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Police, universities oppose gun bill

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Police chiefs at ECU and 16 other universities on Monday released a statement opposing a bill that would allow guns on campus.

House Bill 937, co-sponsored by Reps. Brian Brown, R­-Pitt, and Susan Martin, R-Wilson, would allow people with a valid concealed handgun permit to keep them “in a locked compartment in a vehicle on the premises of a community college or public or private university.”

The bill passed its third reading last month in the state House and its first reading in the Senate. It has been in the Committee on Rules and Operations of the Senate since May 8.

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Not Everyone is Opposed

There is a small but vocal minority that is NOT opposed to pistols on campus. But nobody wants to read the particulars of the bill, which are as follows: 1. The only people who can have pistols on campus are TRAINED.....often by deputy sheriffs who moonlight as CCW instructors. Thus they know to lock the darn things up. 2. The guns MUST BE locked up. They cannot legally carry on campus. 3. These students are not immature freshmen. They must be over 21, which means they're more mature, often employed, and many are veterans with firearms training. They won't be STUPID with guns. Illegal guns are already on campus in the hands of criminals, or did we forget the dude who was convicted of assaulting an ECU coed two weeks ago? He wasn't carrying a BB gun when he kidnapped that kid. He was carrying a real gun, and did unspeakable things to that girl. Another example is the murderer of Eve Carson, whose dad was a University Faculty member. He wasn't technically on the UNC-CH campus, but he was familiar enough with the surroundings to kidnap Eve Carson. Hypocrisy from the anti-gun crowd? Yep, I believe so!

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