June 19, 2016

In June, during the first week of my first summer job at a discount shoe store, an older lady came in and I moved to wait on her. She said, “I would like to see some shoes.” Since the store conspicuously included the word “shoe” in its name, I was amused and answered like…

June 19, 2016

The race to globalize American sports in the last 10 years has been an explosive and expansive one.

In the last calendar year, the NBA, NFL and Major League Baseball all played at least one regular season game outside North America.

In the late 1990s, even NASCAR extended itself outside U.S.…

NASCAR Michigan Xfinity Auto Racing-5

June 18, 2016

My mother recently asked me to "come look at this snake in the grass" while I was doing yard work for her. I said I was too busy to watch presidential candidates on TV, but it turned out to be an actual snake stretched out in the lawn.

Black snakes are a common sight this time of year outside…

June 14, 2016

LUBBOCK, Texas — In what turned out to be an intense, wild and mostly competitive weekend of NCAA super regional baseball between East Carolina and Texas Tech, the most important thing that was established was the Pirates proved their worth and put up more of a fight than the No. 5…

NCAA E Carolina Texas Tech Baseball

June 12, 2016

Jeff Gordon has been a polarizing figure in NASCAR since he showed up on the scene in the early 1990s.

It was only a matter of time, then, before that translated to his new gig in the television booth for FOX Sports, which is what happened Monday when a verbal joust between Gordon and Brad…

June 11, 2016

During this time for honoring fathers, I find myself appreciating, more than ever, the terrible worry I put mine through as a teenager. Now I have my own teenagers and my own worry.

As if it’s not enough that my oldest daughter, Carly, is motoring about in a car, she now insists on driving to…

June 07, 2016

For East Carolina, it does not get any sweeter than the Pirates’ 1991 football team beating rival N.C. State in the Peach Bowl to finish 11-1 and No. 9 in country. It is the best team accomplishment in ECU sports history.

What the Pirate baseball team did at the NCAA Charlottesville Regional…

NCAA Virginia East Carolina Baseball

June 05, 2016

You knew it was coming.

As dominant as Martin Truex Jr. and Furniture Row Racing had been, you knew the day was coming when there would be no loose lugnut, no late-race pit confusion, no crashes to avoid. The day was coming when they were going to put it all together and close out a win.


NASCAR Texas Auto Racing

June 04, 2016

The last time I attempted a brake repair on an automobile, I was a teenager. The only thing that stopped afterward was my desire to ever work on brakes again.

This time around, the teenage driver is my daughter, and I'm determined to avoid another perilous outcome.

My decision to tackle the job…

June 01, 2016

The key to getting to Omaha, Neb., for the College World Series is consistently hosting regionals and super regionals. The next step for East Carolina is to get at least one regional victory.

East Carolina is the No. 3 seed in the Charlottesville Regional hosted by Virginia this week and it will be…

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