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Dec. 6 Bless Your Heart

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Bless your heart to the Board of Trustees at ECU. As an ECU student, I am tired of continuing to have to pay for athletics fees, especially when we voted against this. What is the point of asking students if you ignore us? I would rather be paying for something beneficial academically than athletics. Get the priorities of ECU together people. Some students actually go to college to learn, not party or play sports. Education is slipping in this country on so many levels. Since I want my education, I guess I am forced to pay your stupid fee increase.

This week I found that there are still good, honest people in our community. My granddaughter drove from a gas pump with her wallet on top of her car, and a young man called to let us know he had found it. When it was picked up, everything in it was intact. Honesty and integrity have no color, and may we say bless your heart to this young man.

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Bless your heart
Bless your heart