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Clark: Poverty’s grip a constant

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As 2013 ended, UNC law school professor and former dean of the school Gene Nichol finished a year-long series of articles looking at poverty’s continuing and growing presence in North Carolina. From his work and what has gone before, it is disheartening how the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Nichol reports in his series that 18 percent of the state’s population live in poverty. For children, the rate is much higher. He also cites federal government statistics showing how 10 eastern N.C. counties have poverty rates surpassing 20 percent and that this rate has persisted for 30 years.

I mention this because we have contemplated poverty and the issues surrounding it at the Reflector as well, and the results echo Nichol’s reports.

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*"will, mean, and patience"

*"will, mean, and patience" is another way to say let's throw more money at the problem which is another way to say wealth redistribution which is another way to say take from the makers and give to the takers. *that's what we've been doing for decades to no avail.

Taxes for the very wealthy

Taxes for the very wealthy should be based on how much job creation they accomplish. The rich will make job creation happen to keep more of their money. The government is terrible at job creation. It can spend a million dollars to create a $40k job for two years. Where does the rest of it go? Political cronies I suspect.

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Bless your heart
Bless your heart