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Aug. 20 Pitt-Greenville Deeds


Monday, August 20, 2018

The following deeds were recorded with the Pitt County Register of Deeds from Aug. 9-15. Each $2 in revenue stamps is equal to $1,000 in valuation. ( * No fee required)

■ Signature Place LLC to CMF Signature Place LLC: tract, Greenville Township $29,530

■ Donald R. Hatcher to Paul E. Porterfield, Sandra B. Porterfield: Lots 14 and 15, Ridgewood Estates, Section II, Arthur Township $20

■ Heather Garrett-Starkie, Michael Starkie to Heather Garrett-Starkie: Lot 122, Barefoot Landing subdivision, Section 4 *

■ Garris-Evans Lumber Company to Eva Victoria Husband: Lot 30, Tull's Cove, Section 2 $360

■ Christopher M. Rhea, Ashley L. Rhea to Steven R. Paul, Rose M. Rowe: Lot 56, Arden Ridge, Section 4, Phase 1, Grimesland Township $360

■ Bent Creek Farms LLC to CMH Homes Inc.: Lot 24, Britt subdivision, Section 3, Farmville Township $50

■ Charles J. Thomson, Denise J. Thomson to Mark A. Caspero: Lot 122, Planters Trail, Section III $446

■ Jerry Keith Wilder, Andrea Pepe Wilder to Yany Rivera Pineda, Deann Taylor-Rivera: Unit F, Building 4, Rowntree Woods Townhomes $146

■ Nikki Jackson Midgette (f/k/a Nikki Carol Jackson), Linville E. Midgette III to Gracita Wilhelmina Abraham: Lot 249, Charleston Village, Section 1, Phase 2 $320

■ Eddie Nelson Powell II to William Alan Tornow, Wendy Grandy Tornow: Lot 68, Windsor Downs, Phase II, Winterville Township $560

■ Bill Clark Homes of Greenville LLC to Alex Kordis, Judy Holland: Lot 33, Medford Pointe, Section 1, Phase 1 $334

■ Rocky Russell Development LLC to Rocky Russell Builders Inc.: Lots 175A and 175B, Fieldstone at Landover, Section One, Arthur Township *

■ James L. Tingen II, Susan G. Tingen to Teraza Foster: Lot 44, Hunterchase subdivision, Section 2, Phase 2, Chicod Township $299

■ A.T. Venters Properties LLC to East Ridge Development Corporation: lot, Ayden Township $640

■ Eddie Gochenour, Barbara Hurley Gochenour to Randall C. Flynt, Cynthia R. Flynt: Lot 29, Pinecrest at Sawgrass Pointe subdivision, Phase 1 $315

■ JS104 LLC to Max Ray Joyner Sr. (trustee): Lot 567, Block B, South Haven, Phase 3 $704

■ Longfor LLC to Regina Walston: Lot 46A, South Ridge subdivision, Winterville Township $250

■ Steven Clay Haddock, Patricia Haddock to Buck Timber Company Inc.: 148.33 acres, Swift Creek Township, Pamlico County $130 (timber)

■ David V. Shopshire, Denise Shopshire to Qinglin Li, Ya Lin Chiu: Lot 144, Irish Creek subdivision, Section 2, Phase 1-B $736

■ Houses BPR LLC to David V. Shopshire, Denise Shopshire: Lot 4, Block D, Bedford Place, Section 4, Winterville Township $880

■ Randall Spain, Eleanor Spain to Amanda Howard: Lot 12, Country Club Hills, Addition No. 4, Grifton Township $10

■ Wendelin T. Brown, Marco Brown, Gwendolyn Tyson, Terri Tyson, Alton Gardner Jr., Seadra Tyson, Tayla Brown, Jamel Brown to J & A Investment Group LLC: Lot 7, Block X, Riverdale subdivision, Greenville $23

■ Michelle Minges (t/t/a Michelle Minges Scott), Dennis Christopher Peay to Joel Alejandro Serna Torres, Victoria Tello: Lot 3, Twin Creeks, Section 2, Phase 1, Grimesland Township $400

■ Clarence J. Barkley, Lisa M. Barkley to Jun-yong Choe, Cristina V. Iancu: Lot 259, Brittany Ridge, Section 11, Grimesland Township $610

■ Jeffery Lee Smith, Lisa Green Smith to Michael W. Coldiron, Cynthia Mims Coldiron: Lot 93, Arbor Hills subdivision, Section 6 $336

■ Christopher Chad Singleton, Janna Margaret Singleton to Jason L. Jackson: Lot 42, Taberna, Phase 2, Section 1, Winterville Township $390

■ Norman Barry Tart to Randall C. Flynt, Cynthia R. Flynt: Lot 53, Coopers Pointe, Phase 3, Winterville $294

■ Jason Schubert, Stephanie Schubert to Ryan Kincaid Wiggins, Marquitia Ann Campbell Wiggins: Lot 47, Davenport Farms at Emerald Park, Winterville Township $400

■ Jin Gui Wang to Wang Property LLC: Unit 3, Building LLL, Sterling Pointe Townhomes, Section Four, Phase 2, Winterville Township quitclaim

■ Tracy L. Colville to Tracy L. Colville, Carol R. Colville: two parcels, Pactolus Township *

■ Michael Thomas Mirando, Amy Mirando to Stephen A. Elliott, Kim T. Elliott: Lot 124, Charleston Village, Section 5, Winterville Township $350

■ Daniel Allen Credle to Elizabeth E. Crawford: Unit 5, Building U, Kittrell Farms Townhomes $215

■ Bill Clark Homes of Greenville LLC to Lisa Barkley, Clarence J. Barkley: Lot 5, Sagewood subdivision, Phase 1 $400

■ Rodney M. Delaney (i/t/t/a Rodney D. Delaney), Shelley D. Delaney to Marie B. Peele, Christopher Todd Peele: Unit 2235-D, Locksley Woods Condominium, Phase 3 $190

■ Daphne Melvina Harrington Knicely to Adrienne Leigh Harrington: Unit 605-F, Lot 1, Spring Forest Condominiums, Phase 1, Greenville Township quitclaim

■ A. Elks Construction Inc. to Cheryl P. Windham: Lot 15B, Brook Hollow, Section 4, Phase 2 $316

■ Adam Harris Dailey, Mindy H. Dailey to Peter M. Geiger, Sarah B. Geiger: Lot 111, Cherry Oaks subdivision, Section II $299

■ Billy Eli Rogerson to Thomas R. Schwieterman, Shana M. Schwieterman: 10 acres, Robersonville and Carolina townships, Martin and Pitt counties *

■ Salvatore Spuches to Anil Sequeira, Dina Sequiera: Unit 7, Building N, Kittrell Farms Townhomes $210

■ Terry Lynn Hedrick, Martha Hedrick to Paul Jarel Morning, Dora Elizabeth Tyson: tract, SR 1567 $238

■ Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Anchor Properties of Eastern NC LLC: Lot 11, Block B, Pineridge subdivision, Arthur Township *

■ Matthew Pilgreen, Gretchen Pilgreen to Kristina Clark: Lot 8, Sedgefield Park, Greenville Township $170 (quitclaim)

■ REDUS NC-ALL LLC to Bill Clark Homes of Greenville LLC: Lots 2, 4 and 299, Davenport Farms at Emerald Park, Phase 1, Section 2, Winterville Township $75

■ Brenda Bost Rawlings, John Paul Rawlings to Ronald L. Faulk: 5.9116 acres, Farmville Township $730

■ Marion McLawhorn Morris (individually and as executrix), Stover Ray Morris, Phyllis J. McLawhorn to Marion M. Morris (successor trustee): 14.72 acres, Grifton Township quitclaim

■ Louise G. Payton (a/k/a Anna Louise Parker) to Anna Louise Parker, Terry Howard: Lot 3, Block A, Northview Estates subdivision, Winterville Township quitclaim

■ Raymond J. Simek to D. Edward Farrow, Linda C. Farrow: lot, SR 1125, Winterville Township $48

■ John Earley, Lori Lee Earley to Marshall Edward Blum Jr. Trust: Lot 21, Brittwood subdivision, Section 2, Grimesland Township $602

■ Hector M. Molina, Crystal V. Molina to John P. Rawlings, Brenda B. Rawlings: Lot 90, Barrington Fields, Section 1 $599

■ Amanda Rouse, Michael Rouse to Nancy J. True, Thomas William True: Lot 29, Stantonsburg Estates, Section III, Arthur Township $284

■ Steven H. Deters, Ellen Deters (individually and as agent) to Anthony Myles Cartrette Jr. (trustee): Unit 3A, Lot 3, Bedford Commons Office Complex condominium, Winterville Township $248

■ Flowers & Taylor Warehousing LLC to Charles Allen Hester Jr.: four parcels, Greenville *

■ William H. von Canon, Patricia M. von Canon to Charles C. Gregory, Rosalie V. Gregory: Lot 16, Block A, Strawberry Banks subdivision $210

■ Robert R. Schlegel Jr., Leann Schlegel to Kristin Marie Gehsmann: Lot 6, Block D, Forest Hills subdivision $790

■ William Haddock (individually and as manager) to Margaret H. Haddock: 80.14 acres; 101.5 acres *

■ William C. Haddock to Margaret H. Haddock: 62.35 acres; 41.32 acres; 140.2 acres; 1.3 acres; 57.02 acres; 133.6 acres; 67.36 acres; 318.27 acres *

■ Margaret H. Haddock to William C. Haddock (trustee): 80.14 acres; 101.5 acres *

■ Margaret H. Haddock to William C. Haddock (trustee): 62.35 acres; 41.32 acres; 140.2 acres; 1.3 acres; 57.02 acres; 133.6 acres; 67.36 acres; 318.27 acres *

■ Seth P. Burdette, Jessica B. Burdette to Adam R. Masters: Lot 1, Townsend Acres $160

■ William Earl Miller to Georgia Caroline Braswell, Jamie Carol Warren: Lot 12, Block A, Nelson Heights, Grifton $50

■ Rebecca Faith Humbles Webb to Shannon Carmon: Lot 6, Sand Hills subdivision, Belvoir Township *

■ Crystal T. Bass, Eric Baird to Prosper Real Estate Holdings LLC: Unit 3, Building D, Spring Village Townhomes, Greenville $125

■ Joseph W. Wilson, Dorothy Jean Wilson to CMH Homes Inc.: 0.351 acre, Grifton *

■ Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB (trustee) to Michael H. Conger Jr., Valerie M. Conger: parcel, Greenville Township $58

■ Jamie Bradley (f/k/a Jamie Chrisandra Hopkins), Reginald Bradley to Jesus Adrian Puente: Lot 4, Tyland Acres, Belvoir Township quitclaim

■ Thomas Carroll, Helen Carroll to Luis Rafael Zarama (bishop): Lot 8, Tyson Farms, Section 1, Phase 2, Greenville Township $390

■ Jonathan Kerry McLawhorn, Dean Lewis McLawhorn, Marion M. Morris (successor trustee) to Johnathon J. Frazer, Allison N. Correa: 14.72 acres, Grifton Township $80

■ Charles Edward Hines, Brenda Carol Lee Hines to Charles Edward Hines, Brenda Carol Lee Hines: lot, Winterville Township *

■ Jerry Springfield Sr., Edith Springfield to Allison Geigel: Lot 139, Langston Farms subdivision, Phase 5 $370

■ ABC Family LLC to Herbert Leslie Causey Jr., Donna B. Causey: 1.033 acres, Winterville Township $486

■ White's of Hurst Rentals LLC to Mary Whitehurst Evans, William Kenneth Whitehurst: 56.98 acres, Staton Mill Road; 36.47 acres, Staton Mill Road; 359.17 acres; 80.60 acres; parcel; parcel quitclaim

■ James Milton Tyson III, Mary Stoddard Tyson to Sherise Laughinghouse, Brandon Green: Lot 4, Joe Daniel land division, Winterville $120

■ Tiffany Davis Benfield, Ronald S. Vincent to Tiffany D. Vincent, Ronald S. Vincent: Lots 15 and 16, Block E, Forest Hills subdivision quitclaim

■ Ronald D. Herr, Christine H. Herr to Christina Jo Sheek, Steven Austin Sheek: lot, Bethel Township $280

■ Walter J. Stancill, Linda Faye Dixon Stancill to John Paul Daughton III: 1.28 acres, Grimesland Township $34

■ Reggie Spain Homes LLC to Xiaoying Jiang, Zaijie Chen: Lot 81B, Kittrell Farms Duplexes, Section 2, Winterville Township $258

■ Munoz & Munoz Enterprises LLC to Munoz & Munoz LLC: parcel *

■ Ann N. Moore (trustee) to Lisa Ann Moore (one-third undivided interest), Jennifer Moore Porter (one-third undivided interest), Collice Clyde Moore Jr. (one-third undivided interest): Lots 3, 4, 5 and 6, Block G, Eastwood subdivision, Section 2, Greenville Township *

■ Tiny Lee Fulford, Sandra F. Strickland, Ricky Strickland, Henrietta F. Marsh, Sidney Marsh to Travis J. Burden, Tawanda S. Burden (t/t/a Twanda S. Burden): 0.14 acre *

■ Khadija S. Hammond, Danny Gary Hammond (attorney-in-fact/agent) to James Weary III: parcel $190

■ Remus A. Greene, Brooklyn W. Greene to Saffa Salah Abdulrazzaq Zalzala: Lots 5 and 5B, Block B, Lindbeth Grove subdivision, Section One, Revision 1, Greenville Township $1440

■ Adam S. Asch, Maria J. Ruiz Echevarria to Mariusz Bockowski, Aleksandra Bockowski: Lot 21, Block A, Rock Springs subdivision, Phase II $1,100

■ Amanda B. Danielson (t/t/a Amanda B. Robinson), Michael A. Danielson to Green Stay LLC: Unit 7, Building KK, Dudley's Grant, Section 10 $160

■ Joshua R. Lilley, Jessica B. Lilley to Amanda B. Danielson, Michael A. Danielson: Lot 38, Main Street Village, Section 4 $436

■ Glyn R. Whitehurst, Doris J. Whitehurst to Lavoris M. Johnson: Lot 15, Bradford Place subdivision $110

■ Mamie Ray Kornegay, Charlie Evon Kornegay to Kimberly A. Williams: Lot 58, Lincoln Park subdivision, Farmville quitclaim

■ Charlotte Sherrod to Charlotte Sherrod (99 percent undivided interest), Christopher Biel English (one percent undivided interest): parcel $2

■ Linda Edwards Smith, Joseph Lee Smith to Nathanael A. Jacob, Jessica L. Jacob: four lots, Simpson; 0.08 acre, Simpson $120

■ Linda Edwards Smith, Joseph Lee Smith to Nathanael A. Jacob, Jessica L. Jacob: 0.60 acre, Thompson Street, Simpson quitclaim

■ Tamrita Johnson, Yancy Johnson, Tamatha Johnson to Tamrita Johnson, Yancy Johnson: 78.33 acres (with exception) *

■ Tamrita Johnson to Yancy Johnson, Tamatha Johnson: 2.308 acres *

■ Reggie Spain Homes LLC to Shawn DSouza, Annika Rodricks E. DSouza: Lot 82B,Kittrell Farms Duplexes, Section 2 $258


Humans of Greenville


Local photographer Joe Pellegrino explores Greenville to create a photographic census of its people.


January 14, 2019

The following civil lawsuits were filed Oct. 9-23, 2018, in Pitt County:

■ Systems & Services Technologies Inc., Agent for Medallion Bank v. Gregory Tinker, money owed, Oct. 9; dismissed without prejudice by plaintiff, Nov. 26; 18CVD 2781.

■ Nicholas N. Cauley v. N.C. Dept. of Public…

January 14, 2019


The City of Greenville Inspections Department issued the following permits Jan. 2-7, 2019:

■ Raj Patel, 3100 Copperfield Road, swimming pool, $85,000.

■ Raj Patel, 3100 Copperfield Road, storage/accessory, $24,000.

■ EWT 57 LLC, 114 River Bluff Road, Unit D, multifamily…

January 14, 2019

Fleming celebrates 20 years at CopyPro

DJ Fleming, director of information technology, is celebrating his 20-year anniversary with CopyPro.

Fleming began his career with CopyPro in 1998 as a sales representative, however he moved throughout the company keeping CopyPro ahead of the constantly…


January 14, 2019

Southern Bank Foundation on Jan. 4 presented a $5,000 grant to Rocking Horse Ranch Therapeutic Riding Program for scholarships to financially in need students.

“This is incredibly exciting for our participants who otherwise couldn’t afford to come for therapeutic riding and other equine…


January 14, 2019

J.H. Rose High School’s Career Technical Education (CTE) programs will be a featured part of the third annual Carolina Outdoor Expo taking place Jan. 19-20 at the Greenville Convention Center.

The Carolina Outdoor Expo features exhibitors, vendors and speakers for the outdoor enthusiast.



January 14, 2019

FARMVILLE — Anna Newsome, 22, began her tenure as the new director of the Farmville Chamber of Commerce this month.

Newsome graduated from East Carolina University in May with a bachelor’s degree in hospitality management with a specialty in event planning.

“I’m excited. I…

011419chamber direc.jpg

January 14, 2019

The Greenville-Pitt County Convention & Visitors Bureau (Visit Greenville, NC) recently was honored by ConventionSouth, the national multimedia resource for planning events in the South, with a 2018 Readers’ Choice Award for the third consecutive year.

“ConventionSouth readers and…

RCA-Seal copy.jpg

January 14, 2019

The following new corporations in Pitt and neighboring counties filed Jan. 3-9 with the N.C. Secretary of State’s office:

■ Advanced Regenerative Care PLLC, agent Kevin M. Sayed, 1698 E. Arlington Blvd., Greenville.

■ Artistic Spirits LLC, agent Ebony C. Sheppard, 965 Spring Forest…

January 14, 2019

The following deeds of trust were recorded with the Pitt County Registrar of Deeds from Jan. 3-9:

■ Grace Properties of CSA LLC to First-Citizens Bank & Trust Company $825,000

■ Larry D. Randolph, Tamika D. Randolph to American Neighborhood Mortgage Acceptance Company LLC $296,…

January 14, 2019

The following deeds were recorded with the Pitt County Register of Deeds from Jan. 3-9. Each $2 in revenue stamps is equal to $1,000 in valuation. ( * No fee required)

■ Hampton Court LLC to Grace Properties of CSA LLC (92 percent undivided interest), John R.B. Andrews (8 percent undivided…

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