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Dillon Michael Sivulka
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Dillon Michael Sivulka

Police make narcotics sale arrests

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Local alcohol law enforcement on Wednesday announced it had arrested seven people on narcotics charges as part of a six-month investigation into activity near East Carolina University and off-campus housing.

The Law Enforcement Division of the Pitt County ABC Board and the North Carolina Alcohol Law Enforcement Division concluded the major portion of an ongoing narcotics investigation with arrests made between April 16 and April 24, Pitt County ABC reported.

The arrests were the result of investigation by both agencies into the sale of illegal narcotics and prescription medication by college students to college students, a news release from the agency said.

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Picture #4 Either he has been sharing the same button down plaid shirt the last dozen or so fellas have been wearing in the daily jail bookings or they all must belong to the same civic organization in our area.

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