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Dog owner found in bite incident

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The owner of a dog that reportedly bit a 2-year-old at an off-leash dog park has been identified and is working with Greenville Animal Control to resolve the matter, police reported this afternoon.

Police said the incident is not a criminal investigation and no charges are being sought.

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There's a sign on the front gate

...that reads, in one inch tall, red, capital letters, "For their protection, no children under 55" are permitted inside the fenced area." Either someone is illiterate, or ignorant. Possibly both.

You have to be a responsile..

You have to be a responsible parent as well, Gvegas ;) The 2 year old had no business being there, as per the stated rules. Responsibility goes both ways here.

Hope the owner will come forth as if not

the shots are very painful for rabies (human needed) and being such a young child. Come on Lady fess up if your dog was up to date. You have to be a responsible animal owner!

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Bless your heart