I have been watching the commercials for the third district race and found it to be a down-to-the-wire-event. We have...

Nov. 19 Pitt-Greenville Deeds


Monday, November 19, 2018

The following deeds were recorded with the Pitt County Register of Deeds from Nov. 8-14. Each $2 in revenue stamps is equal to $1,000 in valuation. ( * No fee required)

■ Tom D. Temple IV, Crystal C. Temple to Betty Jo Temple: Lot 7B, Tower Village, Section II, Greenville $148

■ Tom D. Temple IV, Crystal C. Temple to Temple Holdings LLC: Lot 4B, Tower Village, Section Two; Lot 2A, Block A, Whitebridge, Section Two; Lot 2B, Block A, Whitebridge, Section II; Lot 226A, Brook Hollow, Section One; Lot 51A, Block C, Summerhaven subdivision, Section II; Lot 55B, Block C, Summerhaven subdivision, Section Two; Lot 12 B, South Pointe subdivision, Section I; Lot 14A, Block B, Summerhaven subdivision, Section One; Lot 15B, Block B, Summerhaven subdivision, Section One; Lot 36A, Block C, Summerhaven subdivision, Section II; Lot 35-B, Block C, Summerhaven subdivision, Section Two; Lot 7B, Block B, Summerhaven subdivision, Section I *

■ Oakdale Rental Properties LLC to Cynthia H. Drew: Unit 130-E, Willoughby Park Condominium, Section 16 $85

■ Marsha T. Moore (individually and as executrix) to Lisa C. Phelps: Lot 5, Block B, Forest Hills addition $350

■ Shazma Rajani to Charles K. Royal, Suzanne C. Royal: Unit 202, Building 1930, Lot 3, Tara Condominium Complex, Phase 8, Greenville quitclaim

■ Charles K. Royal, Suzanne C. Royal to Shazma Rajani: Unit 204, Building 1930, Lot 3, Tara Condominium Complex, Phase 8, Greenville quitclaim

■ Patricia Dixon Vernelson (executrix) to Kathy V. Varnell (trustee): two parcels * (executrix's deed)

■ Patricia Dixon Vernelson, Kathy V. Varnell (trustee) to GMSC Properties LLC: two parcels *

■ Ryan A. Blum, Wendy A. Blum to Thomas W. Moore Jr., Sherri A. Moore: Lot 26, Stantonsburg Estates, Section III, Arthur Township $265

■ WJH LLC to Carl Dyson: Lot 50, Allen Ridge subdivision, Section Two $274

■ Jackie James, Debbie A. James to Verde Estates LLC: Lots 1 and 2 (portions), Block A, Woodcrest subdivision, Greenville $400

■ James Robbins, Camille Smith to Gail Anne Brown: Lot 1, Block C, Rock Spring Park subdivision, Greenville Township $576

■ Jason K. Vick, Blair W. Vick to Catherine Flake Lloyd, Jordan Christopher Lloyd: Lt 16, Block A, Tucker East subdivision, Section III, Winterville Township $420

■ Joseph R. Asselmeier, Judith W. Asselmeier to Jason K. Vick, Blair W. Vick: Lot 8, Block G, Bedford subdivision, Section III, Winterville Township $750

■ Charles K. Royal, Suzanne C. Royal to Jim Thomas Wells Jr.: Unit 202, Building 1930, Lot 3, Tara Condominium Complex, Phase 8, Winterville Township $260

■ Cecil Wayne Suggs, Margaret Elizabeth Suggs to Margaret Elizabeth Suggs: Lot 105, Country Aire Village subdivision, Phase 2, Ayden Township quitclaim

■ Mary Ellen Lewis (a/k/a Mary C. Lewis), Sara Constance Lewis Rhem (agent) to Maureen Jan Boerner (a/k/a Maureen Jan Taylor): Lot 3, Block B, Nelson Heights, Grifton $52

■ Unshakable Builders LLC to Toiriste Winifred O'Neal Jr.: Lots 52A and 52B, Cobblestone, Phase Three, Greenville *

■ P & CHC LLC to Edmonson Construction Company of Greenville LLC: Lot 1, Kinsaul Place North, Section 1, Arthur Township $50

■ Jennifer Christensen to Tim Christensen: Lot 12, Glenn Abbey, Section 2, Greenville $173

■ Stancill Farms Inc. to East Carolina Timber LLC: parcel $100 (timber)

■ Bradlee Bray, Lisa Bray to Eric Osborne, Allison Warren Osborne: Lot 92, Cooper's Pointe, Section 5, Winterville Township $444

■ Ryan Matthew Lewis, Ashley Lewis to Randall A. Britton: Lot 49, Charleston Village, Section 4, Winterville Township $357

■ Travis B. Weathersby, Anna L. Weathersby to Philip E. Johnson and Flora M. Johnson (co-trustees): Lot 5, Block U, Shamrock Terrace, Section 2 $215

■ Paul J. Briney, Elizabeth K. Briney to Kelly L. Andrews: Lot 65, Willow Run subdivision, Section 2, Grimesland Township $418

■ Hayes Family Holdings LLC to FFAP Properties LLC: Lot 3B, Covengton Downe subdivision, Phase II $580

■ Zachery Henry Liles to Bailee Caroline Corey: Lot 63, Mellon Downs, Phase 1, Winterville Township $350

■ Kidd Construction Group LLC to A. Elks Construction Inc.: Lots 98A, 98B, 104A and 104B, Cobblestone subdivision, Phase 3, Section 1 $100

■ Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas (trustee) to David K. Johnson: Lot 8, Block D, Bedford Place, Section II, Greenville $649

■ Brandi J. Sims (f/k/a Brandi J. Gilly), Jason Sims to Clarissa Lynn Stallings, Ronald E. Phillips, Constance Phillips: Lot 2, Galloways, Section 1, Grimesland Township $350

■ Bryan Wayne Herring to Jason S. Sims, Brandi J. Sims: Lot 23, Wheaton Village subdivision $536

■ Alberto Perry Saenz, Mindy L. Saenz (t/t/a Mindy L. Andrus) to Noble Real Estate Investments LLC: Unit 2, Building OO, Sterling Pointe Townhomes, Section Three, Lot 2 Division, Winterville Township $94

■ Oakton Lad LLC to Wraylee Properties LLC: Lots 4A and 4B, Block D, Wesley Commons North, Section Two, Greenville; Lots 5A and 5B, Block D, Wesley Commons North, Section Two, Greenville quitclaim

■ Wraylee Properties LLC to Wayne Real Estate Investments LLC: Lots 4A and 4B, Block D, Wesley Commons North, Section Two $250

■ Wraylee Properties LLC to Wayne Real Estate Investments LLC: Lots 5A and 5B, Block D, Wesley Commons North, Section Two $250

■ Richard C. Britt Jr., Paula C. Britt to Kyle Gregory Travlos, Emily Ann Travlos: Unit 1, Building AA, Dudley's Grant, Section 10, Winterville Township $210

■ Murl G. Wobbleton, Callie K. Wobbleton to Dianna Dexter: Lot 21, Moss Creek Village, Greenville $190

■ Teresa Dell Hopkins, Roy P. Hopkins Sr. to Harry Lavon Arthur Sr., Tamikra Shuntel Guzman: Lot 59, Block F, Brittany Ridge subdivision, Section III $460

■ Jeffrey J. Edwards, Kay C. Edwards, Elizabeth H. Furcon (f/k/a Elizabeth H. Edwards), Tom Furcon, Caroline E. Hardee, Hugh Hardee III to Clinton L. Edwards, Elizabeth P. Edwards: Lot 43, Hill's Point subdivision, Chocowinity Township, Beaufort County *

■ Biggs Construction Inc. to James F. Rochester, Pamela A. Rochester: Lot 23, Cornerstone, Section 2, Winterville Township $688

■ Joseph Thomas Cox IV, Mackenzie A. Cox to Kenneth T. Williamson, Tara K. Williamson: Lot 11, Block E, Colonial Heights subdivision $120

■ Joshua Charles Whichard to Buck Timber Company Inc.: 15.469 acres, Swift Creek Township $68 (timber)

■ Melissa G. Moye (individually and as trustee), Joel Eugene Starr to Melissa and Micaela Moye Farms LLC: 23.60 acres (with exception); 84.10 acres; 81.71 acres *

■ Donald L. Pack, Violet F. Pack to Collin J. Haggerty, Rachel P. Haggerty: Lot 325, Brook Valley subdivision, Section VII, Greenville; tract correction

■ Stacy L. Conway, Danny R. Conway to Linda E. Blankenship: parcel quitclaim

■ Justin B. Moore, Theresa Michelle Oniffrey to Randy D. Glass, Jessie C. Glass: Lot 49, Colony Woods, Section 1 $390

■ Bill Clark Homes of Greenville LLC to Jonathan Crum, Tracey-Renee Mahealani Crum: Lot 140, Arbor Hills South cluster subdivision, Phase 6 $412

■ QCB Properties LLC to Patricia Harrington Huggins: Lot 11, Block F, Higgs Brother subdivision, Greenville quitclaim

■ James E. Smith to Kevin P. Congo, Charlene Wilson: Lot 26, Sterling Trace, Winterville Township $840

■ Charles Ray Craft, Linda G. Craft (a/k/a Linda Gaddis) to Charles Ray Craft or Linda G. Craft (trustees): 0.98 acre *

■ Charles Ray Craft, Linda G. Craft (a/k/a Linda Gaddis) to Charles Ray Craft or Linda G. Craft (trustees): Lot 83, Paramore Farms cluster subdivision, Phase 1 *

■ Paul K. Hardison, Sarah A. Hardison to Jeffery A. Tant: Lot 13 (portion), Block A, Highland Pines Extension $237

■ Garris-Evans Lumber Company to F & A Construction LLC: Lot 41, Davencroft Village cluster development, Winterville Township $56

■ Bill Clark Homes of Greenville LLC to Ernestine Renee Scott: Unit 6, Building TH5, Lot 3, The Hollows at Grey Fox Run subdivision, Phase 1 $332

■ David M. Hill to KNG Properties LLC: Lot 2, Thomas Professional Offices, Greenville $5,580

■ Director of Compliance, South Atlantic Collection Area, Internal Revenue Service to Ward Holdings LLC: parcel (with exception) Greenville * (deed of real estate)

■ Joseph Mark Digiulio, Sharon Digiulio, Michael Vincent Digiulio, Paul Anthony Digiulio to Richard L. Johnson, Michele Parish: Lot 8, Block H, Harrington-Williams subdivision, Addition #1 $234

■ Southern Specialty Properties LLC to Aaron Gonzalez Santana: Lot 25, River Road Manor, Section 2 $70

■ S & D Enterprises of Greenville LLC to Consolidated Pipe & Supply Company Inc.: 0.34 acre, Greenville *

■ Jonathan E. Eason, Angela L. Eason to Kevin M. Castelloe, Katherine C. Castelloe: Lot 50, Charter Oaks subdivision, Section 2 $650

■ Unshakable Builders LLC to George D. Phillips Jr.: Lot 144, Canterbury subdivision, Section 6, Phase 3, Winterville Township $440

■ Robert L. Welch, Celestial H. Welch to Cacy Rae McKeever: 0.7827 acres, Bethel Township gift

■ MQ Construction Inc. to Mohamed Ali Muhssen, Dalia A. Alsaidi: Lot 70, Brighton Place, Section 3, Phase 2, Greenville $450

■ Randall Marvin Woodard, Myrna Woodard to John Walter Tugwell Jr., Sharyn MacDonald Tugwell: Lot 170, Cherry Oaks subdivision, Section V, Winterville Township $318

■ Patsy H. Porter to South Greenville Church of Christ: 34.428 acres, Belvoir Township $197

■ Nannie Sue Best Fields to Department of Transportation: 0.036 acre, Greenville Township $40 (highway right-of-way)

■ Reece G. Dvorak, Deanna Marie Dvorak to Winco LLC: Lot 2, Block D, Highland Pines subdivision $310

■ Phillip C. Entzminger, Katie L. Tyson to John Wesley Earley, Lori L. Earley: 4.8195 acres $732

■ Tracy William Muse, Kathy Joyner Muse to Deborah Ann Devine: Lot 36, Tull's Cove subdivision, Section 1, Winterville Township $335

■ Marcia Murray Daughtry, Edward A. Daughtry Sr. to Collin Keith McCord: Lot 6, Block J, Oakmont-Drexelbrook subdivision, Winterville Township $280


Humans of Greenville


Local photographer Joe Pellegrino explores Greenville to create a photographic census of its people.


June 10, 2019

The following new corporations in Pitt and neighboring counties filed May 30-June 5 with the N.C. Secretary of State’s office:

■ 3 Peterson Brothers Tire and Auto LLC, agent Melvin Peterson, 301 S. Elm St., Williamston.

■ A Safe Place to Land, nonprofit, agent Christie W. James, 345 Vineyard…

June 10, 2019

Moody's Investor Services has upgraded Greenville Utilities Commission's credit rating to 'Aa1' with a stable outlook in advance of upcoming bond sales.

Fellow global rating agency Fitch Ratings affirmed GUC's credit rating of 'AA-'. Both ratings are considered "High Grade" and should help GUC at…


June 10, 2019

Greene County educator wins arts contest

Daphanie Jones, a teacher at West Greene Elementary School, is a state winner of the North Carolina Association of Educators’ Human and Civil Rights Multicultural Arts Contest.

Jones won first place for her poem “Pass Me the Torch,” in the…

Daphnie Jones 2019 HCR Art.JPG

June 10, 2019

TUESDAY: The Pitt Community College Small Business Center is hosting a free seminar from 6-7:30 p.m. titled “Create Stunning Graphics with Canva.” This step-by-step session will demonstrate how to create professional looking graphics in Canva that you can upload to your website and all…

June 10, 2019

A nurse specialist in pediatrics has been selected by her peers as the 2019 Nurse of the Year at ECU Physicians, the medical practice of the Brody School of Medicine at East Carolina University.

Megan Taylor, a Chocowinity native, works in pediatric pulmonology at ECU Pediatric Specialty Care. The…


June 03, 2019

The following civil lawsuits were filed Feb. 14-27, 2019, in Pitt County:

■ Barclays Bank Delaware v. Tim Bogenn, contract, Feb. 14; notice of voluntary dismissal without prejudice by plaintiff, April 2; 19CVD 478.

■ Tameka Rachedia Frazier v. Kristina Carmon and Shameka Renee Moye, motor vehicle…

June 03, 2019


The City of Greenville Inspections Department issued the following permits for April 30-May 27, 2019:

■ Phelps Chevrolet, 3325 S. Memorial Drive, commercial addition, $200,000.

■ Walmart, 210 S.W. Greenville Blvd., commercial alterations, $20,000.

■ Venture Properties I LLC,…

June 03, 2019

With the help of Pitt Community College and ApprenticeshipNC, ECVC, Inc. (Eastern Carolina Vocational Center), started a Custodian Apprenticeship Program on April 1.

It is one of the first types of apprenticeship programs in North Carolina and supports ECVC’s mission, as well as Gov. Roy…


June 03, 2019

 With 1 in 8 neighbors, including 1 in 6 children, facing hunger across its 10-state footprint, Food Lion set out to help its neighbors by launching Food Lion Feeds, the company’s hunger relief initiative, in 2014. After committing to donate 500 million meals by the end of 2020, Food…

June 03, 2019

Kendall joins LBA’s in-house marketing team 

LBA Group, Inc. is growing its group marketing resources with the appointment of Paul Kendall as web developer. Kendall will focus on continuing to build the LBA brand with strategic technical and creative development of its web presence.…

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