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Police: Sexual assault fabricated

By Jane Dail

The Daily Reflector

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East Carolina University police have determined a student fabricated a report that she was sexually assaulted on Monday.

Chief Scott Shelton said the department will not file any charges against the student, according to a news release issued on Wednesday.

Police received a call about 12:45 a.m. that a female student was assaulted on campus near Christenbury Gym.

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Justice for Duh

http://elizabethtown.wect.com/news/news/50874-courtney-melvin-leaves-east-carolina Melvin was never dismissed from the team or school. Why don't you get your facts straight before you post your ignorant bigoted white-hating rants.

Uneven coverage....

The original story was large headlines top of front page making all involved look and sound bad including ECU's campus.When the facts are sorted out the story drops to bottom of page.Statistically I'm sure many more readers miss the correction down there.


You are for once correct..... HOWEVER. Courtney was black and was harshly punished lost her basketball career and admission to ecu. This student is WHITE, no punishment and the dean of counseling is mentioned as if she needs help? Sound familiar? I a sure you will look past all of this and not see the point, deny that these are facts, and justify what goes on here in Pitt county when you are whit with money, you get away with more than others. I worked for the court system for many years and I am white and I saw it with my own two eyes. Same DWI or minor drug charge on a spotless record on a white boy and black boy guess who gets "rehab or treatment and charges expunged off the record' and guess who goes to jail and gets a criminal record?

She should be charged

If the other lady was charged , this individual should be charged. "A similar incident occurred in August 2011, when an ECU basketball player reported she was assaulted near the stadium complex. Courtney Melvin, then-17, was charged for filing a false report and withdrew from the university." This is where folks police and others get into discrimination troubles, is this girl white and the other black,Is this girl from a well to do family and the other girl wasn't. This discrimination happened at PCC a couple of years ago and they are still smarting from possible discrimination. You must be consistent and it is not up to the police or administration to make the decisions. If you do it to one , You must do it to others, otherwise the police are acting as judge and jury. She must be charged in accordance with the law.

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