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Employee among 101 arrests

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A Cooke Communications employee was among 101 people arrested last week in a fugitive roundup led by the U.S. Marshals Service.

Wilbourne Michael Smith, 45, was arrested on March 12 for felony possession of cocaine and possession of drug paraphernalia, according to officials with the Pitt County Sheriff’s Office.

Smith was employed with Cooke Communications North Carolina, which publishes The Daily Reflector, at the time of his arrest.

For the complete article, please pick up a copy of The Daily Reflector. Current home delivery and electronic edition subscribers may log in to access this article at no charge. To become a subscriber, please click here or contact Customer Service at (252) 329-9505.


Somebody Hit Nerve 2

Again I will try to post about the truth(since my comments have been blocked, as some other peoples completly deleted), because the way this went down is UGLY!!!! Cooke Communication has disgraced the Community with improper reporting, and fired an honest man who admitted to his mistake. HR Should admit to theirs, and should have not lumped his case into the sting, which is what was inaccurate, The US Marshals did not have them on their fugitive sting list, and didnt go looking for him (They could have found him at any time, with his family or at work like he was supposed to be.) I strongly feel you didn't give him the support that you gave others because he didn't hurt anyone, he didnt steal, and he made your company alot of money by being so likeable to all of his customers. Good luck trying to find a replacement. Maybe try retracting the enitre article, instad of just delting comments that tell the trutgh about your company's business practices.

Wrongful termination

Just wanted to say that I know Mike, and he is very willing and ready to suffer the consequences of putting himself in the situation (which isnt quite as it appears) He is the first person to not blame anyone but himself, but the facts need to be told. There was no arrest warrant, and he wasn't a fugitive. His company should have stood behind him, like he did when everyone left. I had to call him this morning to tell him he was fired after reading it online. This is wrongful termination and I hope he can sue the same Company he loved to work for, for Slander. Reflector you need to make this right.


Is what I feel whenever I see the Daily Dejector in print. People are WAAAAYY better off getting their news from a reputable source. And the Daily Dejector AINT it!

Mike is in no way a fugitive

Mike is in no way a fugitive in this community. Yes, he made a mistake, haven't we all. I'm sure that there are those at the paper who have made a few of their own and did not get fired. I know for a fact that Mike worked hard for The Daily Reflector and supported his employer in a time when they needed him......Where is that support from you. Why kick a man down at his lowest to save face for your paper! Was there really a need to run this article!!

convicted by media

Come on DR arent you supposed to have you facts straight before you go to print. Was this necessary to post picture in the paper again, and link him with the 101 people who were fugitives(Where are there pictures). These were outstanding warrants and fugitives, and totally unrelated to what happened to Mr Smith, even his employer had not told him he was fired until the family read your article, because they were waiting on drug test results (which were negative)! I guess with the jail bookings, and a newspaper that doesnt check sources, People are Guilty no matter if they are proven innocent. Leave this Family alone, from what I hear he was one of the top salespeople, and did so many good things for his friends! I hope you are forced to print a retraction. Or better yet just delete the entire article. And if Cooke Communications doesnt allow their employees to prove their innocence or offer help (if they need it), and publishes an article to let their employee know they are fired, than what does that say about them. Praying for the family and the messed up media.


This is a big misunderstanding, and its unfortunate that facts have not neen reported correctly. This was a seperate incident resulting from a traffic violation and this was unrelated to the fugitive sting. People hopefully will go on what they know about a person, and not believe what they hear( or read) A retraction should be printed. People do make mistakes and owning up to them is one thing, but having to deal with incorrect information is another.

I'm curious...........

What part of the public interest does this serve? This gentleman has already been embarrassed with family and friends for his mistake. Is it really necessary to add insult to injury and bring it to light this way as well?

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