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May 26 Bless Your Heart

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Bless the hearts of those who oppose private gun ownership. I am also against it. However, I do own a handgun for family protection. I wish I did not feel the need to own the pistol. The protection of my family is more important than my desire to see a ban on gun ownership.

BYH to those officials who bend over backward to change things (no matter how silly) when a so-called minority complains that they were “offended” by this or that. Those same ninnies, when openly offending Christians or conservatives, ... say tough luck — deal with it. It’s getting to the point that “love and marriage, followed by a baby carriage” are moving toward extinction. Marry whomever you like is sort of opening the institution up to polygamy, bestiality or whatever floats yer boat.

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Bless your heart
Bless your heart