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Lakim Anthony Faust
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Lakim Anthony Faust

Shooting suspect identified

By Kristin Zachary

The Daily Reflector

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Greenville police on Sunday identified a man suspected in Friday's shooting spree as Lakim Anthony Faust, 23, of Greenville.

Based on the information gathered so far, detectives believe Faust went from his apartment at 217 Hartford St. with the intent to inflict mass casualties on innocent people, the police department reported. He is charged with shooting four people, one outside Kellum Law Firm and three in the parking lot of Walmart. Police then shot him.

Chief Hassan Aden said at a Sunday morning news conference that the man has no significant criminal history, just property crime and resisting officers in the past. He remains at Vidant Medical Center where he is being treated for his wounds. He is in police custody at the hospital.

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Upon learning about the shooting, all I heard for the remaining of the day was whether he was black or white. That seems to be the question here in the South whenever a crime has been convicted. That's not what is important! For this young man to have taken this kind of action, we need to ask what triggered him to take this step. When a person becomes this unstable there has to be some type of mental infraction. Most times there are signs of some sort of mental breakdown. Did this young man show any evidence of mental instability? If so, prayerfully he will get the help that he needs now. My prayers goes out to the victims and their families, as well as to this young man and his family. Nobody wins in this situation, because lives have been altered due to this tragedy.

Was he a Manchurian Candidate?

I have studied these types of shootings for a long time and my conclusion is that many of them are victims of MK-Ultra mind control. Look for evidence this guy had been mentally 'treated' at one point, or at least was taking anti-depressants. The acid test will be the failure of the police to come up with a believable motive.


Normally, we don't get these mass shooters alive. For once, I'd like to see us get to the bottom of their rationales before they "lawyer up and shut up." Not for media publicity, but to get some real professionals to analyze this guy--MDs, Psychiatrists, Criminal Profilers. Sure, evil people will always be with us, but mass shootings are a 1960s and later phenomenon. It isn't guns, because guns have always been in the US in large numbers. Something odd morally has happened...could it be the breakdown of the nuclear family, the fact that we have taken discipline away from teachers, Cable TV, video games, and so forth? All of the above? NONE of the above? I have no answers....but this sort of thing is going to continue unless we address the root causes.

what a shame

what a shame that a young man could think this way,

No math teacher it is not.

Not even close.

this is an example

of what the Immoral Monday protesters are fighting for. The poor! See todays opinion letters. Sheesh!

Your logic

On this is outstanding!

A great police response but

A great police response but at least one bullet short from getting the job done.

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