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From left to right: Nicholas Del Rio, 4, and Michelle Avila Del Rio, place flowers outside the Hustle Mart where three workers were shot and killed during the robbery at 10 p.m. on Sunday.  Michelle said she had been at the store earlier that same night.  Monday, April 2, 2012.
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Aileen Devlin/The Daily Reflector

From left to right: Nicholas Del Rio, 4, and Michelle Avila Del Rio, place flowers outside the Hustle Mart where three workers were shot and killed during the robbery at 10 p.m. on Sunday. Michelle said she had been at the store earlier that same night. Monday, April 2, 2012.

Robbery claims three; video added

By The Daily Reflector

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A Farmville Central High School sophomore and two coworkers died after a robbery and shooting Sunday night at a Farmville convenience store, officials said.

Mokbel Mohamed Almujanhi, 16, known to his friends as Sam, was shot along with Nabil Nasser Saeed Al'mogannahi, 26, and Gaber Alawi, 24, about 10 p.m. at the Hustle Mart on N.C. 121 at Stantonsburg Road, according to the Pitt County Sheriff's Office.

Almujanhi's father operated the store, officials said. Friends from school came to the store Monday afternoon to bring flowers and leave their signatures on banners in memory of the victims.

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A Sad Day

I can not agree more with Geoff. The loss of life here is tragic. My heart and prayers go out to the family during this time. I hope as a community that everyone unites to try find the monsters that did this and bring them to justice. I do not believe these 3 individuals reflect the community as a whole. I hope and pray that if anyone knows anything that they will do the right thing and go to the authorities or turn themselves in. Once again my deepest sympathies and prayers are with the family.

I need folks to stop being so

I need folks to stop being so insensitive about issues going on in our communities! Death is not a laughing matter! I can not understand how people pass judgement before they take a look at themselves in the mirror! Jesse and Al did not have anything to do with this shooting and instead of blaming folks, pray for the families! I hate to say this but it's the same folks sitting in church on Sunday saying they love the Lord and people; but in the same breath, sit behind a computer screen spew hate! My heart and condolences are with the families and as well as the shooter! He or she needs it, too!

So sad for the victims

So sad for the victim's families, for acts of violence that took their lives, so unnecessary. Sad for the community as a whole and sad for the state of affairs of our country. We should ALL be mourning for these individuals and their families. I cannot begin to imagine the horror and grief their families feel at this time. We all want justice, but for now, there should be mourning and grieving for the families. Just will came at a later time. This is America, we expect better and we expect Americans to act better toward their fellow mankind. So senseless and the murderers will have no pity nor support for these acts. There is NO reason this occurred.

OK..Did he enroll in school

OK..Did he enroll in school here in January of 2011 or did he just move to PC about a month ago...??0_O

Grow UP

As not a member of NAACP, as white woman..we need to educate ourselves on the organizations. These comments are unfair to think they would condone such behavior. These men/boys are moron and as a HUMAN race its just simply wrong. However, this story will never make world news because of the area we live in , but human that wear hoodies- men and women-shouldnt be put in the category with these losers. But I guess we all can say what we want hiding behind a username.

The Black mayor of Philadelphia says your wrong!

He is begging Black youth to stop the violence, stop Hiding behind hoodies and pull up their pants!!!

Actually they do condone this behavior

Didn't the SCLC "threaten" to move their headquarters to Greenville if James Richardson received the death penalty? If that is not a show of support for this behavior, I don't know what is.

Death Penalty

I'm guessing we wont hear anything from the NAACP on this one. Unless these guys get arrested, then the NAACP will be there to defend them.

Death Penalty

This is nothing less than a death penalty case for all three involved. These thugs don't even deserve a trail.

Where are all the race

Where are all the race baiters and NAACP bigots. One guy is wearing a hoodie. Hypocritcal and disgusting.

Pieces of Trash

Are what these three are, yet when they get arrested the only concern you will see will be for "their" rights. They forfeited ALL of their rights when they stepped into the store to commit the robbery. WHY do you have to kill people that are just simply trying to make their way in the world with a real job? If it's money you want then take it and let them live. These guys combined are not worth a single hair on a gnats arse. I pray for the victims and their families, and also that justice will come to those that did the crime.


If the local NAACP has a petition on this I will gladly sign. I missed the Florida one.

Wearing hoodies?

Jesse and Al should be proud as they lead the Hoodie March!

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