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Sept. 10 Pitt-Greenville Deeds


Monday, September 10, 2018

The following deeds were recorded with the Pitt County Register of Deeds from Aug. 30-Sept. 5. Each $2 in revenue stamps is equal to $1,000 in valuation. ( * No fee required)

■ Danielle M. Gough, Patrick J. Gough, Merrie B. Gough to Michael Gay: Lot 50A, Brook Hollow, Section One, Greenville Township $314

■ Bill Clark Homes of Greenville LLC to Wes Stiles: Lot 9, Davis Farm subdivision $784

■ Thomas Hugh Cooper, Tammy Lynn Cooper to Stone Financing LLC: Lot 19, Block J, Lynndale subdivision, Section Five $554

■ Stone Financing LLC to Virginia J. Ackiss: Lot 19, Block J, Lynndale subdivision, Section Five $554

■ Charlie R. Speight, Kathy W. Speight, Arthur John Dellano, Barbara Manning Dellano to Ralph Hackney Thompson III, Margaret Joyner Thompson: Lots 10, 11 and 12, Barcks Corner, Section 2, Winterville Township $37

■ James F. Dixon, Carolyn M. Dixon to Carol J. Elks: Unit 102, Building 1930, Lot 3, Tara Condominium Complex, Phase 8 quitclaim

■ Carol J. Elks to James F. Dixon, Carolyn M. Dixon: Unti 104, Building 1930, Lot 3, Tara Condominium Complex, Phase 8 quitclaim

■ Pamela A. Corey (individually and as executrix), Penny L. Corey, Henry T. Corey, Karen C. Corey to Brody R. Smith: parcel $230

■ Fannie Mae (a/k/a Federal National Mortgage) to Weeden Properties LLC: Lot 4, Block A, Marlboro Forest subdivision, Section I *

■ Margaret S. Byrd Murphey (t/t/a Margaret S. Byrd) to Richard Connor Britt: Lot 68B, Carroll Crossing, Section 2 $220

■ Carolina Agribusiness LLC (f/k/a Ham Storage LLC) to Carolina Poultry Power RG1 LLC: parcel $200

■ Brad H. Anderton (a/k/a Bradley H. Anderton), Elizabeth A. Anderton to Kathleen K. Bryant, Andrew Bryant: Lot 3, Block J, Bedford subdivision, Section One, Winterville Township $594

■ Lou Haddock Crawford (individually and as executrix), Billy Graham Crawford, James M. Haddock, Annette Greyson Dixon Haddock to Michael Dean Arnold, Tracy Jordan Arnold, Alexis Faith Arnold Cerny, William Daniel Cerny, Jordan Michael Arnold, Jordan Woolard Arnold: 3.00 acres, Beaufort County; 6.14 acres, Grimesland and Chocowinity townships, Pitt and Beaufort counties *

■ Julie Morgan Adams (t/t/a Julie Ann M. Adams) to Graves McIver Leach: Lot 9, Pinelog subdivision, Arthur Township $256

■ John Dwayne Smith, Nicole T. Smith to David S. Johnson, Linda J. Johnson: Lot 6, Hersel L. Bowen Jr. subdivision, Winterville Township $483

■ Mary Jane Knight to Cynthia Ruth Knight: Lots 24 and 25 (portions), Block G, Club Pines subdivision, Section I gift

■ WJH LLC to Thomas C. Smallwood: Lot 44, Allen Ridge subdivision $234

■ Bill Clark Homes of Greenville LLC to Teriell Jerome Gibbs, Eugina W. Gibbs: Lot 63, Davenport Farms at Emerald Park $382

■ Leon R. Hardee (trustee) to Department of Transportation: parcel, Greenville Township $28 (highway right-of-way)

■ A. Elks Construction Inc. to Joseph E. Arthur, Tara P. Arthur: Lot 20B, Brook Hollow, Section 4, Phase 2 $324

■ Gwen Randolph (f/k/a Gwen R. Harris), Ken Randolph to D & L Property and Investments LLC: Unit 122-B-1-2BR, Breezewood Condominiums, Section 5, Phase 4, Winterville Township $148

■ Reggie Spain Homes LLC to Lucy Mabry: Lot 35A, Glen Abbey, Section 2 $460

■ Kendall R. Freeman to Tommy Ray Sheppard Jr., Rayenell Sheppard: Lot 19, Preston Trails, Winterville Township $322

■ Lynette C. Sutton to Jeffery W. Sutton: 5.032 acre quitclaim

■ University Park Properties LLC to Sports Maniac LLC: parcel $180

■ R & R Best LLC to Evan William Best: 9.632 acres (with exception), Pactolus Township *

■ Steven H. Deters, Ellen Deters to Jonathan S. Jackson: 11.25 acres, Grimesland Township $42

■ Jonathan T. Castellaw, Cathleen A. Castellaw to American Escrow & Closing Company: Lot 252, Langston West subdivision, Section 2, Winterville Township *

■ Meridian Design Build of NC LLC to Donearl W. Brown Sr., Marcia A. Rose-Brown: Lot 88, Magnolia Ridge, Phase 2, Winterville Township $470

■ American Escrow & Closing Company to Justin Ryan Janak, Erica Marie Janak: Lot 252, Langston West subdivision, Section 2, Winterville Township $590

■ Jesse Battle, Teresa Battle, Lucy Hardy, David Hardy, Willie Ray Battle, Connie Battle, Annie Mills, Curtis Battle, Stephen Shepard Jr., Dana Shepard to Henry Battle, Peggy Battle: Lot 2, Block B, Greenbrier subdivision, Section II, Greenville quitclaim

■ James Randall Etheridge, Laura Taylor Etheridge to James Randall Etheridge, Laura Taylor Etheridge: Lot 23, Crosswinds, Section Two quitclaim

■ Homes Reimagined LLC to Cynthia Satterthwaite: Lot 62, Woodridge North, Phase II $284

■ Bill Clark Homes of Greenville LLC to Michael Marquez Roach: Lot 3, Windtree subdivision $542

■ Ruben Glenn Wiley, Amanda M. Wiley to Cristina Tax Service LLC: parcel $42

■ Claudia Hart Ladwig, Brian Ladwig to The Brian and Claudia Ladwig Revocable Trust: 8.147 acres (with exception), Grifton Township quitclaim

■ Callie R. Clements Richardson (f/k/a Callie R. Clements), Damion Marquis Richardson to Terry Jerome Faison, Linda Spruill: Lot 7, Block A, Greenwood Forest subdivision, Section II, Arthur Township $220

■ Bill Clark Homes of Greenville LLC to Charmese Towane Payton: Lot 10, Cooper's Pointe, Section 8, Phase 1 $373

■ Tyler Hamlett to Kim O. Hamlett: Lot 3A, Kinsey Creek Duplexes, Greenville quitclaim

■ Kidd Construction Group LLC to Thomas W. Browne Jr., Donna B. Browne: Lot 97A, Cobblestone, Phase Three, Section One, Greenville Township $312

■ Raymond E. Webster, Angela G. Webster (a/k/a Angela Webster) to Whitman C. Brown Jr.: Unit 13, Parliament Place, Phase II, Greenville Township $144

■ Tinney Real Estate Renovations Inc. to Thomas Mayo, Janet Mayo: Lot 67, Planters Walk subdivision, Phase II, Winterville Township $590

■ Reggie Spain Homes LLC to Lawrence Horowitz, Saul Horowitz: Lot 80B, Kittrell Farms Duplexes, Section 2, Winterville Township $260

■ Blackwood, Parrott & Roberson LLC to Houses BPR LLC: Lot 7, Blackwood Ridge, Phase One $130

■ Corinne Underwood Buck to Justin Michael Weber, Joan Marie Rideout: parcel, Arthur Township $270

■ Buttersmith Holdings LLC to Richard Thomas Spence Jr., Patsy Nicole Spence: Lot 19, Glen Abby, Section 2, Grimesland Township $322

■ Whaley Management LLC to Linwood R. Anderson, Darla G. Anderson: Unit 6, Building C, White Oak Creek Townhomes, Phase 2, Winterville Township $220

■ Mont Dawson Gaylord (executor) to Garver Holdings LLC: Lot 11 (portion), Block G, Arlington Plaza subdivision, Greenville Township $320 (executor's)

■ Mont Dawson Gaylord (executor) to Garver Holdings LLC: Lot 11B, Block G, Arlington Plaza subdivision, Greenville Township quitclaim

■ Umstead Associates LLC to H. Edwin Gray: Lots 1, 2 and 3, Zeta Psi Chapter of Alpha Omicron Pi Sorority *

■ H. Edwin Gray, Betsy Douglas Gray to Umstead Townes LLC: Lots 1, 2 and 3, Zeta Psi Chapter of Alpha Omicron Pi Sorority *

■ Michael L. Shreves, Richie R. Shreves to Kristi L. Woolard: Lot 7, Unit B, South Ridge subdivision, Winterville $218

■ Jonathan R. Scott, John William Werner to David F. Peters, Joan M. Peters: Unit 1, Building A, Lakeview Townhomes, Greenville $156

■ Betty A. Nichols Wiebe, Christine Nichols Litwiler, Daniel Litwiler, Jeri Holdeman, Galen Holdeman, Travis Nichols, Cynthia Nichols, Wesley G. Nichols, Elsie Nichols to Rudy Kanagy, Barbara Kanagy: 25.48 acres (with exceptions) quitclaim

■ Select Properties of ENC LLC to Angela J. Henries: Lot 13A, South Ridge subdivision, Winterville Township $239

■ Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Long Term Investments LLC: Lot 7, Country Club Hills, Addition No. 4, Grifton *

■ Vitalus Patetko, Anna Tihomirova to Winter Bros Residential LLC: Lots 2 and 3 (portion), Block E, Riverdale subdivision, First Addition, Greenville Township $24

■ LaRue Mills Sumrell, Joe C. Sumrell to Josh R. Pelletier, Caroline S. Pelletier: 8.0000 acres, LaRue Mills Estates, Chicod Township $100

■ James H. Artis, Carolyn Artis to Andrea N. Quiroga: Lot 8, Block B, Kennedy Estates subdivision $178

■ Equity Trust Company (custodian) to Valter Ree Harris, Dawn A. Tucker: Lot 32, Block B, Shenandoah $60

■ Robert B. Malpass, Allison L. Malpass to Shondra Cox: Lot 5, Block G, Belvedere subdivision $300

■ William Sanchez to William Sanchez, Britny Bailey: Lot 97, Brook Valley subdivision, Section III *

■ Janet H. Greene to Patricia J. Sunday: 0.14 acre, Farmville $160

■ Joseph Adam Smith, Amber Smith to Christopher L. Owenby: parcel, Farmville Township $246

■ Carrie B. Galloway, Jumario N. Artis to Robert Andrew Riley: Lot 127B, Brook Hollow, Section Two $309

■ Linwood H. Davis Jr., Debra R. Davis to Bhakthavatsala Gupta Tallapalli, Ashwini Kasula: Lot 39, Tull's Cove subdivision, Section 1, Winterville Township $418

■ Bill Clark Homes of Greenville LLC to Tommy James Stocks, Patricia Colette Ford-Stocks: Lot 134, Arbor Hills South, Phase 6 $402

■ Equity Trust Company (custodian) to Graepel Rentals LLC: Lots 21 and 22, Block M, Munford-Lang Property, Greenville $290

■ John Alan Matkins Jr. (t/t/a John Alan Matkins), Telita W. Matkins to Telita W. Matkins: Lot 11, Eaglechase subdivision, Chicod Township quitclaim

■ Sandra E. Harrison to Graepel Rentals LLC: Lots 25 and 26, Block M, Lange property, Greenville $200

■ Curtis Rasnake, Peggy Rasnake to Santree NC LLC: 35.75 acres, Pactolus Township $5,500

■ Cooper Island Development LLC to Will Kuhn Homes LLC: Lot 19, Brookfield, Section 3, Winterville Township $68

■ Sally Payne Hilburn, O.N. Hilburn Jr., Boyd Vaughan Payne Jr., Brenda Prince Payne, Robert Chamberlayne Payne to Randolph Richardson, Lesley J. Richardson: Lot 3 (portion), Block B, Kittrell Heirs land *

■ Kim L. White, Paul White to Emily C. Daughety, Richard C. Daughety: Lots 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15 (portions), Block B, West Haven Annex $160

■ William V. Swain Jr., Dana M. Swain to Edward Teach Properties LLC: Unit 14, Building 2, Twin Oaks Townhomes, Court B, Greenville $107

■ Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Milton R. Brown, Gloristine W. Brown: Lot 7, H.V. Staton property, Bethel *

■ Jacob R. Bosley, Amanda M. Bosley to Niles Edwin Compton Jr., Barbara Compton: Lot 7A, Brook Hollow, Section 4, Phase 1, Greenville Township $326

■ Wanda K. Leinweber to Donald C. Carter, Beth H. Carter: Lot 68, Ironwood, Phase V, Falkland Township $868

■ Boriga Properties LLC to Allison Sihle: Lot 15, Courthouse Square, Greenville Township $260

■ Ryan S. Fisher, Meghan W. Fisher to William Wayne Cherry, Renee Ipock Cherry: Unit 3300-G, Lot 10, Breezewood 2 Condominiums, Section 2 $161

■ Rocky Russell Builders Inc. to Niles Edwin Compton Jr., Barbara Compton: Lot 122A, Fieldstone at Landover, Arthur Township $318

■ Mary C. Hardee to Donald Edward Hardee Sr.: two tracts, Ayden Township *

■ Daisye Speakman-Banks, Charles O. Banks to Ann Michelle Speakman: Lot 21, Manchester, Section 1, Winterville Township quitclaim

■ James J. Golden to Lauren B. Haddock: Lot 20, Pinecrest at Sawgrass Pointe cluster subdivision, Phase 2 quitclaim

■ Ronald Ray Alligood II to Diane Elizabeth Alligood: Lot 2, Block A, Chatham Circle, Greenville Township quitclaim

■ Kenneth Velton Lewis, Dana Taylor Lewis to Carolyn K. Fielder: Lot 8, Hardeefield Estates, Grifton Township $149

■ Cooke Communications North Carolina LLC to APG Real Estate Investments LLC: Lot 4, Block B, Indigreen subdivision, Section Two $14,000

■ Alice P. Reid to Ace Investments LLC: Lot 287, Brook Valley subdivision, Section 1 $374

■ Melvin McCoy Whitehurst, Stacy Alan Whitehurst, Tracy Allen Whitehurst to Melvin McCoy Whitehurst: parcel, Lee Street; 0.82 acres, Greenville Township; parcel, Pactolus Township *

■ Elite Carolina Properties LLC to Kidd Construction Group LLC: Lots 104A and 104B, Cobblestone, Phase Three, Section One, Greenville Township $38

■ Irvin B. McGee Jr., Cindy G. McGee to Teddy Davis, Frances Davis: Lot 45A, Block C, Summerhaven, Section 2, Winterville Township $145

■ Timothy Elliott Perkins, Patricia Ward Perkins to Jamie Lee Briley, Jennifer Stancill Briley: Lot 2, Caribou subdivision, Pactolus Township $107

■ Michael C. Mongiello III, Lisa M. Mongiello to Lisa Pontbriand, Cheryl Pontbriand: lot, Greenville $55

■ Robert Jones, Megan Jones to RMJ Asset Management LLC: Unit 2, Building M, Lakeview Townhomes, Greenville; Unit 6, Building F, Spring Village Townhomes, Greenville; Unit 6, Building J, Lakeview Townhomes, Greenville; Unit 2, Building D, Lakeview Townhomes, Greenville *

■ Nolan Commercial Contractors Inc. to Joshua L. Hudson, Emily Perkins: Lot 81, Laurie Meadows, Phase 3, Section B, Winterville Township $384

■ Burgeon Investments LLC to Chao He: Lot 20, Fox Hollow, Chicod Township $219

■ Sandra Wooten Farrior (a/k/a Sandra Faye W. Farrior, Sandra W. Farrior), Mary Susan Farrior (attorney-in-fact) to Terri Lynn Farrior Cundiff: Lots 5 and 6, Miss Tabitha M. DeVisconti property; Lot 4, Block A, Miss Tabitha M. DeVisconti property; Lot 7, Tabitha M. DeVisconti property gift

■ Thomas Sebastian Chiancone Jr. to Karen McKenzie Chiancone: Lot 95, Irish Creek subdivision, Winterville Township *

■ Karen M. Chiancone to Karen M. Chiancone, Jeremy Clayton King: Lot 95, Irish Creek subdivision, Winterville Township *

■ Brandon Matthew Allen to Joseph Mathos, Patricia Mathos: Lot 13, Block B, Clevewood subdivision $290

■ Farmville Housing Development Corporation to Janet H. Greene: Lot 18, Crestwood, Section 4, Farmville Township $158

■ Max Ray Joyner Jr. (individually and as partner), Kelly Jordan Joyner, Roy Lee Fulcher Jr. (individually and as partner), Julia Joyner Fulcher to Crones LLC: lot quitclaim

■ Patrick Morgan Fay, Krishna Barbour Fay (f/k/a Krishna Barbour Manning) to Patrick Morgan Fay, Krishna Barbour Fay: Lots 5 and 6 (portions), Block C, Bedford subdivision, Section 5, Phase I, Winterville Township *

■ Virginia B. Abbott to Nicole R. Mealing: Lot 10, Block A, Baytree subdivision $240

■ Bungalow Series F REO LLC to Charles Lucas Taylor, Jenna Taylor: Lot 1, E.W. Braxton Estate, Winterville $63

■ Joyce C. Kegel to Jeremy Spencer Gooch, Kara Lynne Gooch: Lot 37, Eastwood subdivision, Section 9, Phase 1, Greenville Township $350

■ Ernest T. Grimsley, Marion C. Grimsley (attorney-in-fact) to Dorothy Artis: parcel, Ayden *

■ Evan William Best to Ronald E. Best II, Kelly Best: 1.10 acre, Pactolus Township *

■ Evan William Best to Randall Lee Best, Rita Best Suggs: 9.632 acres (with exceptions), Pactolus Township *

■ Mark S. Bass to Nash MB Properties LLC: 6.2 acres, U.S. Highway 264, Winterville Township *

■ Winston Shade, Teresa Shade, Joseph Lamb to Winston Shade, Teresa Shade: Lot 18, South Hall subdivision, Section 2, Winterville Township quitclaim

■ Robert Lewis Barrier Jr. (t/t/a Robert Louis Barrier Jr.) to P & L Connelly Management Trust: Lot 37, Rollinwood subdivision, Section I, Phase I, Greenville Township $96

■ Bobby L. Sherrill, Angela Sherrill, Cameron Scott Sherrill to Amanda B. Olejniczak, Rafal Olejniczak: Lot 102, Langston Farms subdivision, Phase 8A $374

■ Bir S. Gujral, Manmohan K. Gujral to Dilip Kumar M. Shah, Jyotsnaben D. Shah: parcel, Greenville Township $114

■ Bobby Glenn Cannon Jr., Samantha L. Cannon to Stephanie L. Enoch: two lots, Ayden $144

■ Darlene Brown Duncan to Felix M. Lopez, Josephine Lopez: Lot 86-B, Brook Hollow, Section 4, Phase 2, Greenville Township $296

■ Frank H. Moye, Margaret U. Moye to Frank H. Moye and Margaret U. Moye (trustees): 2.03 acres *

■ Porter Building Company LLC to Donald Robert Goldberg: Lot 102, Vancroft, Section 2 $354

■ Carl A. Johnson, Edna H. Johnson to Taft L. Stallings: Lot 2, Apple Ridge subdivision, Winterville Township $600

■ James Grady Stroud Jr. to James Chandler Stroud, Katherine Stroud, Trang Le: Unit A-12, Cape Point, Phase II $190

■ Mandy Smith Bowers (f/k/a Mandy L. Smith), Bradford Bowers to Telly Lance Pyles, Nicola Susan Pyles: Unit 2, Building K, Kittrell Farms Townhomes $204

■ Brenda Sue Forbes to Henry Duke Edwards: Lots 25 and 26, R.T. Monk subdivision, Farmville Township $140

■ Bill Clark Homes of Greenville LLC to Paul J. Toriello, Katherine A. Toriello: Lot 6, Arbor Hills South, Phase 5 $392

■ Luther H. Barrington (individually and as trustee), Billy C. Barrington (individually and as trustee), Deborah H. Barrington to Jay F. Barrington: 24.92 acres $50

■ Carter Bank & Trust (successor by merger) to Kevin G. Adams: 0.911 acre, Bethel Township $346

■ Jessica Fleming Snyder, Vernon G. Snyder III, Eugenia Fleming Rothschild, Peter G. Rothschild to Michael Ray Sullivan, Dora E. Sullivan: Lots 34 and 35 (portions), Country Club Hills, Addition 2, Grifton; Lot 33 (portion), Country Club Hills, Grifton $310

■ Moses M. Sheppard, Elizabeth Holland Sheppard to Albert Thompson: 1.26 acres, Greenville $466


Humans of Greenville


Local photographer Joe Pellegrino explores Greenville to create a photographic census of its people.


July 01, 2019

Members of the Young Professionals of Pitt County began their community service project with the Adopt a Street program on June 1.

Young Professionals have adopted a portion of 10th Street to encourage community pride and enhance Greenville’s quality of life through clean streets and…


July 01, 2019

ECU senior gets economic development internship

East Carolina University rising senior Jonathan Kahn has joined the university’s Division of Research, Economic Development and Engagement as part of its new RISE29 microenterprise program.

The program connects small business ideas with regional…

July 01, 2019

Adams Publishing Group LLC (APG) has announced that it has acquired The Greater Beloit Publishing Company, including the Beloit Daily News, Weekend Daily News and My Stateline Shopper.

Also included in the purchase are all associated websites and the company’s Midwest digital business.


July 01, 2019

Penco Products Inc., a North Carolina-based manufacturing company, is celebrating 150 years of growth and innovation throughout 2019.

Penco’s culture of dedicated service, quality metal lockers and storage products and commitment to continuous improvement has translated into the best fiscal…

July 01, 2019

Bailey’s Fine Jewelry is helping fight hunger in the community by donating to the Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina through its Say I Do, Share the Love campaign.

For every engagement ring purchased from any Bailey’s Fine Jewelry location, Bailey’s will donate…

July 01, 2019

JULY 9: The Pitt Community College Small Business Center is hosting a free seminar from 6-9 p.m. titled “Google Tools for Business.” In this session, we will discuss several of the free Google Apps for work and how they can help your business. Contact Jim Ensor at jensor@email.pittcc.…

July 01, 2019


The City of Greenville Inspections Dept. issued the following permits for June 11-17, 2019:

■ Patheon Manufacturing Services LLC, 5900 Martin Luther King Jr. Highway, commercial alterations, $2,000,000.

■ Patheon Manufacturing Services LLC, 5900 Martin Luther King Jr. Highway, commercial…

July 01, 2019

The following deeds were recorded with the Pitt County Register of Deeds from June 13-19. Each $2 in revenue stamps is equal to $1,000 in valuation. ( No fee required)

Kevin R. Deibert, Tracy L. Deibert to Holley VH Radford, Troy Lee Radford: tract, Stantonsburg Road; 0.34 acre, Arthur Township;…

July 01, 2019

The following new corporations in Pitt and neighboring counties filed June 13-19 with the N.C. Secretary of State’s office:

■ A. Prayer’s Creation LLC, agent Anthony Prayer, 1792 O’Farrell Ave., Greenville.

■ Blounts Trucking LLC, agent David Blount, 3649 New Town Court, Farmville.…

June 10, 2019

The following new corporations in Pitt and neighboring counties filed May 30-June 5 with the N.C. Secretary of State’s office:

■ 3 Peterson Brothers Tire and Auto LLC, agent Melvin Peterson, 301 S. Elm St., Williamston.

■ A Safe Place to Land, nonprofit, agent Christie W. James, 345 Vineyard…

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