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Code Enforcement Officer A. J. Basile checks the safety of an electrical box on an abandoned home near ECU on Thursday afternoon. (Rhett Butler/The Daily Reflector)
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Code Enforcement Officer A. J. Basile checks the safety of an electrical box on an abandoned home near ECU on Thursday afternoon. (Rhett Butler/The Daily Reflector)

Leaving a mess behind

“With the kids moving back home or moving out, we just kind of get a rush of furniture and stuff at the curb . . .”

A.J. Basile
code enforcement officer

By Jane Dail

The Daily Reflector

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As thousands of college students pack up for the summer and leave town this weekend, Greenville officials said many have the tendency to leave something else: A mess.

This weekend is one the busiest of the year for moving, especially in the college area, Greenville Police Department Code Enforcement Officer A.J. Basile said. The exodus can pose safety hazards and eyesores.

Basile and Code Enforcement Officer Johnnie Butler patrolled areas in the Tar River university neighborhood on Thursday, spotting old furniture, rotting food and other refuse the roadsides.

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The day after Christmas is the same, but City picks that up

Student turnover week is no different than Christmas. It is a known event where massive amounts of trash will be put on the curb on whatever days of the week follow ECU graduation. But unlike Christmas - where the city schedules extra pickup days to get all the extra trash picked up THAT IS LEFT BY EVERYBODY before it is spread up and down the streets by New Year - it is not done for student turnover week. Why? Apparently the same logic doesn't apply? Duh! And don't state the students should take care of it - they don't have the equipment or resources and everybody knows it. If you really want to be fair about this, then the city should stop picking up everyone's trash after Christmas. Let everybody have to take their own trash to the landfill - let them stand in the students' shoes. Either that, or use the same common sense logic used after Christmas and plan and deal with this yearly event accordingly. Otherwise, stop whining about it, because whining is not going to change anything.

Jack1919: Common courtesy is

Jack1919: Common courtesy is that people pick up behind themselves.


Here's a better idea. How about the students show some personal responsibility and clean up after themselves? Just because they bring revenue to the city doesn't make them better than the year round residents

here is a novel idea

PICK IT UP!!! I am sick of these code enforcement officers running around writing useless warnings and tickets I suggest that the City get a truck with a couple of workers and just pick the darn stuff up The students bring a lot of revenue to this City and on these days of moving the City should use their head and have extra trucks out there picking the stuff up!! How about it Council , lets use your head!

Totally agree

Love how our code enforcement only does some but not others (trust me I know). Just let the trucks pick it up and be done. Like the city doesn't know this time of year there will be refuse on the streets? Geez, do your job.

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Bless your heart