As a Democrat I was aware of Congress Walter B. Jones stance on the issue concerning ENC and the 3rd district. BYH to...

April 8 Pitt-Greenville Deeds


Monday, April 15, 2019

The following deeds were recorded with the Pitt County Register of Deeds from March 28-April 3. Each $2 in revenue stamps is equal to $1,000 in valuation. ( * No fee required)

Wiley Christopher Stancill to Wiley Benjamin Stancill: 89.6 acres, N.C.S.R. 1923, Swift Creek Township; 0.459 acre, Swift Creek Township *

Wiley Christopher Stancill to John Christopher Stancill: 0.10 acre, N.C. Highway 102 E., Swift Creek Township; 21.29 acres, Emma Cannon Road, Swift Creek Township; 3 acres, Swift Creek Township; 2.18 acres, Swift Creek Township; 64.12 acres, N.C. Highway 102 E., Swift Creek Township; 26.47 acres, Grifton Township; 9.37 acres, Township 1, Craven County; 37.19 acres, Grifton Township *

Lili Zhou to Richard Eugene Graham, Phyllis Jones-Graham: Unit 2910-E, Forbes Woods Condominium, Section 6 $172

Junius Wayne Stancil, Madeline Hill Stancil to Jared D. Cole, Katherine A. Grigg: Lot 3, Louise F. Ellis subdivision, N.C. Highway 121, Farmville Township $110

David Meredith Miller, Theresa Mary Miller to David Meredith Miller, Theresa Mary Miller, William Jonathan Miller: Lot 4, Block E, Club Pines subdivision, Section III quitclaim

U.S. Bank NA (trustee) to Victor L. Banfield: Lot 1, Block J, Harrington-Williams subdivision, Greenville $226

Dickie Ray Mills, Amy White Mills to Mills Swine LLC: tract (with exception), Grifton Township *

Dickie Ray Mills, Amy White Mills to Mills Swine LLC: 60.2158 acres, N.C.S.R. 1746, Swift Creek Township *

Dickie Ray Mills, Amy White Mills to Mills Swine LLC: 37.16 acres, Grifton Township; 3.24 acres, Grifton Township *

Nolan Commercial Contractors Inc. to Anthony Kaah, Michelle Kaah: Lot 91, Laurie Meadows, Phase 3, Section B, Winterville Township $530

Wendy Franks, Beverly D. Franks to Brett Allen Nichols: Unit 8, Building 1, Langston Townhomes, Winterville Township $172

Ideal Homes of Craven County LLC to Garris-Evans Lumber Company: Lots 7 and 8 (portions), Block D, Ridgeway division, Greenville; Lot 5, Block D, Ridgeway division, Greenville; tract; Lot 7 (portion), Block D, Ridgeway subdivision $80

Will Kuhn Homes LLC to Samantha Lee Mosier, James C. Gray: Winterville Township: Lot 92, Westhaven South, Section Two $406

Bill Clark Homes of Greenville LLC to Jonathan Bullock: Lot 17, Medford Pointe, Section 1, Phase 1 $370

Frederick L. Waugh, Polly Sue Ezzell Waugh to GEM Enterprises NC Inc.: Lot 10, Block E, Covengton Downe subdivision $1,400

Si Wu to Allen Gray Norris: Lot 16-A, Block A, Heritage Village subdivision, Greenville Township $80

Mary Mahone, Kelvin Jones to Santiago Angel Lopez: Lot 22, Moore Pointe subdivision, Section 2 $40

Debra Perry McGowan to Ariana Billingsley, Christopher S. Billingsley: Lot 38, Brittwood subdivision, Section Two, Phase One, Grimesland Township $86

John Chris Watson, Jennifer Watson (t/t/a Jennifer Nance) to Chelsea N. Morgan: Lot 37, Garden Grove subdivision, Section 3, Grimesland Township $310

Patrick John Schofield, Takae Schofield to John C. Watson, Jennifer G. Watson: Lot 308, Windsor subdivision, Section 9 $508

Emerald Partners LLC to Trevathan Family LLC: Lot 10 (portion), Susan O. Brown farm, C.T. Mumford division, Greenville Township $10

Robert W. James III, Jennifer L. James to G-Dees Holdings LLC: tract, James Street, Bethel; tract, James Street $42

Linda Jean Harris to George T. Koonce Jr.: Unit 2595-B, Buildings 14 & 15, Breezewood 2 Condominiums, Section 2, Phase 2, Greenville $170

George H. Freeman (executor) to Katherine Michelle Moore: Lot 328, Brook Valley subdivision, Section VII *

Greenbrier Realty Company Inc. to Oxford Street LLC: Lot 3, Block H, Lynndale East, Section 9, Winterville Township $750

Chivas Development Group LLC, G. Edward Gauss III, Kim Frantz Gauss to RRCR LLC: Suite C, Granville Office Complex Office Condominiums $430

William Joseph Davis IV to Autumn Acres Investments LLC: Lot 3, Block F, Johnston Heights, Section 2; Lot 8, Block C, Johnston Heights subdivision, Section 2, Greenville $760

Paul Martin Duncan (a/k/a Paul Duncan), Caitlin Emily Duncan (a/k/a Caitlin Duncan) to Autumn Acres Investments LLC: Lot 11, Block E, Johnston Heights subdivision, Section 2; Lot 12A, Block E, College Heights; Lots 13A and 13B, Block A, Wesley Commons, Sections One and Two; Unit 3, University Condominiums *

Edmonson Construction Company of Greenville LLC to Meghan G. Fahy: Lot 40, Medford Pointe, Section One, Phase One, Greenville Township $310

Greenbrier Realty Company Inc. to Pennington Construction Inc.: Lot 5, Block I, Lynndale East, Section 9, Winterville Township $250

NSD Company Inc. to Caviness & Cates Building and Development Company, Caviness & Cates Building and Development Company of Greenville: Lots 1, 4, 6, 15, 16, 17, 20 and 21, Summer Place, Phase One, Grimesland Township $816

Bellbest Properties LLC to Gunter Properties LLC: tract; 0.25 acre, Mill Street, Winterville; Lot 6 (portion), Block B, Greenville Heights, Greenville; Lot 37, Block A, Biltmore Addition; tract, Greenville; Lot 108, Eastwood’s Country Estates subdivision, Section 7; Lot 45, Tara Plantation, Section Four, Phase Two, Pactolus Township; Lot 56, Tara Plantation, Section Four, Phase Two, Pactolus Township; Lot 11, Block F, Riverdale, Greenville; Lot 28, Charleston Place subdivision, Section 3 *

Larry John Rocco, Lisa Anne Rocco to John Reisch, Michele Reisch: Lot 31, Planter’s Walk, Phase II, Winterville Township $510

EGP Properties LLC to Carole Wells Hendrix, James Douglas Hendrix: parcel, Farmville Township $340

Timothy J. Zwilling, Ellen Zwilling to The Angela Sehr Living Trust: Lot 114, Irish Creek subdivision, Section 2, Phase 1-B $690

GFS Properties of Greenville NC LLC to Maritza Claribel Sanchez: Lots 28 and 29, Hillsdale subdivision, Greenville Township $126

Connie G. Whitehurst (a/k/a Connie Whitehurst), Larry A. Whitehurst, Debra W. Harris (a/k/a Debra Lynn Harris), Amos G. Harris Jr., Rachel B. Wade to George R. Gurkin: 17.9 acres (with exceptions), Horse Pen Branch, Winterville Township $130

Sandra Floyd Harvey (executrix) to Sandra Floyd Harvey (trustee): 1 acre, Stantonsburg Road * (executor’s deed)

Kenneth H. Smith, Christie Smith to Vada Flowers, Chermaine Smith-Flowers: Lot 3, Taylor’s Pointe, Winterville Township $170

Anthony L. Gordon to Carly Hannah Gordon, Anthony L. Gordon: 71.10 acres, Winterville Township *

Ace Investments LLC to Adonte Gladness: Unit 2, Building R, Dudley’s Grant, Section 5 $200

Prinsez Walker (n/k/a Prinsez Teel) to Prinsez Teel: 1.026 acres, Winterville Township *

Reggie Spain Homes LLC to Magdiel Lopez Soriano, Ana Mercedes Sanchez Perez: Lot 55 A, Kittrell Farms Duplexes, Section 2, Winterville Township $276

Wanda Rouse Sawyer to Kayla Wooten: Lot 71B, Carroll Crossing subdivision, Section 2, Winterville Township $216

Leigh Ann Bourbeau (t/t/a Leigh Ann Coltrain), Justin Bourbeau to Richard Shane Coltrain: Lot 32B, Carroll Crossing subdivision, Section 2 $174

Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group LLC to The Secretary of Veterans Affairs: Lot 104, Taberna subdivision, Phase III, Winterville Township *

Craig M. Goess, Janine Ludwick Goess to Craig M. Goess, Janine Ludwick Goess: Lot 40, Star Hill Farm subdivision quitclaim

■ James P. Meyers, Laura J. Meyers to William Lloyd Offenhauer, Vickie Offenhauer: Lot 60, Block F, Brittany Ridge subdivision, Section III $410

Russell P. Jackson, Deborah Jackson (a/t/a Deborah L. Sheets) to Jeanette Manning Debs, Rodney Lawson Debs: Lot 18, Block C, Tuckahoe subdivision, Section 3, Greenville Township $320

WW Investment Properties LLC to Connie Leigh Singleton: Lot 17-C, The Gates at Treetops $260

Rocky Russell Development LLC to Rocky Russell Builders Inc.: Lots 146A and 146B, Fieldstone at Landover, Section One, Arthur Township *

Lucinda Vines to Kevin Moore: Lot 2, Block M, Club Pines subdivision, Section II, Winterville Township $300

Benjamin J. George, Jennifer S. George to Andrew Edward Johansen, Kristin Carpenter Johansen: parcel $844

Freddy McDonald Wainwright, Phyllis Owens Wainwright to Joshua T. Armstrong, Lauren Justice Tripp: Lot 1, N.C. Highway 121, J. Russell Britt property $130

Robert A. Miller, Linda S. Miller to Daniel Melton Schiller: Lots 90 (portion) and 91, Country Club Hills, Addition No. 2, Grifton Township $360

Travis Loyd Hoppe, Jennifer Partin to Zahi Sameeh Darawsheh: Lot 19, Davencroft, Phase One, Winterville Township $474

Sandra E. Rogers, Marnie Hill, Steven A. Hill to Gordon E. Jackson, Arminta J. Jackson: Lot 314, Cherry Oak subdivision, Section VII, Winterville Township $438

Jameson Mark Taunton, Brooke Hudson Taunton to Steven Aaron Bennett, Pamela Griffin Bennett: Lot 51, Surrey Meadows cluster subdivision $344

Steve H. Boswell, Jackie Hedgepeth Boswell, Walter Grant Boswell, Candice Beckwith Boswell, Robert Jevan Boswell, Lisa Kelly Boswell to Dennisha K. McCarter, Carlos A. McCarter, Shemar Mitchener: Lot 7A (portion), U.S. Highway 264, Noah Tyson division, Greenville Township $234

Ashley Tyson (t/t/a Ashley Carraway) to Fausto R. Bernal, Tereza Bernal (a/k/a Teresa Balbuena Lopez): lot, Farmville $254

Bowen Property Holdings LLC to Joseph Barfield, Kirk Hardin: two lots, Fountain Township $100

A. Elks Construction Inc. to Dr. Michael McGraw, Shaniqua McGraw: Lot 25-B, Brook Hollow, Section 4, Phase 3, Greenville $316

Alesha Harper (a/k/a Alesha Phillips), Brien Phillips to Stephen Lawrence Bond, Lawanda Bowers Bond: Lot 26, Davenport Farms at Emerald Park, Winterville Township $312

Bill Clark Homes of Greenville LLC to Eyad Zeidan: Lot 321, Langston West, Section 8 and 9 $618

Nolan Commercial Contractors Inc. to Brien Phillips, Alesha Victoria Phillips: Lot 9, Villa Grande, Phase One, Section A, Winterville Township $447

Carrie N. Williams (t/t/a Carrie N. Hunter), James Williams to IC13 Properties LLC: Unit 3009-6, Forbes Woods Condominium, Section 1 $140

Kevin R. Lee to Micah Arthur Gurley: Lots 7 (portion) and 8, Laurinbrooke Townhomes, Greenville Township $104

Harvey James Gardner to Matthew Silas Smith, Nichole Boone Morris: Lot 3, Block B, Eton Park subdivision, Grifton Township $30

Monique Gardner, Mary Louise Powell to Matthew Silas Smith, Nichole Boone Morris: Lot 3, Block B, Eton Park subdivision, Grifton quitclaim

Monroe Development & Construction LLC to Mardy Mills: Lot 44, Rollingwood subdivision, Section 1, Phase 1, Greenville $92

Harvey James Gardner, Roy Lee Gardner, Monique Gardner, Mary Louise Powell to B & Z Property Holdings LLC: 1.6 acres, Swift Creek Township $26

Daniel Joseph Sieg to Herman Earl Gaskins III, Raksmey Gaskins: Lots 11 and 12 (with exception), Block B, Higgs Brothers subdivision, Greenville Township $88

Sharon Pruitt to Sharon Pruitt and Ralph L. Pruitt Jr. (trustees): Lot 15, Moss Creek Village *

Andrew Ryan Hegwer, Elizabeth Angarole Hegwer (t/t/a Elizabeth Lee Angarole) to Ramon Torres: Unit 3, Building 3 Langston Townhomes, Winterville Township $171

Will Kuhn Homes LLC to Carol C. Nichols: Lot 13, Pinecrest at Sawgrass Pointe, Phase Two, Winterville Township $314

Will Kuhn Homes LLC to Andrew Steven Nichols: Lot 9, Pinecrest at Sawgrass Pointe, Phase Two, Winterville Township $280

Pyxus International Inc. to Alliance One International LLC: 59.19 acres *

Pyxus International Inc. to Alliance One International LLC: 8.6 acres (with exception), Farmville Township; 4.59 acres, Farmville Township *

Pyxus International Inc. to Alliance One International LLC: 7.84 acres; 1 acre, Farmville *

Alliance One International LLC to Alliance One North America LLC: 59.19 acres *

Alliance One International LLC to Alliance One North America LLC: 8.6 acres (with exception), Farmville Township; 4.59 acres, Farmville Township *

Alliance One International LLC to Alliance One North America LLC: 7.84 acres; 1 acre, Farmville *

Beth Nosay, Kasey Nosay to Clarence J. Singleton: Unit 8, Building G, Cobblestone Townhomes, Section 1, Arthur Township $168

Allison Faulkner (t/t/a Allison F. Smith) to FO Rentals LLC: Lot 18, Block J, Chatham Circle subdivision, Addition No. III, Greenville $270

Melissa Ann Rouse (a/k/a Melissa Cox Rouse, Melissa Ann Cox Rouse, individually and as executrix), Ricky D. Rouse to Samuel Cannon, Retha Dixon Cannon: tract, Queen Street, Grifton; tract $30

Nikia Y. Johnson to Dalton Kornegay, Genea Kornegay: Lot 18, Allen Ridge subdivision, Arthur Township $320

Jacob L. Yow, Melissa Rose Yow to Jeremy Borrelli, Kiersten Marie Mahaffy: parcel (with exception), Fourth Street and Hickory Avenue, Greenville Township $261

Whitman C. Brown Jr., Bodge W. Brown, Tammy C. Brown, Estate of Whitman C. Brown to Jill S. Brown: parcel, Winterville Township *

Mong L. Yuen, Heinrich Keulen to Gregorio C. Benitez, Neirizeth Benitez: Lot 109-A, Brook Hollow, Section Two, Greenville $326

Pair Properties LLC to Daniel J. Miller, Shelby D. Miller: Unit 137-E, Willoughby Park Condominium, Section 2 $84

1548 Manning LLC to Patricia Sandy: Unit 6, Building 1548 M, Manning Forest $146

CR 2018 LLC to Reginald D. Gardner: Lot 6, Block A, Washington Heights property, Ayden Township $14

Pamela Jo Klinger to Michael D. Atkinson, Amber R. Atkinson: Lot 20, Block A, Harrington-Williams subdivision, Greenville $252

Lonnie Roy Cherry to William Earl Cherry: Lot 14, Block E, Biltmoore, Greenville quitclaim

John S. Hildebrandt, Kelly Hildebrandt to Timothy Andrew Bunn, Elizabeth O’Boyle Bunn: Lot 6, Block D, Club Pines subdivision, Section III $378

Kurt Forrest Stork, Beth Anne Stork to Jose Ramon Ramos Sevilla, Barbara Mirey a Martes Santos: two lots, Carolina Township $210

Lillie Morgan Nixon, Doris Jean Morgan and Monica Morgan (individually and as sole heirs) to Lillie Morgan Nixon, Doris Jean Morgan, Monica Morgan: Lot 8, Ellwood Pines subdivision, Arthur Township; Lot K, Block 3, Eppes Park subdivision *

Carla Whitfield Canady to Aaron Bower: Lot 43, Kitrell Farms Patio Homes, Section 1, Phase 2 $372

Hans G. Vogelsong, Kindal A. Shores to Hans G. Vogelsong: Lot 5, South Oak subdivision, Swift Creek Township quitclaim

W & W Family Properties LLC to Azalea Communities LLC: Lot 28, Williamsbrook East, Greenville Township $2,025

James Kirk Lambert, Michele Louise Lambert to Steven Asby, Lauren Asby: Lot 10, Eaglechase subdivision, Chicod Township $560

Bonnie Gene Alligood to Victor L. Sanchez, Brandi Tanner Sanchez: Lot 9, Hunterchase subdivision, Chicod Township $310

Jill S. Brown to Whitman C. Brown Jr.: Units 17 and 18, Parliament Place, Greenville Township *

Hilda F. Price to Doris Faye Shaw: Unit D-3, Westpointe Townhomes, Greenville Township $49

Michelle Rae Hays to Steven M. Wieder: Lot 104-A, South Pointe subdivision, Sections 2 & 3, Winterville Township $239

Houses BPR LLC to Cecil J. Hoskins, LaQuanda Hoskins: Lot 22, Blackwood Ridge, Phase One $980

Mack Ray Smith, Dona L. Smith to CMH Homes Inc.: Lots 14 and 15, Block B, L.C. Arthur and C.T. Mumford subdivision, Bell Arthur $12

Diane Apetsi to Diane Apetsi, Brandi Apetsi: Lots 8 (portion) and 9, Block B, Blount Place; Tract 2, Bruce C. Gardner Jr. property, Bethel; tract, West Washington Street, Bethel *

Glenda May Miles (t/t/a Glenda H. May), Thomas G. Miles to Crystal May Hawks, Joshua David Hawks: Lot 28, Country Club Hills, Addition #5, Grifton Township $170

Jeffrey Dale Manning Jr., Holly B. Manning to James Kirk Lambert, Michelle Louise Lambert: Lot 9, Somerset subdivision, Section 2, Chicod Township $916

Country Farms LLC to 360 Forest Products Inc.: 123.28 acres, Belvoir Township $470 (timber)

Linda Lynn Tripp to Rambert Properties LLC: Lot 4, Building B, Yorktown Square Townhomes, Section 1, Amendment II, Winterville Township $113

Joanne Jernigan Roberts to Pride House Family Holdings LLC: 50.9 acres (with exceptions), Winterville Township; tract, Winterville Township *

William C. Monk Jr. (executor and co-trustee), Molly Monk Mears (co-trustee) to Cody Fuquay: parcel, Farmville Township $4

Billy Ray Adams Jr., Amanda Adams Gurkins, John C. Gurkins, Tiny L. Adams to Robert Walker, Staretha Bing-Walker: 1.58 acres $60

Dewitt Nathaniel Newkirk Jr., Courtney Henderson Newkirk to Unshakable Builders Inc.: Lot 3, Nicholas Acres, Falkland Township *

Berdie Reid Roberson (a/k/a Bertie Reid Roberson) to Berdie Reid Roberson (99 percent undivided interest), Felton German Moore (one percent undivided interest): tract, Belvoir Township; 25 acres (with exceptions), Greenville Township $2

Todd Robert McGregor to Jarret Christian Stone, Corinna Suzanne Stone: Lot 373, Emerald Park subdivision, Winterville Township $366

Connie Annette Hardee to Ollie Joseph Gupton Jr.: 1.30 acres, Grimesland Township quitclaim

Harold M. Flanagan to Sarah Ruth Flanagan: 2.39 acres gift

Michael Glenn Price, Katherine Stancill Price to Lorraine H. Cary: Unit 1, Building F2, Lot 15, Grey Fox Run subdivision, Phase 1 $254

Barbara Nester (administratrix), Rebecca Melton to Jason Robert Rouse, Patricia Anne Hawkins: 1.003 acres, Ayden Township $220

DJP Realty LLC to Cama Sdira LLC (f/b/o T-180501-04 IRA): Lot 7 (portion), Block H, College Heights subdivision, Greenville $257

Randy Alan Setzer to Michael Glenn Price, Kathy Price: Lot 180, Manchester, Section 2, Winterville Township $340

Bobby Ray Moye to Michele Lovick Moye: Lot 58, Block 10, Bedford subdivision, Winterville Township *


Humans of Greenville


Local photographer Joe Pellegrino explores Greenville to create a photographic census of its people.


June 10, 2019

The following new corporations in Pitt and neighboring counties filed May 30-June 5 with the N.C. Secretary of State’s office:

■ 3 Peterson Brothers Tire and Auto LLC, agent Melvin Peterson, 301 S. Elm St., Williamston.

■ A Safe Place to Land, nonprofit, agent Christie W. James, 345 Vineyard…

June 10, 2019

Moody's Investor Services has upgraded Greenville Utilities Commission's credit rating to 'Aa1' with a stable outlook in advance of upcoming bond sales.

Fellow global rating agency Fitch Ratings affirmed GUC's credit rating of 'AA-'. Both ratings are considered "High Grade" and should help GUC at…


June 10, 2019

Greene County educator wins arts contest

Daphanie Jones, a teacher at West Greene Elementary School, is a state winner of the North Carolina Association of Educators’ Human and Civil Rights Multicultural Arts Contest.

Jones won first place for her poem “Pass Me the Torch,” in the…

Daphnie Jones 2019 HCR Art.JPG

June 10, 2019

TUESDAY: The Pitt Community College Small Business Center is hosting a free seminar from 6-7:30 p.m. titled “Create Stunning Graphics with Canva.” This step-by-step session will demonstrate how to create professional looking graphics in Canva that you can upload to your website and all…

June 10, 2019

A nurse specialist in pediatrics has been selected by her peers as the 2019 Nurse of the Year at ECU Physicians, the medical practice of the Brody School of Medicine at East Carolina University.

Megan Taylor, a Chocowinity native, works in pediatric pulmonology at ECU Pediatric Specialty Care. The…


June 03, 2019

The following civil lawsuits were filed Feb. 14-27, 2019, in Pitt County:

■ Barclays Bank Delaware v. Tim Bogenn, contract, Feb. 14; notice of voluntary dismissal without prejudice by plaintiff, April 2; 19CVD 478.

■ Tameka Rachedia Frazier v. Kristina Carmon and Shameka Renee Moye, motor vehicle…

June 03, 2019


The City of Greenville Inspections Department issued the following permits for April 30-May 27, 2019:

■ Phelps Chevrolet, 3325 S. Memorial Drive, commercial addition, $200,000.

■ Walmart, 210 S.W. Greenville Blvd., commercial alterations, $20,000.

■ Venture Properties I LLC,…

June 03, 2019

With the help of Pitt Community College and ApprenticeshipNC, ECVC, Inc. (Eastern Carolina Vocational Center), started a Custodian Apprenticeship Program on April 1.

It is one of the first types of apprenticeship programs in North Carolina and supports ECVC’s mission, as well as Gov. Roy…


June 03, 2019

 With 1 in 8 neighbors, including 1 in 6 children, facing hunger across its 10-state footprint, Food Lion set out to help its neighbors by launching Food Lion Feeds, the company’s hunger relief initiative, in 2014. After committing to donate 500 million meals by the end of 2020, Food…

June 03, 2019

Kendall joins LBA’s in-house marketing team 

LBA Group, Inc. is growing its group marketing resources with the appointment of Paul Kendall as web developer. Kendall will focus on continuing to build the LBA brand with strategic technical and creative development of its web presence.…

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