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Linker: Seize benefits of Obamacare

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After passing into law in 2010, health reform, often called Obamacare by supporters and detractors alike, faced two existential threats. The question of whether the law would stand or fall was first put to the U.S. Supreme Court and then it was put to the electorate. Through both tests, Obamacare survived.

Now that the fog of election season has cleared we can see that the nation will move forward with health reform. That means that the state, and we as the community of Pitt County, must answer two questions of our own. First, will we take full advantage of the benefits of reform? Second, will we take control of how health reform is implemented in North Carolina?

We must consider these questions now because state legislators will take them up when they reconvene in January of next year.

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*to alone--very well said.

*to alone--very well said.

you forgot something

I think the letter writer forgets that the "federal funding" he is refering to is paid for by working people in the U.S. Yes, even the working people in NC. Lets me get this straight. I live in NC and pay alot in federal taxes. That tax money goes to the federal government. The federal government turns around and gives it back to the state to pay for a health reform act that it, the federal government, imposed on us. That sounds like money laundering to me. That "federal funding" comes out of my paycheck every week. Oh yeah, lets not forget one more thing. That "federal funding" mentioned, comes out of a bank account that has a balance of -16,000,000,000,000. "Federal funding" of any sort is probably a bad idea right now.


Who pays for setting up the state administrations required by the Affordable Care Law? Is it the federal government or the state? In either case, the cost of administration is overwhelming in these times. The ACA would be wonderful, if, and that is a very big if, the public revenues of both states and the federal government could afford it. Right now our national debt is over 16 trillion dollars, our national economic growth rate is less that 2% per year, over 20% of our working population is either under or unemployed and our homeowners are being evicted daily because they have lost their job. Our nationwide electric grid is badly in need of modernization and our energy with all the jobs it provided is being snuffed out by EPA regulations. However, if you and all your professional associates in the medical profession, and the hospitals and treatment facilities agree to treat all without pay of any kind, then the ACA can operate quite smoothly. Universal healthcare is great if you have the power to run it and the money to pay for it. We have neither.

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