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Man hit by 2 vehicles, dies from injuries Read More



Alleged Walmart shooter indicted

By Kristin Zachary

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A man who allegedly armed himself with a shotgun in June and blasted away in a Greenville shopping area shot four people because of their race, religion or similar factors, indictments show.

Lakim Anthony Faust, 23, used a shotgun to shoot one man at 11:44 a.m. Friday in the parking lot of Kellum Law Firm, Greenville police reported. Then he walked across the street to the Walmart parking lot and allegedly shot three more people at close range before police shot him.

Faust was indicted Monday by a Pitt County grand jury on 14 charges, including four counts attempted first-degree murder and three counts assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill inflicting serious injury.

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Sad but a dose...

This is tragic and wrong. However, please note now when a black man shoots 'white people because they are white" it makes so many here angry and mad....yet white people have killed and enslaved blacks for hundreds of years and it was ok???? get real...... I hope he gets the needle but some of you white people who are so angry about this need to be able to stop your own racism and also acknowledge innocent black people who are killed daily and there is no justice. This is something our closed minded southern culture continues to ignore since slave days. I bet half of you would own a slave tomorrow if it was legal again. Do you need examples? This is wrong and so is killing A N Y O N E of ANY RACE, it should not be an outrage when white people are killed it should be when people of all races are killed.

Just pointing out

Hate comes in many forms and from many directions. The shooter will get his, and rightly so. Now go out there and make the world a better place. It's the only right thing to do.

If I95 Wants to talk about hate

He should talk to the piece of trash that went around shooting people because of the color of their skin. This punk has been on the public dollar for most of his life already and that doesn't seem like it will be changing anytime soon. At least he's off the street.

Hate come in a lot of forms math teacher

and yours is always on display.

I95 Hate Does Take Several Forms

But, it's one thing to tell me that you hate my guts because I'm white (had that happen to me many years ago). Malcolm X commonly expressed those sentiments, which I chalked up to his opinion. It's another thing to blow half of my jaw off because I'm white. So, I95, loving everyone unconditionally because of their skin color or race is as foolish as hating everyone for the same reason. Wasn't it King who said something about judging someone by the content of their character?.....

*you can bet this young man

*you can bet this young man gave the school system big time challenges since kindergarten. there was probably no saving this man even way before he hit kindergarten. *when will parents wake up and take responsibility and RAISE their children from the delivery table? why? because parents act like the parents they had. *where is the naacp on this?

Look at the eyes

Man look at that facial experession....dead lifeless scary eyes--like a doll's eyes. The blank expression shows a man who would kill anyone for anything.....


No wonder the public thinks the media downplays certain crimes. But then again sometimes being politically correct is more important than fair and balanced reporting. Got to guide us ignorant readers to the true path of enlightened thinking.

Strange how the police and

Strange how the police and the reflector tried to make a point that it was not a hate crime. Well not really.

took you long enough

This should have been labeled a racial hate crime right away. But the libs didn't want to label one of their own. So, if Obama had a son,..... And where is William Barber and his NAACP crowd on this one? No where to be found. Probably destroying the buffet at Golden Coral.

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