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Cameron Thomaz after his arrest.
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Cameron Thomaz after his arrest.

Rapper arrested after ECU show

The Daily Reflector

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A rapper who perfomed at East Carolina University on Monday was arrested and charged with several marijuana violations, according to jail records.

Cameron Thomaz, 22, who performs under the stage name Wiz Kalifa, was charged with trafficking marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, and maintaining a place for the sale of marijuana.

Thomaz perfomed Monday night at Wright Auditorium and was arrested by East Carolina University police after the show. He was placed in Pitt County Detention Center about 1:40 Tuesday morning in lieu of a $300,000 bond.

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I agree with mk - Greenville

I agree with mk - Greenville PD are nothing but a bunch of low life jackholes that probably got the s**t beat out of them in high school. They're more concerned with how to get money out of people for irrelevant issues than dealing with actual crime going on in this town - ie: more concerned with handing out drinking tickets to those individuals that are OF AGE Halloween weekend then dealing with the shootings/murders that were occurring two blocks over. The same bulls**t happened when the guy from Laguna Beach/The Hills came to Greenville and was arrested for underage drinking when that occurs on a daily basis in this town. All Greenville PD is trying to do is "make an example" out of these individuals and make some money so that these pathetic excuses for "police officers" can sleep soundly at night. Get over yourselves you pigs - why don't you go scope out a drug bust at Krispy Kreme if that will make you feel better about yourselves and your disgusting lives.

And here is how you show yourself

immature, disrespectful, totally dependant on your parents or the government for everything, and completely disconnected with reality and the responsibilities with being an adult. I hope you grow up before you get dead but I'm not sure you're that smart

Real Class Greenville Police

Grow up GPD why don't you go stop a shooting or stop a girl from getting raped, oh wait you have to bust a rapper that ECU paid for on smoking herb, grown up do something important with your lives

Way to go ECU. You should be

Way to go ECU. You should be proud of your accomplishments in the ethnic and diversity areas. Keep up the good work. Maybe next time you can bring in a role model for blacks that is actually in prison. How's that ehtnic and diversity program working out for you? What a waste of money.

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Bless your heart
Bless your heart