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Guest: Let facts drive policy on weapons

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Hikers, and joggers, and guns. Oh, my!” Like the scary scene from the Wizard of Oz, whenever states pass or expand concealed handgun laws, critics whisper from the shadows of the Haunted Forest with dire prognostications of shootouts at traffic lights or, most recently, in state and municipal parks. Invariably, they are wrong.

“It’s probably not a good idea to argue with a stranger over a parking space at a state park or confront a reckless cyclist on your local greenway.

They might have a loaded handgun hidden in their belt,” warns “progressive” fear-monger Chris Fitzsimon of N.C. Policy Watch.

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Hopefully the entire city council will be disabused...

...and rescind their over-reaching and illegal park ban ordinance. It's going to cost THOUSANDS of our tax dollars for them to make and post signs that only make our parks MORE DANGEROUS! And the law is going to be over-turned eventually anyway resulting in MORE WASTED money in hopeless attempts to defend the bad ordinance in court. Defenselessness = good, self-responsibility = bad, dog park = playground, spending citizens tax dollars to defend these absurd positions = abuse of power.

Let facts drive policy on weapons

I totally agree. The only excuse for legally violating someone's Constitutional rights is that it be in the interest of "Public Safety". The evidence clearly shows that restrictions on the Second Amendment result in more crime and violence. This is a clear cause-and-effect relationship with statistical backing. That said, there is no evidence that these restrictive gun laws promotes "Public Safety", but there is plenty of evidence that proves it has a negative impact on "Public Safety".

Marion B.

I hope Marion Blackburn reads this. She made by far the most anti-gun comments at the city council meeting on Nov. 14th. She also demonstrated her contempt for laws enacted at the state level, voicing her decided preference for local control when it comes to concealed carry restrictions.

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