lot 32, Block E, Hillsdale subdivision, Greenville Township *

■ Thomas Weeks to Jerome Weeks, Phebie Weeks: Lot 32, Block E, Hillsdale subdivision, Greenville Township *

■ Jamie D. Blackwell Jr. to Jerome Weeks, Phebie Weeks: Lot 32, Block E, Hillsdale subdivision, Greenville Township *

■ Allen C. Newbold, Cindy Newbold to Caviness & Cates Building and Development Company of Greenville, Caviness & Cates Building and Development Company: Lot 20, Teakwood Green subdivision, Phase II $40

■ Diane P. Kackenmeister to Richard E. Eveson III, Cathy S. Eveson: Unit 2900-F, Forbes Woods Condominium, Section 12 $164

■ Longfor LLC to Don F. Williamson: Lot 30, Block 1, Pineridge subdivision, Section VI, Arthur Township $272

■ Clifford H. House, Terri Ann House to Lisa Smith: parcel $170

Susan R. Benoit (commissioner) to The Bank of New York Mellon (f/k/a The Bank of New York, trustee): Lot 11, Westwind subdivision, Section 2 $27 (commissioner's)

■ Sharon G. Noga to Gary B. Noga: Unit 5, Building O, Cobblestone Townhomes, Section 1, Arthur Township *

■ BFK Holdings LLC, Rough Draft Charters LLC to J.C. Hazelton Builders LLC: Lot 77, Arden Ridge, Section 4, Phase 1, Grimesland Township $86

■ Carrington Mortgage Services LLC to Lou L. Butler: Lot 10, Garris Trace, Grifton Township $80

■ Timothy W. Bland, Wendy W. Bland to Hugo Saavedra, Linda B. Saavedra: Lots 13 and 13A (portion), Block A, College Court subdivision; Lots 1 (portion) and 1A, Block B, College Court subdivision $254

Troy L. Burchett, Carole R. Burchett, Linda S. Burchett (t/t/a Linda S. Kurtz) to Thomas K. Berry, Jessica V. Berry: Lot 120A, Brook Hollow, Section Two, Greenville Township $301

■ Joanna R. Lee, Joetta D. Lee (attorney-in-fact) to Joseph E. Quinn Jr., Barbara C. Quinn: Lot 31, Shamrock cluster development, Phase 2, Winterville Township $432

■ Azara LLC to Fouzan Hamed: Lot 11, Block A, River Hill subdivision, Section I; Lot 24, Epps Teel Farm, Belvoir Township; Lot 3, Block J, Candlewick Estates; tract, Farmville *

■ Robert D. Stokes III, Charity Kim Stokes to Nicholas A. Kreamer, Katie L. Kreamer: Lot 96, Section 2, Arden Ridge subdivision $348

■ Deborah W. Mungal, Terrence Mungal to Monica Krishnamurthy: Building K, Unit 5, Dudley's Grant Townhomes, Winterville Township $158

■ Bayview Loan Servicing LLC to GCSG Investments Ltd.: Lot 25, Teels Estates, Section Two $60

■ William R. Mitchell, Cherry S. Mitchell to Roland K. Manning Jr., Susan J. Manning: two tracts, Carolina Township $420

■ Timothy Barnes, Lori Barnes to Wendy B. Wood: Lot 32, Tull's Cove subdivision, Section 1, Winterville Township $398

■ Wanda Hudson (individually and as executrix), Dennis A. Hudson to David F. Conway, Nicholas D. Conway: three lots, Grifton Township $34

Anees Mudawar, Randa Mudawar (i/t/t/a Randa Muawar) to The Chang Nan Chen Revocable Trust: parcel $144

■ Tanya Ghosheh, Erika Cassis, Lincoln G. Cassis to The Chang Nan Chen Revocable Trust: Unit 1, Building C, Lot 104, Vancroft Townhomes, Section 2, Winterville Township $143

Peggy H. Walker to Tripp Farms LLC: 7.603 acres, Ayden Township $100

Arthur P. Harris (trustee) to The Chang Nan Chen Revocable Trust: Unit 2, Building I, Lakeview Townhomes, Greenville $124

■ Rickey Lee Abbott, Susie H. Abbott to Timothy Barnes, Lori Barnes: Lot 12, Hudson's Crossroads Place, Section 2, Chicod Township $524

■ Harry C. Davis Jr., Gale S. Davis to Harry C. Davis Jr.: Lot 20, Woodridge North, Phase II, Winterville quitclaim

■ Jeffrey C. Pence, Sharon D. Pence to Pitt Street Partners LLC: Lot 3, Block E, Bedford subdivision, Section III $426

■ Richard G. Everett, Sandra R. Everett to Perry N. White, Shelley R. White: Lot 32, Block M, Club Pines subdivision, Section V, Greenville $380

■ Jeffrey Matinale, Tina M. Todd, Jamie Todd, Stacey M. Sivak, Bryan Sivak to Myra V. Staten, Michael Lee Staten: Lot 29, Devonshire subdivision, Section 1, Phase 2, Winterville Township $256

■ Rebecca L. Schultz, George T. Kirk to Karl D. Strohecker, Crystal G. Speeks-Strohecker: 11.03 acres, Belvoir Township $478

John Griffiths to Kimberly A. Griffiths: Lot 1, Block A, Rouse subdivision, Section One quitclaim

■ Kimberly A. Griffiths to Tanikia Cobb: Lot 1, Block A, Rouse subdivision, Section One $290

■ Donna H. Bivans, Timothy Bivans to Donna H. Bivans, Timothy Bivans: parcel quitclaim

■ Mack Styron to Ronbrey Bryant, Gloria Bryant: Lot 116, Crystal Acres subdivision, Section 4, Belvoir Township $100

■ Bill Clark Homes of Greenville LLC to Richard G. Everett, Sandra R. Everett: Lot 158, Paramore Farms, Phase 3 $572

■ Garris Evans Lumber Company to Amy M. Amacker, Benjamin G. Self: Lot 51, Tull's Cove, Section 2, Winterville Township $415

Houses BPR LLC to Mark A. Burrell, Amanda J. Burrell: Winterville TownshipLot 18, Bedford West, Phase I, Winterville Township $890

■ Steven D. Ellingsworth, Laura D. Ellingsworth to Leslie M. Hollowell: Lot 34, Treyburn, Section Two, Grimesland Township $390

■ A. Elks Construction Inc. to Kari L. Lewicki: Lot 85B, Brook Hollow, Section 4, Phase 2 $310

■ BER Real Estate Investments IV LLC to JPS Realty Management LLC: 1.39 acres, Greenville; 0.41 acre, Greenville Township $6,768

■ Bobby G. Heath (individually and as administrator), Kathy Heath to Alberto Gonzalez-Valdes, Ninfa Bayas: Lot 1, Block A, Millbrook subdivision, Section 1, Grimesland Township $289

■ Lisa Gay Hudson (individually, as executrix and trustee), Jackson Chow, Laura L. Hudson to Lisa Gay Hudson (2/3 undivided interest), Laura L. Hudson (1/3 undivided interest): parcel quitclaim

■ Lisa Gay Hudson (individually, as executrix and trustee), Jackson Chow, Laura L. Hudson to Lisa Gay Hudson (2/3 undivided interest), Laura L. Hudson (1/3 undivided interest): parcel quitclaim

■ Lisa Gay Hudson (individually, as executrix and trustee), Jackson Chow, Laura L. Hudson to Lisa Gay Hudson (2/3 undivided interest), Laura L. Hudson (1/3 undivided interest): parcel quitclaim

■ Lisa Gay Hudson (individually, as executrix and trustee), Jackson Chow, Laura L. Hudson to Lisa Gay Hudson (2/3 undivided interest), Laura L. Hudson (1/3 undivided interest): 56.51 acres, Grimesland quitclaim

Troy Campbell, Sherry Campbell to Judson T. Whitehurst: Unit 2920-C, Forbes Woods Condominium, Section 13 $158

Jonathan N. Hamilton, Wendy P. Hamilton to Robin A. Baxter, Anne T. Baxter: Lot 2A, Holly Hills subdivision, Winterville Township $290

■ Edmonson Construction Company of Greenville LLC to John M. Twiddy, Melinda E. Twiddy: Lot 32, Whitaker Glen, Arthur Township $346

Christopher B. Hastings, Melissa Hastings to Christin J. Gauquie, Heather R. Gauquie: Unit 10, Building CC, Dudley's Grant, Section 10 $182

Rick M. Warren, Sarah Warren to Sarah Warren: Lot 150, Irish Creek subdivision, Section 2, Phase 1-B quitclaim

■ Joseph W. Walas Jr. to Warren C. Beasley: Lot 74, Glenwood Properties Inc. $380

■ Rodney S. Matthews, Kim M. Matthews to Khadijah Rasulullah: Lot 63, Tucker Estates North, Phase 1, Winterville Township $449

■ Bobby Lambert Jr. (t/t/a Bobby Lambert), Laura Lambert to Michael L. Harris, Taylor R. Harris: Lot 128, Windsor subdivision, Section 5, Phase 3, Winterville Township $380

■ Gregory G. Bullock, Susan K. Bullock to Brandy B. Hebden: 0.9999 acre, Belvoir Township *

■ DHE Farms LLC to Selena Sparkman-St. Croix: Lot 3, Mulberry Ridge, Section One, Arthur Township $409

■ Robert R. Browning, Mary Ann Browning to Ira J. Varney, Hannah E. Varney: Lot 135, Brook Valley subdivision, Winterville Township $610

■ Latavius T. Taylor, Mary A. Taylor to Sonny Murphy: Lot 114, Westhaven South, Phase 1, Winterville Township $366

■ Clayton L. Taylor, Suzanne B. Taylor to Laura T. White: Lot 9, Stone Gate sbudivision, Grimesland Township $290

■ Robin V. Morreale, Linda J. Morreale to Noble Real Estate Investments LLC: Unit K-1, Lot 101, Block E, Sheraton Village Townhomes, Section 4, Phase 2, Winterville Township $90

■ Fisher Investments LLC to Dustin A. Coffey: 1.22 acres, Farmville Township $130

■ Daniel G. House, Amy R. Gilleland to Sandra Jo Firmstone: Lot 23, Stone Haven at Landover, Section One, Arthur Township $294

■ Carol J. Palmer to Cameron S. Donaldson, Sarah Ann Marsh: Lot 23, Block F, Tucker Estates subdivision, Section III, Phase III $370

■ Cassandra Jordan, Antione Jordan to Prosper Real Estate Holdings LLC: Unit 4, Building P, The Vineyards, Winterville Township $120

■ Richard Ray Lee, Caretta R. Lee to Prosper Real Estate Holdings LLC: Unit 3, Building P ,The Vineyards, Winterville Township $148

■ Mary Ann Bailey to Prosper Real Estate Holdings LLC: Unit 4, Building K, Lot 104, Vancroft Townhomes, Section 2, Winterville Township $124

■ Nolan Commercial Contractors Inc. to Latavius T. Taylor, Mary A. Taylor: Lot 12, Villa Grande, Phase One, Section A, Winterville Township $520

Ursula F. McRae to Juan Arredondo: 7.48 acres (with exception), Pactolus Township *

■ Lonnell V. Witherspoon (a/k/a Lonnell Witherspoon), Doris C. Witherspoon to Lonnell Witherspoon: Lot 38, Block A, Pleasant Ridge subdivision, Grifton Township *

■ Vera Mae Hansley, Henry Hansley to Sheila J. Reese: parcel *

■ Bill Clark Homes of Greenville LLC to Justin M. Ross, Ashley S. Ross: Lot 42, Brandy Creek South, Section 2, Phase 3 $508

■ Johnny E. Gatlin to Johnny E. Gatlin: Lot 15, Block H, Brentwood subdivision, Section 2 quitclaim

■ Flint McCallum, Alisa M. McCallum to Nicholson Financial Group LLC: Lot 20, Shenandoah Village, Section II $24

■ Charles J. Compher, Catherine F. Compher to Venkata Jonnalagadda: Lot 127, Ironwood cluster subdivision, Phase IV, Falkland Township $964

■ Gary D. Arbusto, Sheila M. Arbusto to National Transfer Services LLC: Lot 6, Windtree subdivision, Grimesland Township *

■ National Transfer Services LLC to Clayton L. Taylor, Suzanne B. Taylor: Lot 6, Windtree subdivision, Grimesland Township $490

■ Courtney H. Newkirk, Dewitt Newkirk Jr. to DECC Inc.: parcel, Greenville Township *

■ Phillip D. Sutton to Maria A. Fernandez: parcel $50

■ Michael Lee Townsend, Michelle Townsend to Mark Windham, Mitzie Windham: 0.7918 acre $263

■ Michael K. Koury, Emily E. Koury to Edmund B. Small: Lot 21, Westhaven South, Phase 1 $350

■ Kimberly P. Freeman to Donna H. Newby: Lot 196-B, Brook Hollow, Section Two, Greenville Township $250

■ Chad Harrell, Kathleen Harrell (t/t/a Kathleen Roberson) to Clayton Davis: Lot 64, Windy Ridge, Section 2, Winterville Township $184

■ Bahram R. Zargham, Deborah Zargham, Shiva R. Zargham, Amirreza Motameni to Elijah R. Harris Jr., Gladys A. Harris: Unit 3, Building F, Cross Creek Townhomes, Greenville Township $135

■ Wanda Hudson, Dennis Hudson to Narod Elburts LLC: Lots 31 and 32, Meadow Green subdivision, Section 3 $335

■ Norman E. Reveal to Richard Dart, Lynn Dart: Lot 10, Quail Ridge subdivision; tract (with exception) $72

■ Harvey R. Lewis, Brenda T. Lewis to E.R. Lewis Construction Co. Inc.: 191.1 acres, Pactolus Township; two parcels (with exceptions), Pactolus Township; $1,900


Humans of Greenville


Local photographer Joe Pellegrino explores Greenville to create a photographic census of its people.


December 10, 2018

With federal flood insurance payments to North Carolinians for Hurricane Florence totaling over a half-billion dollars, officials are urging those who don’t have coverage to purchase it.

While FEMA has approved more than $118 million in grants to families and the U.S. Small Business…

December 10, 2018

PCS Facility Services promotes two employees

Pitt County Schools Facility Services has announced the promotion of two new employees to its district office of Facility Services.

Cedric Blow of Sam D. Bundy School in Farmville and Reginald Stocks of Ayden Middle School joined the staff of Custodial…


December 10, 2018

AgCarolina Farm Credit has announced a record donation of toys from members and employees for local needy children. A total of nearly 950 toys were collected in the fourth year of AgCarolina’s participation in the toy drive.

The Toys for Tots campaign began in September in conjunction with…


December 10, 2018

LIFE of NC, a Pitt County nonprofit organization and affiliate of the national STRIVE job readiness and attitudinal training program, has named a new executive director, Robert G. Lee. Lee succeeds long-time leader Joyce C. Jones whose retirement is effective December 20.

“We are fortunate to…


December 10, 2018

Within my first six years in the U.S. Army, I had been a member of four different battalions, been a member of two combat arms branches, evaluated leaders from six different battalions, and been across the world and the United States.

Military training had taught me that the commander, the senior…


December 10, 2018

The Rocky Mount Mills has hired a local woman to oversee a new meeting and event space that will be opening next year on the campus of the 150-acre mixed-use development on the Tar River.

Nashville native Leslie Keen recently was hired as the new event space manager of the Power House at the…


December 10, 2018

THURSDAY: The Pitt Community College Small Business Center is hosting a free seminar from 6-9 p.m. entitled ‘Writing a Business Plan.’ Success in business begins with a plan. By committing your idea to paper, you face tough questions and identify strengths and weaknesses. Contact Wendy…

December 10, 2018

The following deeds of trust were recorded with the Pitt County Registrar of Deeds from Nov. 29-Dec. 5:

■ James Paul Wynn, Sarah Currin Wynn to Angel Oak Home Loans LLC $172,000

■ John Brandt Harrell to Movement Mortgage LLC $170,905

■ Johnny Otis Grizzard to Navy Federal Credit…

December 10, 2018


The City of Greenville Inspections Department issued the following permits for Nov. 27-Dec. 3:

■ De Luna Enterprises LLC, new commercial business, 200 W. 14th St., $0.

■ William G. Blount, 2101 Mimosa Court, storage/accessory, $15,000.

■ Merrimon Sydnor Bailey, 201 Churchill Drive,…

December 10, 2018

The following new corporations in Pitt and neighboring counties filed Nov. 29-Dec. 5 with the N.C. Secretary of State’s office:

■ Barnes and Associates LLC, agent Corey Barnes, 206 Candlewood Drive, Greenville.

■ Cleen Sweep LLC, agent Karen Jones, 112 N. Circle Drive, Ste. A, Rocky…

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