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School board to hold special meeting

By Jackie Drake

The Daily Reflector

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The Pitt County Board of Education has called a special meeting for Monday nightto discuss pending legislation that could change its structure. The meeting is open to the public.

The board will meet at 6 p.m. on the third floor of the county office complex at 1717 W. Fifth St. to respond a to bill introduced in the state Senate last week. The bill, which is still being drafted and could change, would reduce the board's size from 12 members to seven, one for each of the six districts plus one at-large member. It would also reduce the terms from six years to four. Changes would take effect in 2014.

Sen. Louis Pate, R-Wayne, introduced the bill at the urging of “a number of people.” The Greenville Pitt County Chamber of Commerce has spoken publicly in favor of reduction. The Pitt County school board is the largest in the state.

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Isn't it time to move on?

Isn't it time to move on? Who in the world would want to run for a 6 year term? 12 members VS 7 members are not in the best interest of Pitt County. This is a long carry over from when the City Board and County Board merged. No one expected the Board size.and terms to remain. It is time to do better things for ALL of Pitt County and stop trying to make it a political issue. Word has it that all Pitt Representatives are in favor of reduced term and reduce Board size. Thank goodness Senator Pate had the foritude to submitt the bill. We are losing chidren right and left to private schools and we have a Board that don't realize why? Let's face it there have been a lot of decisions made not in the best interest of all children in Pitt County.


Since when should we have to wait 6 years to change some bozo on the school board and since when does a board decide if they continue in play with their stupid rules? Yes to this legislation OR yes to a referendum Power to the people not a bunch of Yahoos as on a school board

to reality check

the yahoos I am referring to are the school board members who voted down these changes I am FOR the changes, where are you??

I do not think the bill in

Jack, I do not think the bill in the General Assembly will be voted on by "a bunch of Yahoos on a school board." No, the makeup of the local board will be voted on by the members of the General Assembly from Manteo to Murphy, Lumberton to Roanake Rapids, Chapel Hill to Charlotte. Is that local enough for you? The people in the mountains probably know more about the Pitt County school board than do those living in Pitt County. This a backdoor attempt by those who lost the vote to manipulate the system. But if the General Assembly changes it to 7 members........maybe later we can get the General Assembly to change it to 20 members. Hopefully the students will learn who is in charge of the schools. I'm not really sure myself.

Vote wrong and we will take the vote from you.

So the minority who favor changing the board lost the vote. And now they have talked Sen. Pate into carrying water for them. Amazing. I thought the Republicans were all about returning education to the local level. Now they are taking back the power from the local board and deciding local board makeup in RaleighLet me see if I got it right: Everything is jake as long as those with political pull in Raleigh get their way. But if not, then Raleigh will decide for us. Is this the Republican version of pay-to-play?

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Bless your heart