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Markelby Jerome Ward
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Markelby Jerome Ward

Man pleads guilty in death

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A 23-year-old Greenville man pleaded guilty Tuesday to killing woman on Raleigh Avenue who was telling him to stop shooting his gun in the street.

Markelby Jerome Ward, 23, of Greenville, pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter as part of plea deal in Pitt County Superior Court.

He will serve a minimum of 68 months and a maximum of 91 months in prison. All other charges were dropped.

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Omahabch- Use the correct terminology. Jeesh.

"NICE edit, Now your awake? I got mine in before you can override. LOL" In this statement you use the word "your." The appropriate terminology you should have used would be "you're," which is the same are "you are." Also, I am not sure why the word "now" starts with a capital letter. Is it a proper noun? I am not even going to get into the rest of your comment. Hope you have a wonderful day. Jeesh.

HUH?Today is Monday, jeesh.

HUH? Today is Monday, jeesh. That's inexcusable Editor, your fault. Or do I read it wrong. Nah, no court on Sunday which was yesterday, the day before today, Monday, which means Tuesday is tomorrow. There is no new hearing set for "today." With a period no less. Try," Today, a hearing was set for Tuesday." tomorrow. NICE edit, Now your awake? I got mine in before you can override. LOL

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