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March 18 Pitt-Greenville Deeds


Monday, March 25, 2019

The following deeds were recorded with the Pitt County Register of Deeds from March 7-13. Each $2 in revenue stamps is equal to $1,000 in valuation. ( * No fee required)

Jack Jolly Dail Jr., Sheri A. Dail to D & M Property Management LLC: 14.96 acres, Old N.C. 11 Highway, Ayden Township $17

Earth Property Management LLC to Rosalyn Danielle Moore: parcel, Lee Street, Ayden $10

Evelyn W. Baker to Annie Baker Herring: Lot 8, Block A, George W. Davis property, East Church Street, Farmville *

Greenbrier Realty Company Inc. to A. Kevin Ricks (one-third undivided interest), Ashley Hardee (one-third undivided interest), Robert Bartleson and Sharon Bartleson (one-third undivided interest): Lot 12, Block E, Lynndale East subdivision, Section 4, Winterville Township $172

DMS Construction Company Inc. to David E. Langley, Brooke L. Fluellen: Lot 7, Villa Grande, Phase 1, Section A, Winterville Township $474

Annie C. Crandell, Clarence Alvin Crandell to Jamey Leanne Crandell: parcel, Carolina Township $100

Mark T. Ruddock, Sarah L. Ruddock to Carl Augustson, Kelli Augustson: Lot 63, Waterford subdivision, Section 3, Phase 1, Winterville Township $742

Howard Lee Creech, Judi Leigh Creech to Jessica Jolyn Cringan: parcel, Ayden $190

John Davis Odell, Katherine Lilley Odell to Kelly L. Boucher: Unit 1122-F, Lot 4-C, Building 3, Turtle Creek Condominiums, Greenville Township $182

Bill Clark Homes of Greenville LLC to Xi Lin, Shulin Zhou: Lot 30, Willow Run, Section 3 $450

Elbert H. Dixon to Pairin N. Sujjavanich, Surapon Sujjavanich: Unit 4, Building G, Lakeview Townhomes, Greenville $125

Joyce A. Burney to Trent Kemp: 0.784 acre, Winterville Township $386

John Harvey McLawhorn, Melinda Wilson McLawhorn to Brenda Carraway Wright: Lot 12, Salem Village, Grifton Township correction

Aundrea Lorraine Oliver, Paul F. Perkovich to Aundrea Lorraine Oliver, Paul F. Perkovich: Tract 5, Thomas M. Bowen subdivision, Section 4, Arthur Township *

Dorlas Morris Cayton (a/k/a Dorlas M. Cayton) to Peter Reginald Morris: Lot 3, Block J, Engelwood subdivision, Addition No. 3, Greenville Township $240

Terry D. Daughtry to Paula Daughtry King: Lot 2-B, Block D, Heritage Village subdivision, Section Four $80

Mary Susan Mitchell Nethercutt, Lawrence Harvey Nethercutt Jr., Harold Jennings Mitchell Jr., Mary Elizabeth Modlin Mitchell to Sonny & Micky LLC: Unit 103, Building 1940, Tara Condominium Complex $240

Bill Clark Homes of Greenville LLC to Justin C. Stowens, Sarah K. Morris: Unit 8, Building V, Kittrell Farms Townhomes *

Justin C. Stowens, Sarah Stowens (t/t/a Sarah K. Morris) to Sonny & Micky LLC: Unit 8, Building V, Kittrell Farms Townhomes, Winterville Township $226

John M. Oakley to Patricia Merizio: 1.364 acres, Winterville Township $462

Will Kuhn Homes LLC to Tina M. Forrest: Lot 14, Pinecrest at Sawgrass Pointe cluster subdivision, Phase 2 $332

Steven Cohen to Steven Cohen, Dawn Dolson: 26.4096 acres, Greenville quitclaim

Bill Clark Homes of Greenville LLC to Frank Cornell Williams Jr.: Lot 115, Arbor Hills South cluster subdivision, Phase 6 $416

Unshakable Builders Inc. (successor in interest) to Tomekia S. Blackmon: Lot 1, Match Point subdivision, Chicod Township $890

Lisa P. Bass to Amanda J. Bialkowski: Lot 102, Bristolmoor subdivision, Section 1, Winterville Township $299

David J. Kuhn, Kimberly W. Kuhn to C and G Properties Pitt County LLC: Lot 24, Devonshire subdivision, Section 1, Phase 2, Winterville; Lot 18, Clairmont subdivision, Section 4, Farmville; Lot 92, Ashley Meadows subdivision, Section 1, Phase 4, Winterville; Lot 84, Barefoot Landing subdivision, Section 4, Phase 3, Winterville; Lot 43, Summer Winds subdivision, Section One, Winterville; Lot 3, Summer Winds subdivision, Section One, Winterville *

Karen W. Musco to Herbert Glenn Worthington: Unit 6, Block B, Westhills Townhomes, Section I, Tract I, Falkland Township $106

Sandra Tripp Farmer, Jessica Farmer Setzer, Kelly Dustin Setzer to Jerel Marquis Northern, Karen Ann Northern: Lot 123, Block 12, West Haven Annex, Ayden $202

Caviness & Cates Building and Development Company, Caviness & Cates Building and Development Company of Greenville to Tyler C. McDowell, Megan C. McDowell: Lot 6, Harris Ridge, Section 1 $600

Rocky Russel Builders Inc. to Wade Smith: Lot 141B, Fieldstone at Landover, Section One, Arthur Township $296

James J. Lawless, Lisa A. Lawless to Lindsay M. Miles, Brandon S. Miles: Lots 6 and 7 (portions), Block K, Brentwood subdivision, Section 1, Greenville; Lot 6 (portion), Block K, Brentwood subdivision, Section 1, Greenville $300

Nehal N. Patel (a/k/a Nehal A. Patel), Nick Patel (a/k/a Nikunj R. Patel) to Felecia Rogister: Lot 3, Oak Hill Farm, Section One $660

Billy Roy Walls (a/k/a Billy Ray Walls), Charetta R. Walls to Adam G. Thomas, Mary Catherine Thomas: Unit 200, Building OO, Quail Ridge, Section 10, Winterville Township $230

Charles A. Harvey, Margaret S. Harvey to Anchor Properties of Eastern NC LLC: Lot 88, Cherry Oaks subdivision, Section I $154

Laura L. English (trustee) to University Area Properties LLC: Lot 2, Johnston Heights subdivision, Section A, Addition No. 1, Greenville $240

Albert Clifford Adams (a/k/a Albert Clifford Adams III), Lisa Kay Adams to Colin John Trombley, Nancy A. Trombley: Lot 21, Brighton Place, Section 3, Phase 1 $410

Fathi Muhssen, Hana Jabar to Meriah Knight, Orlando Wright: Lot 15, Allen Ridge subdivision, Section 2, Arthur Township $334

W.L.R.F. Properties LLC to Sonny & Micky LLC: Lots 9A and 9B, South Pointe subdivision, Section 1, Winterville Township $448

Sandra Avery Hazelton to Sandra Avery Hazelton Irrevocable Trust: Lot 4 (with exceptions), J.L. Nobles Farm, Winterville Township *

Terryl D. Smithwick, Connie Smithwick to Angel Avila Herrera, Marissa Pablo Simpson: two tracts $65

Sheaffer Atlantic Investments Company LLC to Bennett Properties LLC: Lots 11 and 12, Block M, Munford-Lang property, Greenville $130

Kaki Rentals LLC to Scribe Pointe Properties LLC: Unit 5, Building YY, Sterling Pointe Townhomes, Section Four division, Phase 1, Winterville Township $88

Kaki Rentals LLC to Veranda Properties LLC: Unit 7, Building YY, Sterling Pointe Townhomes, Section Four division, Phase 1, Winterville Township $92

Kaki Rentals LLC to Veranda Properties LLC: Unit 6, Building YY, Sterling Pointe Townhomes, Section Four division, Phase 1, Winterville Township $92

Reggie Spain Homes LLC to Hui Xu, Yuanyuan Fu: Lot 55B, Kittrell Farms Duplexes, Section 2, Winterville Township $268

Tina Nguyen, Thanh Van Nguyen to Jenna M. Seybert: Lot 2A, Williamsbrook East, Greenville Township $186

Cullen Glenn Haddock, Dianne B. Haddock, Connie Haddock Bowen, Danny P. Bowen to John Allen Conway III: two parcels, Greenville Township $346

Nicole S. Stroud to NSJS Enterprises LLC: Unit 15, Building 3, Twin Oaks Townhomes, Court C, Greenville *

WolfTri LLC to Your Dream Realty LLC: Lots 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25 and 26, Block K, Lang property; tract *

Shirley B. Cazon to Ricardo Cazon: Lot 5, Kinsaul Acres *

Darrel E. Feltner Jr., Nichole Marie Feltner to Darrel E. Feltner Jr., Nichole Marie Feltner: Lot 23, Summer Winds subdivision, Section 2, Phase 1, Winterville quitclaim

Rachel Erin Perkins to Larry Randall Hardee: Lot 8, James R. Gay division; Lot 7, J.R. Gay Heirs, Farmville Township $100

Paula Dance (sheriff) to Silvestre Vega Garcia (individually and d/b/a Luri Enterprises), Luri Reyna Vega (individually and d/b/a Luri Enterprises): Lot 6 (with exception), Mrs. D.R. Morgan property, Farmville Township correction

Silvestre Vega Garcia (individually and d/b/a Luri Enterprises), Luri Reyna Vega (individually and d/b/a Luri Enterprises) to Brandon E. Sims: Lot 6 (with exception), Mrs. D.R. Morgan property quitclaim

David A. Hickman, Michelle L. Hickman (t/t/a Michelle L. Mointyre) to David A. Hickman, Michelle L. Hickman: Lot 30, Brier Creek subdivision, Section 2, Winterville Township quitclaim

Tonya Gibson-Hill to Christopher Jesse Cannon: Lot 10, Charleston Place, Section 2, Chicod Township $60

Erik Charles Conrad, Leanne Grant Conrad to Iliana Isabel Nunez Nunez, David Tavarez Castillo: Lot 12, Moss Creek Village, Greenville $192

Glen T. Webb II, Caroline Lawler Webb (t/t/a Caroline Lawler) to Raymond E. Styons III: Lot 71, Brookfield, Section 1, Winterville Township $420

Amy Love Waters to Michael Daniel Mattesi, Ellen Santos Mattesi: Unit 3308-F, Lot 12, Breezewood 2 Condominiums, Section 2, Winterville Township $178

Brexit LLC to Tokima C. Whitley: Unit 8, Building N, The Vineyards, Winterville Township $164

Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB (trustee) to Edward Shawn Williams: lot, Greenville Township $70

Deutsche Bank National Trust Company (trustee), Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC (attorney-in-fact) to Nationwide Community Revitalization LLC: parcel, Ayden quitclaim

Stella Marie Brockett to Darnell Taylor, Valjean Taylor: Lot 5, Dell's Estates, N.C.S.R. 1523, Carolina Township $420

Helping Hand Investment Group LLC to Bruce Coward, Loyce Coward: 0.11 acre, Nash Street, Greenville quitclaim

Michael A. Cox, Annette V. Cox to Dominique Hosea Dixon: Lot 110, Woodridge North, Phase III $320

Shawn Michael Green, Tammy Tanisha Green (f/k/a Tammy Tanisha Gray) to Ben L. Stocks III: Lot 69, Conley Acres subdivision, Section Two, Chicod Township $194

Judy Faye Sawyer Harrison, Stephen Harrison Jr. to Judy Faye Sawyer Harrison, Stephen Harrison Jr.: 0.516 acre *

Joseph Lee Sawyer, Vickie Sawyer, Billy Wayne Sawyer, Diane Sawyer, Judy Sawyer Harrison, Stephen Harrison Jr. to Judy Sawyer Harrison, Stephen Harrison Jr.: 0.343 acre, S.R. 1124, Winterville Township *

Bobby G. Heath, Kathy C. Heath to Heathrow Holdings LLC: Lot 5, Block A, Park Place subdivision quitclaim

LHH Rentals LLC to West Hills Properties LLC: Lots 1B and 1C, Westhills Apartments, Lot 1 division, Falkland Township $1,600

William Brian Balazsi, Julie Bird Balazsi to Robert Hardy, Amber Wilson: Lot 216, Charleston Village, Section 2, Phase 3, Winterville Township $296

Tasha Tennille Harris, Linkchel Kmochee Harris, Gloria Hardy Shamblee, Donald Edward Shamblee to Deyton L. Evans: lot, Farmville $42

P & CHC LLC to W.A. Corey Construction Inc.: Lot 3, Kinsaul Place East, Section One, Phase One, Arthur Township $50

SRC Facilities LLC (individually and as successor), U.S. Bank Trust NA (trustee) to TF Greenville NC LLC: two tracts, Greenville *

Cyrus Graham Jones III, Lori Edwards Jones, Justin G. Jones to Michael A. Cox, Annette V. Cox: Lot 136, Charleston Village, Section 6, Winterville Township $312

Langemann Properties LLC to Virginia Helen Newby-Robinson, Richard Glenn Robinson: Lot 2, The Arbors subdivision, Phase IA, Ayden Township $260

■ Farmville Golf and Country Club LLC (b/c/f Farmville Golf and Country Club Inc.) to Palco Investments LLC: 2.00 acres, Farmville $80

■ ATM Properties LLC to Jesus Miguel Montoya-Martinez, Ruth Lopez-Cota: Lot 12, Fox Crossing, Section Two $188

■ James Burney Carraway, Pamela Carraway to Hayden C. Carraway: Lot 21, Block D, Stratford subdivision, Section IV, Greenville Township*

■ Sam David Reynolds, Amy Gresham Reynolds to Wenyu Liu, Xinsui Guo: Lot 169, Irish Creek subdivision, Section 2, Phase 2, Winterville Township $582

■ Matthew Jay Hardee, Megan Thompson Hardee to Jillian Katin Rombold: Unit 2, Building R, Kittrell Farms Townhomes, Winterville Township $196

■ Reggie Spain Homes LLC to William Franklin Samineedi Thomas, Annie Priya Somavarapu Selvaraj: Lot 56 A, Kittrell Farms Duplexes, Section 2, Winterville Township $266

■ Bill Clark Homes of Greenville LLC to Clinton E. Williams Sr., Peggy L. Williams: Lot 32, Summer Winds subdivision, Section 2, Phase 2 $478

■ W. Darrell Phelps Jr., Cecille H. Phelps to Waverly D. Phelps, Gina M. Phelps: 0.38 acre, S.R. 1749, Swift Creek Township gift

■ HMC Assets LLC (separate trustee) to Cam Real Estate XIX LLC: Lots 234 (with exception), 235 (portion), 236 (portion) and 237 (portion), J.L. Cannon subdivision, Grifton quitclaim

■ Wake Forest University to Brad Dugai, Carolee Dugai: Lot 26, Oakmont Addition, Fairview Way section $250

■ BBL Ventures LLC to Hoel Investments LLC, DiFranco Investments LLC: Lot 20, Oxford Park, Section 2, Phase 2 $1,380

■ Lorenza Applewhite, Novella V. Applewhite to Jaylen Terrell Harley, Jessica Denise Harley: Lot 49, Block B, Summerfield subdivision, Phase I, Section III, Greenville Township $280


Humans of Greenville


Local photographer Joe Pellegrino explores Greenville to create a photographic census of its people.


June 10, 2019

The following new corporations in Pitt and neighboring counties filed May 30-June 5 with the N.C. Secretary of State’s office:

■ 3 Peterson Brothers Tire and Auto LLC, agent Melvin Peterson, 301 S. Elm St., Williamston.

■ A Safe Place to Land, nonprofit, agent Christie W. James, 345 Vineyard…

June 10, 2019

Moody's Investor Services has upgraded Greenville Utilities Commission's credit rating to 'Aa1' with a stable outlook in advance of upcoming bond sales.

Fellow global rating agency Fitch Ratings affirmed GUC's credit rating of 'AA-'. Both ratings are considered "High Grade" and should help GUC at…


June 10, 2019

Greene County educator wins arts contest

Daphanie Jones, a teacher at West Greene Elementary School, is a state winner of the North Carolina Association of Educators’ Human and Civil Rights Multicultural Arts Contest.

Jones won first place for her poem “Pass Me the Torch,” in the…

Daphnie Jones 2019 HCR Art.JPG

June 10, 2019

TUESDAY: The Pitt Community College Small Business Center is hosting a free seminar from 6-7:30 p.m. titled “Create Stunning Graphics with Canva.” This step-by-step session will demonstrate how to create professional looking graphics in Canva that you can upload to your website and all…

June 10, 2019

A nurse specialist in pediatrics has been selected by her peers as the 2019 Nurse of the Year at ECU Physicians, the medical practice of the Brody School of Medicine at East Carolina University.

Megan Taylor, a Chocowinity native, works in pediatric pulmonology at ECU Pediatric Specialty Care. The…


June 03, 2019

The following civil lawsuits were filed Feb. 14-27, 2019, in Pitt County:

■ Barclays Bank Delaware v. Tim Bogenn, contract, Feb. 14; notice of voluntary dismissal without prejudice by plaintiff, April 2; 19CVD 478.

■ Tameka Rachedia Frazier v. Kristina Carmon and Shameka Renee Moye, motor vehicle…

June 03, 2019


The City of Greenville Inspections Department issued the following permits for April 30-May 27, 2019:

■ Phelps Chevrolet, 3325 S. Memorial Drive, commercial addition, $200,000.

■ Walmart, 210 S.W. Greenville Blvd., commercial alterations, $20,000.

■ Venture Properties I LLC,…

June 03, 2019

With the help of Pitt Community College and ApprenticeshipNC, ECVC, Inc. (Eastern Carolina Vocational Center), started a Custodian Apprenticeship Program on April 1.

It is one of the first types of apprenticeship programs in North Carolina and supports ECVC’s mission, as well as Gov. Roy…


June 03, 2019

 With 1 in 8 neighbors, including 1 in 6 children, facing hunger across its 10-state footprint, Food Lion set out to help its neighbors by launching Food Lion Feeds, the company’s hunger relief initiative, in 2014. After committing to donate 500 million meals by the end of 2020, Food…

June 03, 2019

Kendall joins LBA’s in-house marketing team 

LBA Group, Inc. is growing its group marketing resources with the appointment of Paul Kendall as web developer. Kendall will focus on continuing to build the LBA brand with strategic technical and creative development of its web presence.…

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