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Varying accounts of Faust emerge

By Kristin Zachary

The Daily Reflector

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Details that emerged Monday painted contrasting images of the man accused in Friday’s shooting spree.

Lakim Anthony Faust, 23, faced attempted murder charges as a teen, was denied a permit to purchase a handgun in August and was banned from Pitt Community College for disciplinary problems. However, local organizations where he worked and volunteered described him as a polite person who liked to lend a helping hand.

Faust used a shotgun to shoot one man about 11:40 a.m. Friday in the parking lot of Kellum Law Firm, Greenville police reported. Then he walked across the street to the Walmart parking lot and shot three more people at close range before police shot him. Police said the four victims and Faust all are expected to survive.

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These type of criminal minded

These type of criminal minded persons must have to put in the mental hospital so that the neighbors can walk through the street without any fear of being killed. Faust should be banned from the country. And the police must take necessary action. computer help

It makes you wonder what does

It makes you wonder what does a guy like this think about when doing this. What was his problem? Does anybody have any explanation to that? There are some statistics and studies on this kind of situations at ClarkeArms.com. It turns out that owning a gun increases your security levels as the security of those around you.

Is this the new face of terrorism

Was this young man doing this in the name of Allah . If this young man was recruited by some Islamic extreme group we as a nation are in grave danger. This man certainly showed signs of antisocial personality. He shot white citizens only is this not extremely worrisome for everyone everywhere.

What qualified him for Social Security?

Just asking, and again a WONDERFUL job by our Justice system who let this low life out on society. Sounds like he was a "ticking time bomb" which went off last Friday in Greenville. So disgusted, and yeah where is the hate crime offense, since he was black and he went after whites? Amazing huh?

another example

Another example of how our government wastes our tax money. Supporting people like this. Maybe if he had not been given a check every month, he would have had to get a job. Then maybe he would not have had time to sit in his rent assisted apartment thinking about killing people. The people that paid his bills. Just let me keep my money and invest it in my best interest, instead of paying into social security to support people like this.

"He probably has some sort of

"He probably has some sort of mental instability" Yup, which means there is a shrink somewhere in the background. Who is perhaps best qualified to tell us about the mental state of the perp and what his motivations were. But we will never hear more of this person. It also means Faust was taking anti-depressants at some point. Just like all the other 'Columbine-client' type shooters. Like I sez, watch for that black trenchcoat somewhere in his history(or his closet).


The weird thing is we still don't know a lot about certain antipsychotics, antidepressants and so forth. In other words, in some cases we know a lot, and in other cases we're not sure how the med does what it does. In some cases, these meds do a lot of good. But in some cases, they make people extremely violent, paranoid and so forth. Take Mellaril for example. It may calm Jane Doe down and allow her to work a 9 to 5 job. But it may cause John Doe to become violent enough to hurt somebody. You seem to know how these work. But I'm not sure if I'm helping to contribute to the discussion, or making it more unclear for others. The main thing to know is...sometimes the meds work, sometimes they don't. Sometimes the meds have bad side effects, and in others they don't. Sometimes they cause other problems (Geodon is known to cause diabetes for example), and sometimes they don't. So it's entirely possible that somebody switched the meds on this guy recently. Or he stopped visiting his psychiatrist or family doctor. Or he stopped taking his meds, even though his doc told him to stay on them. I guess we'll have to wait and see if that info comes out. The HIPPA act makes it nearly impossible to discover these things, you know. I'm amazed that we found out as much about the Aurora Movie Theater shooter as we did.

His Handler

Forget the shrink drugs. Focus on the shrink. That was his handler.


Good point about how the laws work. I'm hoping that police find out how that shotgun was purchased. I'm willing to bet it was either (a) stolen or (b) straw purchased by a girlfriend or close buddy. If we find out that option B is correct, the offending parties need to be sitting in jail right beside Mr. Faust. At the risk of repeating myself, we should ENFORCE the laws already on the books. The pistol permit process worked. One other gent called his weaponry an "upgrade." Obviously not, since he fired at point blank range on one guy and didn't manage to kill him--thank God for that! He probably has some sort of mental instability, and that explains the $700 Social Security payments. This will all come out in the trial. He has few friends and/or family as well, which could be part of the problem. I'm not saying that a poor upbringing EXCUSES his adult behavior, but it can cause this sort of thing. I say this because other than his boss at the Lucille Gorham Center, nobody has went on camera to call him a "good boy" yet. I'll also conjecture that he came from a single parent family. I'm sure there will be plenty of mad single parents who will complain about that statement, and they'll claim to be the exception. But facts don't lie--kids from single parent homes are more likely to go to jail, more likely to be promiscuous, more likely to abuse drugs, etc.

There will be no trial.

"This will all come out in the trial." There will be no trial. He will be held incommunicado for a year or two, and will then one day reappear, just begging for the right to plead guilty. In the depths of the criminal justice system, no one can hear you scream.

Another Terrorist on the Public dole

Pay close attention to the second to last paragraph of the story. This seemingly healthy guy capable of cleaning bathrooms, gardening , and enrolling himself in educational institutions was recieving $600-700 a month from SOCIAL SECURITY. No wonder there will be nothing left of the money I have no choice but to put into that system. It's going to people like this guy and the Boston Chechens. It's buying pressure cookers and shotguns to be used against the society that sustains these morons. The police had a valid opportunity to kill this guy, and sadly they didn't take it. From the day he was born until the day he dies his entire life will have been subsidized by the taxpayers of this country. Why?

Four white males shot. I

Four white males shot. I haven't heard a peep from the so-called activists against violence. Where is CAR? Was it a hate crime? Was it a racist crime?

Faust Denied Pistol Permit

The handgun permit law did us little good, except to upgrade Faust's armament. Instead of him having a pipsqeak handgun with which to terrorize the community, he chose a repeating 12 gauge shotgun. In this instance, the end effect of gun control served no purpose except to increase the lethality of the would-be killer's weapon. I'm waiting to hear how he made it through the NICS System. I bet he (or someone else) violated a dozen federal laws. Gun laws don't keep killers from killing, but good guys with guns do...

True About Long Guns

But more has come out about this cat's history. It seems that he has a juvie charge for either murder or attempted murder from 2004 on Maryland. While most records don't follow a person past age 18, that one may have been the deciding factor in why his pistol permit was turned down. So the question remains...the NICS instant check had to be done on that shotgun the last time it was sold through a legit dealer (big box store, pawn shop, gun shop, gun show). Who bought it? Why aren't they being questioned? Was the shotgun stolen, or was this a straw purchase? If it was a straw purchase, then why isn't that person at the Magistrate's office being charged?

Weatherization program? Is

Weatherization program? Is that an Obama scam?


A simple Google search would answer your first question (http://www.pittcc.edu/continuing-education/programs/construction-and-sustainable-energy/). Your second question suggests that you really aren't interested in the answer to the first question.


Cause you know how duh brothers be scamming us. What a bitter comment.

The NICS Check Worked

Obviously, Sheriff Elks' decision and the NICS system worked, because this dude was DENIED a permit. So how did he get the shotgun? A straw purchaser perhaps? The person who sold him that shotgun should be in jail right now. The problem with our country is that we don't enforce the laws already on the books.

No permit required

A permit is not required for shotguns and rifles, though such purchases usually are subject to background checks. A bill currently moving forward in the state House would end the requirement that people obtain permits to buy handguns.

baburns wrote:A permit is not

baburns wrote:
A permit is not required for shotguns and rifles, though such purchases usually are subject to background checks. A bill currently moving forward in the state House would end the requirement that people obtain permits to buy handguns.
Shotgun and rifle purchases are always subjected to background checks with only one exception. That exception is when a person has already undergone backgrounds checks, taken a mandatory class, and holds a concealed carry permit. Incidentally, a pistol purchase permit costs $5 whereas the concealed carry permit costs around $200 for application and training fees. The purchase permit is received in around 5-10 days. The concealed carry permit? Close to 90 days and in some counties even longer than that. The bill you reference would end the requirement to obtain a purchase permit from the county Sheriff but would not change the NICS (National Instant Criminal Background Check System)requirement.

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