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December 06, 2016

Bless Your Heart to Saturday Night Live. I know you are great, but if we seek the highest form of comedy and drama nothing Trumps the daily news reporting on our President-elect. You can hear the sound of jaws dropping daily all over the country. And the efforts of the Republican Party to rein in…

December 05, 2016

Bless your heart to the person who constantly complains about people cutting through Brook Valley. Do you sit in your window everyday and watch them?!

Bless the heart of all the talk of the pedestrian bridge over the Tar River. We have gained worldwide attention, and soon Jeremy Wade of the TV show…

December 04, 2016

On my first visit to Hobby Lobby I received a special blessing. In the checkout line, the young lady behind me pulled up coupons on her cell phone and asked the clerk to use them for my purchase. It saved me $14. I wanted to hug her but thought it might be too forward. Please consider this another…

December 03, 2016

I am 90 years old. I fell in my front yard when a beautiful woman stopped her car, came over and helped me up. Thank you and bless you and let us all drive on.

Bless your heart to the grandmother who is so supportive of her family and others.

Have you ever wondered why things are happening in the…

December 02, 2016

Hey bridge naysayers, cool it. Sometimes you have to spend a little money on something other than the “same old, same old.” Lighten up and enjoy life a little more.

Hey Mr. Trooper. If you feel the need to write some tickets just sit on 264 between the Tar River bridge and…

December 01, 2016

Bless Trump's heart, he is up to his tired old tricks. Now he is saying something truly idiotic about millions of fraudulent votes, and that he actually got a majority of votes. It's called dangle a shiny thing (distraction) to get the news off of his obvious conflicts of interest.

BYH to the black…

November 30, 2016

About building a pedestrian bridge over the Tar River: How about we buy one of those big guns like the circus uses to shoot the man into the net? Then we put the gun down at the Town Common and put a net on the north side of the river. We put people in the gun and shoot them across the river into…

November 29, 2016

BYH Bethel. It would be nice if there was a scheduled day to pick up yard waste. Who wants to put it on the curb and then look at it for days? An example would be if I knew it would be picked up on Wednesday, I would put it out on Tuesday, not Thursday, and look at it for a week. Let’s get…

November 28, 2016

"The President can't have a conflict of interest,” Trump said in an interview with the NY Times. That reminds me of what Nixon said: "If the President does it, it's not illegal." You didn't elect a president, you were acquired in a hostile takeover. Bless our hearts, God please let us make it…

November 27, 2016

Trump stiffed employees, contractors and Atlantic City, but you're different. He'll be nice to you.

Bless your heart city of Greenville, please give your $20 million to us in Winterville so we can build a pedestrian bridge at Sam's. Try driving by the front door without hitting a person.

BYH to the…

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