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Sept. 17 Pitt-Greenville Deeds


Monday, September 17, 2018

The following deeds were recorded with the Pitt County Register of Deeds from Aug. 30-Sept. 5. Each $2 in revenue stamps is equal to $1,000 in valuation. ( * No fee required)

■ William K. Bateman (executor) to William K. Bateman: Lot 121, Block 10, West Haven subdivision, Ayden Township *

■ Mary Ann Zappia to William K. Bateman: Lot 121, Block 10, West Haven subdivision, Ayden Township quitclaim

■ JEM Home Properties LLC to Linwood Murphy, Margaret Smith Murphy: Unit 2918-A, Forbes Woods Condominium, Section 7, Greenville $152

■ Brandy A. Pete to Joseph Anthony Ratte, Demetria Leshaye Hadley: Lot 20, Block J, Harrington-Williams subdivision, Addition I, Greenville Township $228

■ Robyn G. Slocum to Michael E. Slocum: Lot 3, Block L, Bedford subdivision, Section One quitclaim

■ Danny Lynn Williams, Elizabeth Dawn Williams to Patricia Jimenez: Lot 24, Rivercreek, Section I quitclaim

■ Anees Mudawar, Randa Mudawar to The Chang Nan Chen Revocable Trust: Unit 7, Building M, Lot 104, Vancroft Townhomes, Section 2, Winterville Township correction

■ Will Kuhn Homes LLC to Jeffrey Alan Thomas, Deborah Ann Thomas: Lot 16, Brookfield, Section 3, Winterville Township $465

■ Nina Bette Rouse Price, Mary Price Wood, Norman E. Wood, Sandra Price Crabbs, James R. Crabtree, Kathryn Price Hardy, Robert C. Hardy, Marion McLawhorn Morris (individually and as executor), Stover Ray Morris, Jonathan Kerry McLawhorn, Dean Lewis McLawhorn to Gregory A. Weigum: 105.55 acres $500

■ DMS Construction Company Inc. to James Robert Freeman: Lot 78, Villa Grande, Phase One, Section A, Winterville Township $479

■ Venkata T. Jonnalagadda to Glen Masi: Lot 30, Star Hill Farm subdivision $190

■ John K. Briley, Sarah Baker Briley to GMMG Properties LLC: Lot 35, Treetops subdivision, Section 5, Phase 1 $350

■ Montiel Consuelo Hernandez, Gabriel Ochoa to Gabbie's Properties LLC: Lot 6, Block G, Sheraton Village Townhomes, Phase I, Winterville Township quitclaim

■ Sergio Abitia Reyes (a/k/a Gabriel Ochoa), Consuelo H. Montiel to Enrique Ochoa: Lot 23, Tract 1, J.L. Nobles division quitclaim

■ Sergio Abitia Reyes, Montiel Consuelo Hernandez to Gabbie's Properties LLC: parcel quitclaim

■ John T. Holt, Lea Holt to Arthur James Swann II, Shelley Marie Binegar: Lot 9, Block C, Lakewood Pines subdivision $420

■ Linwood A. Andrews, Rita L. Andrews to Mark T. Lindsay: Lot 24, Block C, Eastwood subdivision, Section 8, Phase III $440

■ Morgan Louis Stage, Virginia Gray Carraway-Stage to Dale Douglas Atchley: Unit G, Building F, Lot 8A, Karringtyn Crossing $231

■ Will Kuhn Homes LLC to Morgan L. Stage, Virginia C. Stage: Lot 13, Brookfield, Section 3, Winterville Township $490

■ Sherry M. Broussard to Todd A. Kaun, Michael T. Young: Unit 3300-D, Lot 10, Breezewood 2 Condominiums, Section 2, Winterville Township $175

■ Bill Clark Homes of Greenville LLC to Robert Dunbar II: Lot 236, Westhaven subdivision, Section II, Winterville Township $362

■ James H. Dildy to Martha G. Dildy: two tracts quitclaim

■ Martina Adams to Tracy Ann Morse: 2.04 acres, Grimesland Township $80

■ Joseph J. Kubik, Marcie L. Kubik to John Kenyon Briley, Sarah Baker Briley: Lot 175, Irish Creek subdivision, Section 2, Phase 2, Winterville Township $660

■ William Allan Jackson (executor and trustee) to Shelby Knowles Luviano, Jose Luviano: Lot 9, Block C, Lynndale subdivision, Section II, Greenville $340

■ Melanie Williams, Lillian Joyce Jones Ratliff (a/k/a Joyce Scott), Verdel Ratliff to Julius Jarvis Jones: Lot 11, Block D, Biltmoor redivision, Greenville Township; Lot 10 (portion), Block D, Biltmoore redivision, Greenville Township quitclaim

■ Jeunghwan Choi, Jieun Kim to Rick Warren: Lot 365, Windsor subdivision, Section 10, Phase 2 $590

■ Corey Quattlebaum, Rhett Quattlebaum to Deborah Dorsey: Lot 11, Block D, Bedford Place, Section II, Winterville Township $744

■ US Bank NA (co-trustee) to Long Term Investments LLC: Lot 4, Westmont subdivision, Arthur Township $148

■ Pamela S. Carraway and Dwight E. Sheffield (trustees) to 103 N. Warren LLC: Lot 9, Warren Street subdivision, Section B, Greenville Township *

■ Pamela S. Carraway and Dwight E. Sheffield (trustees) to 102 N. Warren LLC: Lot 9, Warren Street subdivision, Greenville Township *

■ Michael J. Nardecchia, Michelle Nardecchia to Alex Gillone, Acela Alejandra Martinez Luna: Lot 74, Mill Creek subdivision, Phase One, Arthur Township $566

■ Edward E. Brock Jr., Gayle O. Brock to Joseph G. White III, Daniel R. Roberson: parcel, Waverly Street, Farmville $98

■ Shimer Zane Pinckney Jr., Debora A. Pinckney to Richard Weaver, Grace Gavigan: Lot 7, Ironwood, Phase V, Falkland Township $1,210

■ Christopher Scott Young to Bryson A. Pryor, Sterling C. Pryor: Lot 2, Mellon Downs, Phase 1, Winterville Township $386

■ Mattie Webb, Douglas Carroll, Edna Carroll to Bradley Joseph Simpkins: parcel (with exception), W. Fourth Street, Greenville $14

■ Evelyn Key to Evelyn Key, Anthony Key: Lot 1, Ferrell L. Blount III property quitclaim

■ Garland Person Windham, Betsy Oakley Windham to John Michael Windham: 0.90 acre, Farmville Township; 0.36 acre, Farmville Township gift

■ Michael J. Carey, Miriam P. Carey to Walking Pirate Rentals II LLC: four tracts *

■ Michael J. Carey, Miriam P. Carey to Walking Pirate Rentals I LLC: six tracts *

■ Singletree Inc. to Southern Development Group Inc.: Lot 222, Canterbury subdivision, Section 6, Phase 3, Winterville Township $68

■ Brian D. Cheeseman to National Residential Nominee Services Inc.: Lot 108, Meadow Woods, Section Two, Phase One, Greenville $270

■ National Residential Nominee Services Inc. to Deniece Russell: Lot 108, Meadow Woods, Section Two, Phase One, Greenville $270

■ Bill Clark Homes of Greenville LLC to Travis Bulluck, Latoya Bulluck: Lot 40, Summer Winds subdivision, Section 2, Phase 2 $370

■ James Garland Taylor, Rochelle Jones Taylor to Teresa Green: 0.9080 acre $100

■ Houses BPR LLC to James Bryan Lake, Angelia Respass Lake: Lot 64, Blackwood Ridge, Phase One $713

■ Broad Street Funding Trust I to Meka LLC: tract; 0.4 acre (with exceptions) $109

■ James Drake Brinkley, Allison Humphries Brinkley to Daryl D. Jones, Amy L. Jones: Lot 10, Block J, Bedford subdivision, Section 2 $793

■ Randall Keith Falls Jr., Melissa Danielle Bishop to Lucinda Vines: Lot 2, Block M, Club Pines subdivision, Section II, Winterville Township $276

■ Jennifer Haskell Scott (f/k/a Jennifer C. Haskell), Robert V. Scott to Richie M. Baker, Alice C. Baker: Lot 37, Stonegate subdivision, Grimesland Township $288

■ Jeffrey W. Mitchell (t/t/a Jeffry W. Mitchell), Courtney Mitchell to Robert Lewis Waugh Jr., Regina Marie Crisci: Lot 69, Main Street Village subdivision, Section 2, Winterville Township $390

■ Bill Clark Homes of Greenville LLC to Justin A. Stone, Catherine A. Stone: Lot 5, Ashburn Acres $786

■ Joel L. Rogers Jr. to Tyler Lane Williams, Sarah Diane Craft: 1.0 acre, Ayden Township $220

■ Leslie T. Lewis, James R. Lewis to Catherine Knudson: Lot 85, Westpointe, Section 8 $194

■ Kaylen Edwards Holzworth, Phillip Holzworth, David Worth Edwards, Gwendolyn Troutman Edwards to William Tyler Hines-Carraway, Caroline Denise Hines-Carraway: Lot 86,Arden Ridge, Section 3, Grimesland Township $380

■ William F. Adams, Andrea O. Adams to Jeanette M. Dempsey, Derrick O. Dempsey: Lot 3, Block D, Grifton Heights subdivision, Grifton Township $154

■ Allen Shane Lewis, Kelly Lynette Stancil to William Allen Hines Jr.: Lot 2, Tucker Ridge East, Grifton Township quitclaim

■ William Allen Hines Jr. to Anthony Smith: Lot 2, Tucker Ridge East, Grifton Township $166

■ Reverse Mortgage Solutions Inc. to Bobby Glen Cannon Jr., Samantha Lynn Cannon: Lot 23, Abbott Farms South, Section 2 $180

■ Lawrence R. Garrett, Carolyn S. Garrett to Wesley G. Robinson, Melissa G. Robinson: Lot 31, Cherry Oaks subdivision $340

■ Ronald Lappert, Ann Lappert to Hamilton D. Moore Jr.: three tracts $963

■ Lendyser T. Stancill, Sylvia Dianne W. Stancill to Tracy Stancill Moore, Christy Stancill Robinson, Kelly Scott Stancill: 0.60 acre, Swift Creek Township *

■ David Moss, Amber Moss to Melshaun Pugh: Lot 8, Laurie Meadows subdivision, Phase 1, Winterville Township $350

■ Rose K. Tripp to Michael C. Wilmer, Ann S. Wilmer: Lot 49, Tucker Estates North, Phase Three $470

■ Alice P. Moore to Willie Lee Moore, Kendall Louise Moore, Marquise L. Moore: Lot 172, Block B, Windsor subdivision, Section V, Phase III quitclaim

■ Heath Alan Boyer, Abigail E.M. Boyer to Donna Lynne Tyson: Unit 2910-B, Forbes Woods Condominium, Section 6 $168

■ A. Elks Construction Inc. to Dorsey Spencer: Lot 21-A, Brook Hollow, Section 4, Phase 2, Greenville $322

■ Christopher G. Haddock, Natalie D. Haddock to Brandon Ray Haddock: two tracts, Swift Creek Township *

■ Karen McKenzie Chiancone to Thomas Sebastian Chiancone Jr.: Lot 28, Block B, Red Banks subdivision, Winterville Township *

■ Will Kuhn Homes LLC to Anuj Aggarwal: Lot 14, Brookfield, Section 3, Winterville Township $460

■ Healal Mohamad Hamad to Healal Mohamad Hamad, Linda Lou Pittman: 0.666 acre, Greenville Township; 13 acres (with exception), Greenville Township *

■ John Henry Adams IV, Shannon B. Adams to Terri B. Baker: 1 acre, Falkland $140

■ Joseph Thomas Miller III, Sylvia J. Miller to Speight Williams Properties LLC: Lot 6, Cedar Village subdivision $165

■ TAF Properties LLC to Albert G. Morgan (trustee): 10.777 acres $2,600

■ Terry W. Croom, Deloras A. Croom (a/k/a Delores A. Croom) to Carol Lee Keech, Earl Oxendine Jr.: Lot 6, Block E, Country Squire Estates, Greenville $160

■ Remco East Inc. to Junde Zhang, Huip Ing Lu: Unit 112-C, Willoughby Park Condominium, Section 12 $126

■ Maureen B. House to Ernest Patrick House: Lot 2, Block K, Lake Ellsworth subdivision, Section IV *

■ Ludlow Management LLC to Dickinson M LLC: lot, Greenville $66

■ El Shaddai LLC to Edward A. Turnage: Lot 20, Holly Pine subdivision; tract *

■ John D. Wilder, Elizabeth H. Wilder to Carl Johnson: 104.76 acres, Carolina Township $270

■ Jerry B. Nichols, Elsie C. Nichols to Debra Jackson Vick: 0.496 acres *

■ Carolyn Crisp Everette (f/k/a Carolyn Beaman Crisp), Leroy Everette to Michael Scott Crisp: lot, Falkland Township *

■ Howard C. Davis Sr., Patricia H. Davis to Howard C. Davis Sr.: Lot 30, Alice Acres, Section Two-B gift

■ Shannon Tierney, Christy Tierney to Tierney Construction LLC: Lots 12A and 12B, Cobblestone, Section 2, Phase 3, Greenville Township $35

■ Debbie Adcox Stancill to George Wayne Smith Jr.: Lot 13, Block C, Gold Leaf Estates, Section II, Winterville Township $130


Humans of Greenville


Local photographer Joe Pellegrino explores Greenville to create a photographic census of its people.


December 10, 2018

The following civil lawsuits were filed Sept. 27-Oct. 1, 2018, in Pitt County:

■ Midland Funding LLC v. Paul Hadel, collection on account, Sept. 27; voluntary dismissal without prejudice by plaintiff, Nov. 1; 18CVD 2677.

■ Midland Funding LLC v. Merwyn King aka Royce King, collection on account,…

December 10, 2018

With federal flood insurance payments to North Carolinians for Hurricane Florence totaling over a half-billion dollars, officials are urging those who don’t have coverage to purchase it.

While FEMA has approved more than $118 million in grants to families and the U.S. Small Business…

December 10, 2018

PCS Facility Services promotes two employees

Pitt County Schools Facility Services has announced the promotion of two new employees to its district office of Facility Services.

Cedric Blow of Sam D. Bundy School in Farmville and Reginald Stocks of Ayden Middle School joined the staff of Custodial…


December 10, 2018

AgCarolina Farm Credit has announced a record donation of toys from members and employees for local needy children. A total of nearly 950 toys were collected in the fourth year of AgCarolina’s participation in the toy drive.

The Toys for Tots campaign began in September in conjunction with…


December 10, 2018

LIFE of NC, a Pitt County nonprofit organization and affiliate of the national STRIVE job readiness and attitudinal training program, has named a new executive director, Robert G. Lee. Lee succeeds long-time leader Joyce C. Jones whose retirement is effective December 20.

“We are fortunate to…


December 10, 2018

Within my first six years in the U.S. Army, I had been a member of four different battalions, been a member of two combat arms branches, evaluated leaders from six different battalions, and been across the world and the United States.

Military training had taught me that the commander, the senior…


December 10, 2018

The Rocky Mount Mills has hired a local woman to oversee a new meeting and event space that will be opening next year on the campus of the 150-acre mixed-use development on the Tar River.

Nashville native Leslie Keen recently was hired as the new event space manager of the Power House at the…


December 10, 2018

THURSDAY: The Pitt Community College Small Business Center is hosting a free seminar from 6-9 p.m. entitled ‘Writing a Business Plan.’ Success in business begins with a plan. By committing your idea to paper, you face tough questions and identify strengths and weaknesses. Contact Wendy…

December 10, 2018

The following deeds of trust were recorded with the Pitt County Registrar of Deeds from Nov. 29-Dec. 5:

■ James Paul Wynn, Sarah Currin Wynn to Angel Oak Home Loans LLC $172,000

■ John Brandt Harrell to Movement Mortgage LLC $170,905

■ Johnny Otis Grizzard to Navy Federal Credit…

December 10, 2018


The City of Greenville Inspections Department issued the following permits for Nov. 27-Dec. 3:

■ De Luna Enterprises LLC, new commercial business, 200 W. 14th St., $0.

■ William G. Blount, 2101 Mimosa Court, storage/accessory, $15,000.

■ Merrimon Sydnor Bailey, 201 Churchill Drive,…

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