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Downtown reimagined

By Michael Abramowitz

The Daily Reflector

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A private developer announced plans this week to transform six downtown Greenville commercial properties into mixed-use office and retail space.

CommunitySmith, a Raleigh-based commercial real estate firm that specializes in adaptive re-use and redevelopment, historic preservation and downtown revitalization through public-private partnerships, is developing plans for four structures in Greenville.

When design and construction is completed, CommunitySmith’s plans call for the properties at 201, 203, 205 and 207 E. Fifth St., plus properties at 417 Cotanche and 703 Dickinson Ave., to house about 22,000 square feet of professional offices and shops, said managing partner Holton Wilkerson. Combined, the proposed projects represent an investment of up to $4 million, Wilkerson said.

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*whatever you folks do

*whatever you folks do downtown--leave the common alone and NO NEW TAXES1

Greenville already has a fair amount of culture....

in the Uptown area. All one would have to do is to crawl out from under their rocks and go check it out.

Is it really going to happen?

Finally, finally, finally, Greenville is going to have a heart that actually beats? If this works with Dickinson and the river and the parking deck...(And the hotel..??!!) maybe people will realize they don't have to leave this town to find a home rich in culture, diversity, and LIFE!

The best thing this city

The best thing this city could do for downtown is to get rid of the bars and make the downtown a friendly environment to visit. I hope this venture works.

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Bless your heart