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Update: Man killed in fire Read More

A member of the Eastern Pines Fire Department works the scene of an automobile accident on Hwy. 43 on Tuesday afternoon. (Rhett Butler/The Daily Reflector)

A member of the Eastern Pines Fire Department works the scene of an automobile accident on Hwy. 43 on Tuesday afternoon. (Rhett Butler/The Daily Reflector)

Update: Man charged in crash; woman killed was Bethel teacher

By Michael Abramowitz

The Daily Reflector

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A Winterville roofer was charged Wednesday in connection with the death of a Greenville teacher and mother of two after his trailer disconnected and collided with the woman's car on N.C. 43 South on Tuesday, a State Highway Patrol trooper said.

Lisa Langemann, 27, of 2005 Wallace Lane died at the collision scene and her 8-year-old and 1-month-old daughters were injured but survived the wreck, investigating trooper J.E. Lee said. Langemann was in her third year as the second-grade teacher at Bethel Elementary School and had about 30 children in her class this year, Pitt County Schools spokeswoman Heather Mayo said.

John David Ross, 29, of 2909 Royce Lane near Winterville was charged with misdemeanor unintentional death by motor vehicle. The investigation revealed that the homemade trailer did not have safety chains or cables attached as backup restraints, as required under N.C. Statute 20.123, Lee said.

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Trailer Safety

I think it is criminal that the state doesn't at least require an inspection when a home built trailer is registered or when a used trailer is registered. I am a landscaper that takes trailer safety seriously. I have seen too many very nasty,sometimes fatal, accidents occur from runaway or unsafe trailers. A simple drive anywhere is Pitt County will reveal scores of trailers with no lights of any kind. If a person doesn't take the effort to make their lights work, a relatively simple job, then what makes the state think that they will make any other effort to ensure the safety of themselves and others on the road. A couple of the crazier trailer setups I've seen should have been pulled over and taken off of the road on the spot. One morning I saw a person pulling a trailer by just the safety chains. He apparently didn't have a trailer hitch so he just hooked the trailer up by the chains. The trailer was weaving it's way behind his truck right on down Arlington Blvd. I saw another potentially hazardous trailer setup on Memorial last Sunday morning. There was a landscaper pulling a 2 axle trailer. Normally these tandem axle trailers have 4 tires. 4 tires are required due to the size of the trailer and the load it carries. The trailer was missing the 2 front tires from the trailer. And the trailer was loaded with equipment! How come you never see the police pulling these illegal trailer setups over? For that matter how come you never see the police pulling anybody over?

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